Devil or Angel?

Devil or Angel?


you're either a devil or angel in a college on Earth known for being a home to both of these. your objective? fight through devils or angels to try and get the special potion, which can make you and the rest of your side get 20 healing potions each.

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You wake up to the golden light shining through your bedroom window. After you get dressed, you go downstairs to see your roommate making pancakes for breakfast. You took a quick glance at the college map that was taped to the wall at the bottom of the stairs. The map had the college in the middle. On both sides of the campus were two dorms. On the left side, there were the devil's dorms. On the right side, there were the angel's dorms. Both dorms were split up into two sections. One for the boys, one for the girls. Well, duh, you think. I don't want some random stalker showing up at my door to do some "cuddling." You sit down for breakfast and sigh. "Every day we're just battling, over and over again. Don't you think we need a change of pace?" You ask your roommate. "You really need to get on your phone more often," your roommate laughs. "They added a new rule to the game." You frown as you remember you were just some sort of pawn in a game. "What did they add?" You ask, trying to keep your cool. "Well, the higher ups decided that the devils and angels fighting all the time was getting a little boring for both sides. They added a special potion to the 'game.' They say whichever side is able to capture this potion first has each of the soldiers obtain 20 healing potions for themselves. It makes that side practically invincible." Your eyes widen as you think of the possibilities. Finally, this damned game ending. "Where's the potion?!" You ask, getting more excited by the second. "In the library, the exact middle of campus." "Alex," you say, your expression turning dead serious, "hurry up on those pancakes."

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