Devils Of Typhoon City

Devils Of Typhoon City


Typhoon City has been shut down due to a series of brutal mass murders. You can pick from four major sides- The Police force, The Scientists, The Demons, or the Occultists. Each has their own agenda and part to play in this inter-dimensional screw up.

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Sheet lighting momentarily illuminates the city, then darkness surges in. Thousands of streetlamps and search lights glow throughout the city, glistening in the torrential downpour. The city is currently on lock down. A series of brutal murders, disappearances, and massacres have plagued the city, not to mention a rash of sever paranoia. Road blocks surround the city; police officers endlessly patrol the boarder while commerce is barely surviving. All outside communication has been cut off; Typhoon City is a black hole. Anything that ventures in- doesn’t come out. The city people manage to continue their daily lives as best they can; making due with the supplies the military brings them. Until the perpetrators are caught, no one can leave.

Location: Typhoon City. Caught in a seasonal storm, Typhoon city is windy, wet and dark. During the day the sun barely breaks through the clouds and the city is trapped in impenetrable fog. All building either above or underground tunnels that connect them, very few people venture out on the streets.
Date: 2060
Plot summary: Existing unknown to the majority of the world is a parallel dimension, recently in Typhoon City scientists have been experimenting in opening gates in-between them. What they let out are vicious, human like creature. Bringing with them infectious paranoia. While not particularly evil, they do need to eat and humans are most readily available. They are mostly ill-tempered with a disregard for human life, though human like in anatomy most sport some kind of deformity making them look bestial. They have been forced into hiding as the city shut down and the military is searching for them.


Scientist: The people who managed to open the gate to the other dimension. Not wanting to be held responsible for the carnage that ensued, they now conduct their experiments in secret. With a few remaining test subjects they are desperately trying to figure out how to control the beasts they summoned.

Demons: The other worldly creatures who crossed the gate into Typhoon City. While intelligent, they are vicious and brutal. Constantly hunting for food, while others cause destruction for fun. They share a common brotherhood and are mostly civil with one another, also known to occasionally work together and travel in pairs, though they are not beyond fighting with one another.

Humans: Any and everybody trapped inside the city.

Occultists: Working along the same lines as the scientists, these people have delved into the writings of Demonology, and using it managed to open a gate to the Second World. Unlike the scientists, some of these magicians have managed to bend the “demons” to their will be use of complicated seals and signs.

Government: Any member of the military, police force, etc… who is working to contain these crimes and locate the criminals. They are constantly searching for these monsters and yet always seem to fail at capturing them. They patrol the city and are first to arrive at the scene of the crime.

*Major Places*

Police HQ: Currently the headquarters for all government activity in Typhoon City. It is a particularly large building, but it has about a dozen and a half squad cars as well as two dozen motorcycles.

MARS Corp. Labs: One of the largest industries in Typhoon City, MARS Corp. provided nearly a quarter of the jobs in Typhoon City... But recently they are letting people go left and right. Also- some of the employers their have gone missing. MARS Corp. is a huge white building with half a dozen smoke stacks and a giant power plant in the back. Most of it is office space, but underneath the building is a complex maze like system of labs and testing areas. this part of the building is completely off limits, except for specialized personal. The police have been keeping their eye on MARS Corp. for a few years now, suspecting that they have been dumping toxic waste in the Harbor.

St. Marks: An out of the way little church, it has been there forever- and no one knows exactly what goes on inside. For the most part it seems abandoned, but occasionally the doors will be open and you can here some kind of sermon happening. Recently, the police have been suspicious of the goings on there, the church community has feverishly fought against the government's intervention, and in the end the police didn't have enough proof for a search warrant. They mostly suspected that the church was a place for drug trafficking, but have yet to prove it.

Capitol: The Capital building of Typhoon City, it is large and impressive. Recently though, it has been opened up as a shelter for homeless people. The Mayor lives here, but is on constant surveillance. He has not been able to leave his room for the past months. this is the secondary HQ for the police force, often holding emergency meetings here to decide the next course of action.

East Shore Harbor: Once a major port, East Shore has no been completely shut down. The docks are abandoned, except for the constant patrolling officers. East Shore is the most likely way of escape for the criminals at large. But right now, with the seasonal currents- it would be suicide.

Route 33 and 54: These major sections of the highways are completely deserted. No cars travel here any more. Where the Highways pass in to the city are major blockades to stop anyone from entering. This is also where the supplier trucks drop off the emergency provisions.

Okay, so background stuff aside. PM if you have questions.

This is important, I'm not going to (for the most part), be GMing this. The conflict should arise naturally if we have characters from all different faction. Everyone has competing agendas, so this game should work itself. So, don't have a character who is friends with everybody. You should have one or two allies. Also, if you would like to be a LEADER of one of the faction just stick a note in your application. (AKA: Police chief, Mayor, Head Priest ETC...)

ATTENTION! anyone can make up NPCs to fill in the roles we don't have or roles we need. If you would like to be the only to control a specific NPC just mention so in your post, otherwise anyone can control it- but everyone needs to use common sense in this aspect. It should be obvious who is mainly controlling who.

Government Faction

Demon Faction
1: Absolom (Crystal blood)
2: L’sar (Crystal Blood)

Occultist Faction

Scientist Faction

Human Faction

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Re: [OOC] Devils Of Typhoon City

This seems interesting, I would like to be a part of it. Here is my profile


Aayla is average height, around 5'4". She has bright blue eyes and strikingly red hair. She has no piercings, but a tattoo of the eye of ra on the right side of her neck.


Aayla is a 21 year old human woman, caught in the city as it shut down. She has only been in the city a while, but circumstances have shown that she has some power over and with the Demons that seem to be attacking the city. Uncertain of what is going to happen, Aayla is a willful, headstrong woman, capable of almost anything. She can seem sweet if need be, but her main concern is for her own interests. She has yet to encounter any others like herself in the city...but knows that she can not be the only one.

Aayla carries only a silver dagger, in a sheath on her ankle.

Aayla traveled to Typhoon City to find answers about the odd occurrences which have been happening around her... She finds more than she bargains for when she is trapped in the city during a crisis.

Re: [OOC] Devils Of Typhoon City

This looks really interesting. One question though. What kind of tech would police and government forced have? Certainly more advanced than modern day tech and weapons, but how much so? Would they have something like the suits from Crysis for example?

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