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Aleistar Leviathan

"All magic is science, you just can't see it.

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a character in “Deviance: The Uprising”, as played by libidinosus


Aleistar Linodoue Leviathan: Levi; 19, Male
Deiocculus("Dei occulus" is latin for "God's Eye"), Ranked 1B; Teacher at Academy

~ Physical Info ~

Levi, as he is called by most of his close friends, is a male with the build of a swimmer. He is of above average height, 5'11", and a weight at 160lbs. Levi has dark hair and eyes that are seemingly black with slight tints of red. You may get the impression of seriousness from his posture and almost perpetually bored expression, but this would be far from a sound deduction.
Levi himself favors to wear a specific type of clothing that simultaneously wash liquids out easily, for accidents of course. If he cannot get his hands on a suit, then he'll settle for a black or purple color scheme. He has a distaste for bright colors and will rarely ever be seen wearing clothes with those colors on them, only wearing them when absolutely necessary.

Levi, being shameless and asexual, is not afraid to see others unclothed and is not afraid to be so himself should the necessity arise, which most likely wont. He doesn't particularly care what gender clothing is assigned to and will wear dresses should the need arise.

{Rank Marking}
Back of left hand, usually hidden under glove.

~ Mentality ~

"Not good or bad, neither benevolent nor malevolent,"
That would be the description given to you if you were to ask one of Levi's neighbors about him. This would be the closest you could get to defining his alignment, but not his personality. Levi himself doesn't believe that the labels "good" or "bad" should be used when describing something to someone else, for he knows that the two words as completely subjective. He believes that the words "benevolent" and "malevolent" would be slightly better, but not best. Levi could, if necessity arises, slaughter a million innocent people, or, if necessity arises, save a million corrupt people.

Levi is a person who very much enjoys reading, specifically of the lovecraftian-horror genre, and would most likely be seen carrying a book with him wherever he goes. He normally has a calm and collected look on his face, but this look can easily be shattered and replaced by one of amusement. He really does enjoy jokes and isn't as serious as one would imagine him to be. If you were to attempt listening to a joke of his, you'd most likely be embarrassed for him and his utter failure at comedy.

Levi is by no means an idiot. Even if he were, he could still count on his eidetic memory to help him do things. He is a quick learner and has a tendency of being bothered by not knowing things, meaning that he'd spend a bit of his time trying to figure out how things work. He does not however, obssess over not having knowledge and will most likely not spend more than an hour studying something that bugs him. Levi himself, hates being studied by others, and tends to keep his body language on the friendly side. If someone with knowledge in psychology were to attempt to read him, they'd most likely get the impression of an intelligent and nice person.

Levi is, contrary to what some would tell you, a loyal person to those he considers friends. He would do anything short of taking his life to save someone he cares about. Telling whether or not he cares about someone however, can be a very tricky subject. In fact, you may not even know whether or not he cares about someone until he ends up having or having not planned a way to save them, but it'll be too late to tell by then.

He isn't by nature a mean person. He's friendly enough to people who haven't caused him any pain but can be a demon in man's skin to those who have wronged him, due to the fact that he doesn't forget or forgive easily. Levi himself can be a very volatile person. He can easily destroy people with words alone and, if needed, with arduous amounts of pain. He uses sarcasm and passive-aggressiveness when around people he's annoyed by, to the point of deeply insulting them without them knowing.

Levi, when he goes into teaching, will teach Xephereal Magic and plans on using specialized teaching for the students that will be in his class. He plans on overseeing sparring sessions and teaching those who'd rather not learn from sparring through other methods. Levi does not plan on allowing any deaths to be caused by him in his class and will be quite strict.

