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Leia Gaulzetti

0 · 243 views · located in The Academy

a character in “Devil's Bane Academy”, as played by Rabidness


Name: Leia Gaulzetti
Age: 16
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Bio: Leia is a half demon. Her mother gave birth to her and Loel after being assaulted by demons. Leia was shunned by everyone she knew because of that. Soon, her mother handed her over to Devil's Bane Academy because of the hatred people had towards Leia and her mother.
Weapon of choice: A sword
Other: Leia has a twin, named Loel

So begins...

Leia Gaulzetti's Story


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Leia walked up to the school with her brother, Loel as their mother sped off in their old, rusty car that smelled of cigarette smoke. Loel walked swiftly while Leia walked more hesitantly towards the academy's front doors. Soon they got inside and began to pull out their papers with their dorm assignments at the same time. Leia got a dorm with two other girls, Pandora and Arisu... Strange, no last names for the two others she would spend this year with. Loel got his dorm assignment with two other boys, named Mark and Sayter Deces.

"So, twin..." Leia began to speak to her brother. "Guess we get separate dorms, huh?" She tried to smile, but couldn't. The tears fell down her face as her eyes watered.

"Leia... Don't cry. You might meet new friends, and we'll be away from them." Loel spoke. He was referring to the family the twins were born into. "Don't worry, I promise if you keep an open mind about this, you will meet new friends." Leia stopped crying and smiled a tiny bit.

"I will keep an open mind, but only for you." Leia smiled, then wiped her tears with a tissue her brother handed to her.

"Let's get going, OK? We both have friends to make." Loel smiled at his sister, and began to walk to his dorm. Leia walked the different direction.

"Come on, Arisu." Mr. Akira Sato said to his pride and joy, who was hesitant to get out of the car.

"But I dun' wanna!" Arisu responded and added, "What if the kids here are mean to me?"

"Then tell me, I AM a teacher after all." Arisu reluctantly got out of the car and followed her creator to the school.

As soon as they got inside, Arisu sat down on a bench outside the school as her creator went inside to talk to the headmaster.


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Arisu sighed and looked at the paper in her hands. She was to share a room with two other females, Leia Gaulzetti and Pandora. Unfortnunantly, she used never shared a room with anyone before. Now Arisu was very nervous. Would her roommates be nice? Will they be mean to her? What would they be like?

Putting the crinkled paper back in her pocket, Arisu pulled out a teddy bear from her suitcase Mr. Sato gave to her before going to the headmasters office. She clung on to it, a little sad and trying to calm herself by humming a song to herself. If she cried on the first day of school, she would be embaressed for the rest of the year. No, Arisu would survive. Arisu wasn't the same kid who was drowned to death after being abused. She would get by, someway, somehow. She wouldn't cry.

Just then, Akira Sato came out of the office and came outside. "Want me to walk you to your dorm?"

"No thanks. I'll survive." Arisu put the teddy bear back in the suitcase, and began walking away, leaving Akira surprised. Maybe she was begining to grow up, and getting over her fears.

Leia reached her dorm and opened the door. She put her bag on the ground and laid on a bed. Thinking deeply, she wondered when her roomates would show up. As she only shared her room with her brother, she never knew what to expect with female roomates. Sighing, she began reading a book.

Leia's brother, Loel, on the other hand, was looking for his dorm. He wandered the hallways and eventually reached the main hall again. He looked closely at his map, then disposed of it in a nearby trash can. It certainly wasn't getting him where he wanted to go. Peeved was one word used to describe him at that moment. Loel decided to sit down and play a video game on his handheld game system.