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Phillip Kingsley

I will feel every inch of your skin; And you know I can rock your world

0 · 349 views · located in Devalin Academy

a character in “Devalin Academy for the Mythical”, as played by KittyKLL



Name: Phillip Keith Kingsley
Nicknames: Most people just call me Pip. They've been calling me that since I was little and it stuck ever since then.
Age: Seventeen
Species: A fluttering, sparkling Faerie
Birthdate: Sixteenth of September
Sexuality: Heterosexual all the way baby.

  • Flying, its amazing. Don't judge until you try it
  • Scenting and painting. Being artistic!
  • I love dem' ladies, and they seem to love me, pretty girls especially.
  • Parties, drinking, pretty much anyway just to have fun.
  • Video games, pew pew pew.
  • Music, I instantly get attracted to it
  • I love anything sweet, it's my addiction.
  • Last, but not least. Sir Phillip Keith Kingsley. I'm absolutely amazing, of course I like me.
  • I dislike when smart people show off, just because you may know stupid stuff doesn't mean your better.
  • I actually dislike sleeping, I think its a waste of time
  • When people don't know how to have fun
  • Bitter food, only sweets!
  • Ugly girls who think their seriously. Get a mirror.
  • When people ask pointless questions.
Fears: I fear that one day I would have to stop my childish ways and "grow up".

Personality: I'm very childish and I try to enjoy the time I have as a kid to the full extent. I don't feel the need to be responsible or reliable. I am absolutely amazing and everything I do, although some people try to tell me otherwise. I'm also a bit vain, just a bit. I think I look pretty damn good, so I want my ladies to look just as amazing. I also never look for a committed kind of relationship, when it comes to friends or even love. I'm friendly with whoever comes along and if they want us to be the "best of friends" they have to prove their worth with me. Also with girls, I love when they're feisty and I love the chase, although most times I catch them easily. For me girls are like a game, some are harder to conquer than others, although in the end you can cheat your way to get them, if you know what I mean. I'm very mischievous and proud of it too, planning pranks and and causing mischief where ever I go.

I will remember everything and anything. My memory is amazing, although there are some holes in my memory in odd places. Possibly because I wanted to block the memory, and that is why I don't really try to remember. I don't angry much though, I feel that there is no need for the feeling of "anger" although I am very jealous and most of my time my feelings overcome me, which isn't such a good thing considering that my power's come from my feelings. I actually have great control over my powers, although I hate the effort that comes with it when I am in my human form. You can always see me in the hottest parties, and I'm always the center of attention, and I love it. I'm not the smartest person, book-wise, but I have common sense. I don't see the real need to be good at school, after all it doesn't matter that much in the future. Also if I help someone, I don't want just a thank you, I want something in return, like a favor. I'm also the type of person who has no shame. I easily walk around the campus around without a shirt, or sometimes even in my underwear. Its a lot more comfortable.
History: I am a direct decedent of the great Morgan Le Fay, who was also known as Morgan of the Morgan of the Faeries. She was also King Arthur's half sister and a lover to the Magician Merlin, and knew many magical secrets that she passed on through her family and eventually to me. Trust me I know all this, because of my "rich" history, my family was very proud, and they don't let anyone forget it. My family was regaurded like royalty in our town, and trust me we weren't the only ones. We lived in a proud, rich, area that only Faeries live in, like my family for example. I was trained from a young age to think myself as better than everyone else, and it stuck with me til this day. I am the only son, and child, of Sir Harold Kingsley and Madam Madeline Kingsley. I was born in the small French town of Auxerre in the Faerie area, although no one really knows that, all they think is that it's just a snotty, rich area for exclusive people only. Well it is.

I was raised to take over the family business when I got older, a big toy company that ships to all over the world, but I never really wanted to do that. I also wanted to be a painter, or an artist of some sort. Just the thought of being like my father, wearing nothing but a suit everyday, just drives me crazy. Although whenever I mentioned it, my parents would lock in my my rooms for hours without food. They wouldn't hear anything about it. So I took matters into my own hands. I secretly started to take art lessons in the human part of town, my parents never go there. My cover up was that I had was practicing in magic in my true form, or for when I got older, looking for a bride, which was something my parents always nagged me about. I went there for over ten years, until the maid told my parents. She found out because one day I forgot my portfolio at my teacher's house so he brought it home for me, and the maid answered the door. Before I could even stop her, she was at my parents bedroom door, telling them everything. Of course, my parents where furious, so they sent me away. To Devalin. Apparently I need to "mature" there and find a damn bride. Psh, like that's going to happen.
Other: When I transform, I look exactly the same except smaller and I grow a pair of brownish-greenish wings. Brown for my hair colour, green for my eye colour. I can only sing, although I don't like to sing in front of others. Also I know French and English, perfectly.

So begins...

Phillip Kingsley's Story