{Likes} {Dislikes}
o Science Idiocy x
o Knowledge Hypocrisy x
o Literature Raisins x
o Horror Clothing Stains x
o Oranges Close-minded Scientists x
o Technology Close-minded Magicians x

{Quirks} {Phobias}
% Tapping Fingers on nearby surfaces when bored Responsibility @
% Occasionally jumping on only white tiles Religion @
% Attempts to organize and explain most things

{Strengths} {Weaknesses}
o Eidetic Memory Not physically strong x
o Able to kill without qualms Inability to accept most things that break logic without proof or thought-out theories x
o Agile Difficulty trusting strangers x
o Scientifically Versed Controlling x
o Magically Versed Unsettling x
Easy to anger x

~ Ability Statistics ~

{Guardian, Demon, or Enchantment}
Type - Demon - Levi, when in this form, is very much worthy of holding the 'Leviathan' surname. Levi is much different from his normal persona when he is as his demon. He holds an unnatural appetite and has glowing red eyes with the shapes of crosses in them. His speed, healing, and strength are upped by quite a bit and he seems to have stronger versions of his spells. Harming him while in this form is hard and most of the time has little effect unless the harm is directly at his eyes.

Xephereal ~ Alvistiar ~ Nivior

{Signature Spell}
Eldritch Cacophony - Levi, when using this spell, has a circle with an 18ft diameter with it's center on his heart appear vertically behind him. This circle is has no color and could simply be described as a lack or matter or more properly, a "Void". The circle is a portal to another dimension, but no creatures of this world except for the caster of the spell can travel there. To be quite frank however, you wouldn't really want to go to the otherside. On the otherside of this portal, otherwise known as the "Void", reside horrendous creatures of all shapes and sizes. Looking through this portal is not aviseable, for your own mental safety of course. Looking through this portal would allow you to catch a glimpse at the creatures residing in the dimension, but enough of that. Levi, when using this spell, has the ability to force tendrils to come out of the portal and consequently control those tendrils once they've breached the portal. These tendrils can produce ten times the amount of force a human can and can move at accelerations of 19.6m/s/s

{Spell List}

~Devil's Toys - Xephereal - This spell, when used by a caster, allows for the creation of creatures and the control of those created creatures. Creating a creature of his size will take approximately one second, creating a creature with half his size will take half a second, creating a creature twice his size will take two seconds, and so on. These created creatures tend to be of the monstrous and would most likely disturb even the maddest of people, then again, who knows?

~Alchemy - Xephereal - This spell is one that follows the laws of science very well. This spell allows for the caster to, by putting one or both of their hands on an object, change the object to another of equal value. Objects can, through runes or magical protection, be made resistant to this spell.

~Leech - Alvistiar- This spell, when used, allows for the conversion of magical energies into other forms by touch. If Levi were to, for example, consume an attack, he could change the energy of that attack into kinetic energy and punch the attacker with equal force as the attacker's magical attack; or he could change the magical energy of the attack into CPE and use that energy later on.

~Virtus Dei - Nivior - This spell is one that increases Levi's physical attributes. When in use, this ability multiplies his speed, strength, and healing by a factor of 10. This means that if he were to punch with 5N normally, he'd punch with 50N while under this spell's effects. If he were to heal at a rate of 10,000 cells per second, than he'd heal at a rate of 100,000 per second under this spell. If he were to walk at a velocity of 2mph normally, then he'd run at a velocity of 20mph while under this spell. This spell however, does have a time limit. This spell can only be used continually for an hour before he has to replenish his energy, unless he gets more magical energy. He can, when under this spell, consume meat or plants and instantaneously change those eaten materials into energy.

{Non-magic Skills}
# Eidetic Memory
# Cooking
# Piano Playing
# Martial Arts
# Writing

~ Personal Background ~

Levi was born to the infamous Leviathan magical family that was and still is a large part of the Fourth Circle. The Leviathan family is one that doesn't particularly hate non-magical beings but prefers magical beings to them. They are known for their ruthless extermination of Hunters that attack mages and for their rumored 'experiments'. Levi didn't have a hard life nor does he envy the lives of others, he's actually grateful that he was born to this family.

Levi was from his birth, obviously a strange child. He had eyes tinted red that seemed to occasionally glow. Levi's older sister was to be the heiress of the family bloodline and not much was expected of him. His sister, named Elise, was trained and given a lot of attention. Elise was made to practice magic and fighting, but was not very proficient at magical studies. She was better at physical fighting. Levi was not bothered by the special attention given to his sister, but was instead happy that he was given so much free-time.

