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Florence Rose Kathaway

Oh dear, is that blood?

0 · 675 views · located in Devalin Academy

a character in “Devalin Academy for the Mythical”, as played by KittyKLL



Name: Florence Rose Kathaway, I was named after my grandmother.
Nicknames: Most people call me Flo, occasionally Flor. No one calls me Florence, I hate when people call me Florence.
Age: I prefer for you not to know my age, but if you must know it is eighteen.
Species: A Pure Moroi, thank you very much.
Birthdate: It is during the month of May and on the tenth day.
Sexuality: Heterosexual

  • Blood, I crave for it.
  • Sex, the most enjoyable sport there is.
  • I must say I love cherries.
  • I love a good, dirty secret.
  • Food, I am able to eat as much as I want and not get fat. Aren't you jealous?
  • Flirting, a special hobby of mine
  • Singing, I am an exceptional singer if I do say so.
  • I'm a movie kind of gal, all kinds.
  • Being rejected, I usually don't but when I do...
  • Being unable to control my thirst, its embarrassing.
  • When people call me a stupid blonde, I'll show them who's the idiot here.
  • Reading
  • Authority-like figures.
  • Wooden Stakes...
  • When someone just doesn't know how to have fun. Losers.
Fears: I'm scared of a few things. One is to accidently kill a person while feeding. Another one is die, I know we're not supposed to, but there is always a chance with that wooden stake...

Personality: I am what people call a bitch. Why?, because I simply just don't give a shit. Their problems, issues, ideas, none of that matters to me. Although, I do make myself act as if I care. Thus people tell me all their deepest darkest secrets, and I use that against them when I get something good. I will try everything to extract information from people and with my beauty it makes it a bit easy, even if it means I need to sleep with someone to get what I want. I know I'm beautiful, and I am very vain. You could always see me fuss over what clothes I'm wearing or how my make-up is. Some people, especially other girls, don't understand why I'm that obsessed, until I sleep with their boyfriend just to prove a point. I don't have much of a temper though, it usually only builds up until I can't take it anymore and release it on the nearest person. Sucks to be that person. Due to the fact that I am a Moroi, I always have a thirst for blood, and if I don't have it for a long period of time I get cranky and I have a horrible burning in my throat. Not pretty. Also I can't control my thirst, so sucks to be the person around me when I'm thirsty.

Even though I'm a bit of a backstabber, if someone has proved their loyalty or has done something extremely good to me, I will actually protect them and not think of myself, for once. I love to have fun and party, after all who doesn't? I smoke, since I really don't care about my body. After all, I am going to live forever. You could also say I'm the Gossip Queen, since I do know everything about everyone, and also for a small fee I may spill. Although I do keep all the good stuff for myself. I'm not really the good girl that follows the rules, actually I go against every rule. I hate those people who enforce them, like they don't have a life.
History: I was born in Warsaw, England to a completely pure Morori family, that actually frowned upon the mixed race of Dhampir. Although I personally have no problem with them, my family would be absolutely horrified if they saw me with one. My grandmother was a proud woman that raised my mother to be the woman that she is today and she also raised me. Her name is also Florence although I call her Grandmama. We live a pretty enriched life with the luxury's that every person can only dream of, although it is a bit lonely. My grandmother banished my father from out household when I was four. She found out about his mistress. Stupid man, you should have killed the maid when you first saw her. I do have a younger sibling who is a Dhampir, from the human mistress and I think that is the reason my family hates their kind.

When I was younger there was some rumours that I wasn't a Moroi, but a Dhampir, due to the fact that I refused blood in the first two years of my life. During that time, from what I heard from the maids, was total chaos. I fear, because of my refusal for blood then, lead to my lack of resistance today. I lived in the house with only Grandmama and Mother for many years, I was home schooled. Truthfully, I hate my Grandmama more than anything. She always treated my mother like she was just a slave in the family and not the high class Moroi that she really was. I guess she was better when my father was around, her son, but when he left, she became a bitter old lady. So when a hunter came and drove a wooden stake through her heart, you could say I wasn't the most disappointed person. Although it is horrible to see a woman, who's been alive longer than most of the modern world has existed, being killed right before your eyes. I guess that's why I'm scared of death.

When I first heard about Devalin, my Gradmama wouldn't let me go because of the Dhampirs. She didn't want me to associate myself with the likes of "them". Although after she died, I brought up the subject again to my mother and after some thought she agreed, as long as I keep my distance. Although I don't know how exactly that's going to happen, after all i heard that Moroi and Dhampirs bond easily. Truthfully, I've never met them, but I have so many horrible ideas and descriptions just from my family. I hope that won't keep me from getting to know the, although I just can't help but to hate them a bit.
Other: I have a British accent.

So begins...

Florence Rose Kathaway's Story