Levi spent his childhood watching deathmatches, studying them, and learning from them; reading books in his family libraries and learning minor spells from practice; and doing things that any normal child born into an infamous family would do.

Then came the day he stupidly used his magical abilities.

He had, through childish curiosity and a sense of invincibility, climbed onto the top of his house and later fallen off. Due to the fall and the fact that he wasn't superhuman, he had broken his hand. He had been taken to be healed after members of his family heard his cry, but he had already healed his broken bones through the use of a minor healing spell that consequently knocked him out. His family was unable and unwilling to keep his ability under wraps and he was forced to be ranked. The rank he received was 4, but he was not removed from the circle due to his family connections.

After this incident, his family took special care to prepare him in magical training and took away a lot of his liberty. They forced him into the same life his sister had been forced into.

Levi, finding that his new life was utterly boring, ran away from his circle and into circle two. He had been accepted into a nice little family and had been forced to hide his less-than-amiable personality. His family tried numerous times to get him back to them, but could not directly kidnap him or get the wrath of 'heroic' mages put onto them.

Levi, after having reached age 16, went into circle two and bought space to build a private library. After having built said library, Levi began to order books left and right, then built a basement. In this basement, he stored texts that would not be deemed appropiate by the council, ranging from necromancy to his family's specified spells. Levi himself has only invited a select few people into the library and has spread rumors regarding it, rumors involving ghost stories and myths.

Levi, after having heard of the Academy, left his library's management to a friend and left to teach at the Academy, having earned reputation and passed the requisites for teaching. He, as of last week, has been preparing for work at the Academy as the youngest professor there.


Elise - Family: sister - Levi has the common sibling rivalry with his sister. They do however, not hate each other and Elise is still trying to get Levi to return to Circle Four.

So begins...

Aleistar Leviathan's Story


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December 18th



The pitter-patter of rain hitting the ground mixed with the stomping of hurried feet.

"Oh god, is he still following us?" A hunter, one that had failed at their assignment, had recently had most of his team wiped out. The hunter, revealed to be male, was running with the other surviving member of his team. "I'm not waiting to find out." A young female, with white hair, had been the only other member of the team to survive.

Their team had been slaughtered mercilessly by someone who had, in their briefing, been said to be a part of the Leviathan family and an easy target. "I-I-I think we l-lost him." The male was tired. He had been expecting an easy paycheck, a simple shoot and clean-up operation. That was how all the other operations went, it was never as hard as this.


Thunder rolled down from the heavens, hiding the careless steps of Aleistar. The male hunter was named Cain while the girl was named Lilith. Cain, a cowardly hunter, yelped when he heard the thunder's crashing. "Shut up! You'll rev-" Lilith suddenly stopped talking, an expression of horror on her face.

Cain never got to see what Lilith had been afraid of, having been killed by the creature that had stood behind him. Lilith didn't waste any time standing still after having seen the life leave her team member's eyes.

Lilith, being much faster than the creature, managed to escape its grasp. She was not however, faster than Aleistar. Lilith ran into the streets of what seemed to be Circle Two, then headed for a conveniently placed library. Aleistar followed calmly behind, knowing that the girl had sealed her fate as soon as she choose to go the library.

Lilith went into the dark library, which was for some reason not locked, and sat down at a sofa. She pulled out a phone and typed in a set of numbers but never got to call, for she had thrown her phone to the side of the library. She had seen a shadow over her, but there was no one to be seen near her. Levi quickly sent a small imp-like creature to get the phone, then killed the girl without a moment's hesitation. He only let the girl live so he could get information, and he no longer needed her.

He did, before disposing of the body, check the girl's clothes for anything that could be useful but found nothing other than what would be expected. He would send what he could to the girl's family later, but he had other business to take care of.

Levi made his imp give him the phone and instantaneously memorized the phone number that was written on it, then brought out his own untraceable phone. Levi called the phone number, '134-594-4999'((OOC):random number, don't call)) and was soon answered. [color#91136F]"I'm hurt, really, you sent pitiable hunters against me."[/color] Levi was instantly hung up on. He expected that he had been targeted by a beginning hunter force with little experience, otherwise he would have had more trouble.

Early Morning

Levi had inspected every inch of the phone and its files, backed up said files, then sent the phone away with a bat-like creature. There was no way he was keeping that phone with him.

Levi, having told his friend taking care of his library what had happened and to lock the damn doors, left Circle Two and went towards the Academy. The rain didn't seem to want to let up, so Levi was forced to use a black umbrella. He would have used a magical shield, but didn't want to bother using the energy.

Levi reached the gates of the Academy and fumbled with his keychain before finding the correct key, then unlocked the gates. He was about to enter when he noticed what appeared to be a small child. Levi calmly approached the girl, crouched down, and covered both of them. He didn't ever believe anybody was harmless, yet his voice seemed to say otherwise. "You should really be more careful, there are monsters out here." Levi was referring to himself mostly, but the girl most likely wouldn't catch the truth in his words. "Anyway, I don't want there to be a dead body outside the gates, so come with me." His voice was calm and assuring, yet his words seemed to be harsh.

Levi passed through to the other side of the gates and waited for the girl to come or not come, then closed the gates. Levi walked to his classroom and turned around, half expecting for the girl to have turned into a large monster. He wasn't worried about having to fight in the school. The school itself was reinforced with magic and he had deployed creatures to be guardians of the school, guardians that he could see through and control.


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#, as written by Renmiri
3:30 AM, Wednesday, Dec. 18

'Come on, any minute now. This shouldn't take more than--' BANG 'Perfect.'

The pouring, pitter-patter of rain shrouded an otherwise suspicious form in mist and grey; hiding the quickly-dismantling sniper rifle above the scene of what would be, in a few hours, yet another unsolvable mage death. As it was now, however, there would be no commotion in the deserted alleyway until dawn-- no investigation or crowd to mourn the death of a rank three wizard of some circle or other. 'They've all got targets on their backs, anyway.' But nonetheless, danger (ha.) or no, the drenched, cloaked figure slipped away from her stake-out rooftop; leaving behind, almost absentmindedly, the corpse on a cobblestone path. Her M.O. was as commonly known as any for a skilled hunter, well enough to speak for itself.

Freyja had spared many the expense that night-- the target had been weak, completely unsuspecting of the hit that had been placed on him. A minor pawn in the game, so to speak. And as such, she found herself walking a ways home after having ditched her unlicensed and rented car in the suburbs; an uncommon enough occurrence to only happen after the simplest of jobs. It was cathartic, a way to expend the excess, coiled anxiety and paranoia that came with every solo hit. In theory, the laws of the universe were stereotypically ironic enough for her to get home safely...

Read: 4:30 AM

Indicators and artificial swaths of grey cut through the visual interface of Frey's contacts-- 'I'm starting to think that stumbling into things is way overrated.' -- denoting, in short, the presence of magic. 'And no, not just any magic, it has to be a high-ranked mage. Brilliant.' Frey's cloaked figure melted into the shadows in record time, her duffle bag-rifle slung across one shoulder. No sense in giving away her position, after all, when the sound of panicked footsteps leading away from her was distraction enough.

"Oh god, is he still following us?"

'Nope. Not my screw-up, then.' From her silent stand in the veiled, nondescript corner of the street, Frey could only catch a glimpse of the two soon-to-be-dead hunters-- not that she knew who they were. But from the sound of their conversation and the sudden round of running again, they were definitely done for. It didn't take a genius to figure out who ruled these parts; Frey poked wolves and lions for a living, but not even she would willingly mess with monsters and dragons. 'Or at least, in part, not alone. Or with a team of amateurs. I wonder, who paid them?'

But, in any case, it was only when the coast had been clear for at least fifteen minutes that Frey continued her trek home. (There's never sense in following a lost cause: curiosity kills the cat.) There were no other incidents on the way back, this time around ('Thank heaven. Or whatever.'); and a turned key, keypad passcode, retina scan, and fingerprint test later ensured entrance to her humble apartment complex. Then, after a shower, change, and the routine rifle clean-up, Frey promptly (tiredly, efficiently) fell asleep.

Early Morning, Dec.18

In her studio space downtown (of which is conveniently placed in an area on the outskirts of typical mage activity), Frey prepped another canvas in the midst of others much like it before settling down with a sketch and coffee (black). Although she shared the space with two other artists, neither of them had arrived as of yet-- leaving it to just Frey and the muted sound of the news coming from her laptop, set in the corner of the room. She was, then, absently doodling some lovecraftian monster when she heard a particular story from the air--

"Just a few hours ago, the police found the body of a rank three wizard in the outskirts of the suburban district-- yet another account in the recent string of homicides. Sources suggest that this is again the work of the Hunters, an anti-magic group thought to have disappeared. Citizens are urged to stay safe, be careful, and not to leave your homes past midnight. The Police have yet to identify any known members of the Hunters..."

--the studio doors opened, letting in the forms of Lynn and Chesa. Frey, unruffled and indifferent in the perch of her seat, waved a quick hello; bearing Lynn's customary glomp from behind with a long-suffering sigh. "Hey, Frey! We got caught up this morning with this really amazing..." Quite as usual, Frey tuned out of the conversation-- giving a few key nods and non-committal "uh-huh"s until Lynn ran out of steam. It was only when a different news story, one detailing the arrest of a seeker the night before, broke in through a moment of silence that Frey gave an actual contribution to the conversation.

Chesa, among her corner of sculptures, gave a sigh and a shake of her head; "Really, what's happening to this city? All of these things, with hunters and seekers... it's just like, all of a sudden we're in some dystopian novel or something. What's going on?"

Frey spared a glance at her sketch, fully drawn as it was, before crumpling it up and throwing it in the trash. "I don't know. Strange people playing dangerous games, I suppose."


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#, as written by Layla
Eighteenth of December | Early Morning

She felt him before she saw him. Power radiated from him like coils of thick smoke or beams of ethereal light, depending on whether you were on his good or bad side. It was a magic she recognised all too well, having watched the Academy from a distance for some time. It was a relatively decent place to find blooming young talent, but not so often the types of mages she required, ones who had no moral qualms about doing what was necessary and craved rebellion. Yet a few members of Red Eclipse attended the Academy to keep watch and corrupt, because their guardians demanded it of them and because wrecking havoc on school grounds was simply satisfying.

The keys in his hands jingled irritably, giving her the distinct feeling of a fork scraping against her teeth. She loathed the sound of metal against metal, yet she remained unchanged, curled over in a small, pink and blue ball, with her head tucked against her arms. His feet hardly disturbed the water as he walked by, pausing at the gates.

"You should really be more careful, there are monsters out here," came his calm and low voice. Indeed, Iris mused. This world is overrun by monsters. Monsters such as yourself. She wondered if he was threatening her or merely stating an observation. Or both. She did not allow her amusement to peek through, having long mastered the art of maintaining one's facade and deceiving with not only her childish body but her feigned innocence. Her act was impenetrable by most counts and it forever would be.

"Anyway, I don't want there to be a dead body outside the gates, so come with me," he continued. What a grim statement. Cynical, self-aware and guarded, Iris concluded from what she'd seen of him. The gates whined open as Alistair Leviathan stepped through, his dark hair damp from the rain. He was exceptionally young for a teacher of the academy, and one especially held in such high regard. As one who favoured Xephereal type magic, Iris was well aware and attuned to the subject the young teacher taught. His last name was one familiar to most experienced mages who'd discovered their abilities a time ago and she knew his family and the circle they primarily belonged was one feared by many. Yet Aleistair Leviathan did not seem to be a part of that circle Red Eclipse was already affiliated with. He was a strange case indeed.

The small girl grasped to her feet, stumbling quickly through the gates before they shut. Her pink hair bobbed around her shoulders as she shuffled closer to the tall man, seemingly frightened of the vast expanse that was the Academy. Her gaze was shy and uncertain. staring at her shuffling feet as she walked. Her red ballet flats were soaked through, clutching a pair of small, dainty feet for dear life. The two figures, one leading and another following, headed towards the one of the classrooms. The young girl was utterly silent.

She looked around with wide eyes, taking in the strange mechanisms of a classroom built to teach magic. Her long lashes were glazed with a sheen of liquid, framing impossibly large emerald orbs. Iris clutched her arms tighter around her shivering body, the cold taking its toll and causing her body to tremble uncontrollably. She stood in the corner just outside the door, rubbing her feet together and looking wholly uncertain. She was frightened and her mother had warned her not to follow strange men, especially not into secluded classrooms filled with strange magic. But she'd been so very cold, lost, alone and - her stomach growled loudly - hungry.

Her eyes lifted slowly to meet a pair of incandescent, ruby eyes, her gaze widening gently with surprise. Her lips parted as if to speak but were quickly shut tight, the movement doing nothing to make them look any less blue and cold. She did not speak for either fear of punishment, nervousness of something else. Instead she rubbed at her arms, her sleeves falling back to reveal rows upon rows of horrid bruises.


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"You aren't just going to stand there all day, are you?" Levi asked the young and shivering girl the intimidating and passive-agressive question he could, which wasn't very friendly to be frank. "If you're worried about being kidnapped by me, well," Levi paused, "you probably shouldn't have ever stepped through those gates." Levi felt very lucky that the school had cameras installed, otherwise he would have been in an disadvantageous position should the girl have deicided to frame him. It wouldn't have been very hard to convict him of being a criminal. He was, after all, secretly feared by a bit of the students and teachers at the academy, for reasons not even they knew.

Levi took a quick look around his classroom. It wouldn't be filled with students till much later, yet here he was with what appeared to be a young girl. Levi still wanted to believe the girl was a monster, to relieve him of boredom at the least. It would be much more interesting than the cliche setting of her having been left by her family, now that would have been booooring.

That's when Levi heard the growling of a stomach and saw the bruises on her arms. Seeing the bruises didn't change Levi's expression very much, he was, after all, a member of the Leviathan family. It would be stupid to assume that he hadn't seen worse. "Such a mess," Levi mumbled this mostly to himself, then went to a cabinet and brought out some select herbs. Levi put the herbs down on a table and began performing Alchemy with his bare hands, a feat few people could acomplish. He, after transmuting the herbs, managed to make a scarlet-red liquid. Levi moved this liquid into a small bowl, then carried the bowl over to where the girl was. He hadn't used a book to make the potion but had instead made it out of pure theoretical science. He had been hoping to use the potion on someone other than himself, and found that the girl would be a perfect guinea pig. If Levi's concoction was to work, then the girl would most likely be healed in a short of amount of time. Or so he hoped, those ingredients had cost him a lot of trouble to ste... acquire. "This'll hopefully help you." Levi didn't mention what it would help her with, mostly because he could. It could, if he had messed up, help her get worse; or it could help her get better. Levi really hoped the girl would drink the concoction, it would help him with his research very much. Then again, there was also the chance that the concotion did absolutely nothing and that he had wasted valuable ingredients, but he didn't want to think about that possibility.

The young child flinched away when the man reached towards her with a strange mixture in his hand. The older soul within her rolled her mind's eyes, as if she would simply devour some random potion she had no idea the effects of or the contents of. As a mage who specialised in Torture Magic, she was well versed in the various potions one could make, using pain as an extra oomph to create something extraordinarily potent. Yet she did not recognise whatever it was he'd mixed together. It was likely that he invented it himself. The question was: was it poison?

"What is it?" she asked in a small, soft voice like crystallised sugar. Her eyes darted between his eerie ruby orbs and the bottle in his hand.

Levi was utterly and completely surprised, although his face showed no sign of him being so. He had not expected another possibility, especially one where things didn't go according to plan. Levi began listing all ingredients but one, "A combination of Boneset, pure gold, a small amount of magic, Caraway Seed, Althaea Leaves, and a few other random things. The final ingredient were non-toxic and expensive, but she didn't need to know that, nor did she need to know how he prepared it. "Anyway, I'm not going to force you to drink it." Levi moved the concoction onto his desk then sat down. "Seeing as I can't do anything about your scars without possible danger from me, I might as well ask something." Levi didn't have anything better to do after all, "What's your name and do you have any relatives living near here?" Levi really hoped she did. He didn't want to take care of a child, seeing as he had very little experience doing so. There was also the fact that the child could still have been a monster in disguise, but that was unimportant.