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Wynmere Alice Gates

In my mind, I have already flown to the heavens. I need not actually fly there to be happy. For it is here that I am content.

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a character in “Di Morte”, as played by SithFaced


Name: Wynmere Alice Gates

The Fallen Angel



Wynmere has the ability of flight, though this is only achieved because of the large wings that protrude from her back, and her body's natural "bird like" tendencies.

A Primary Performer. She performs with Sage Quinn, who goes by the name of The Risen Demon.

Wynmere holds onto her "angel like" appearance quite well - her eyes are a bright blue color, she's petite, her skin is pale white, and she has long white-blonde hair that falls down her back, in whatever style she has chosen for the day; sometimes its braided, and sometimes its just straight. Oh, and one can't forget to mention the giant white wings that protrude from her back...

Her wings usually stay at around 1/4 extension or less if she's not on display (or if she doesn't want to accidentally knock things over), and 1/2 extension if she wants to give them a bit of breathing room. But when its her turn to shine, she will extend her wings to their full length, which can be relatively intimidating. At their longest extension, her wings are close to 13 feet, from tip to tip. They are a white color, with hints of ivory in them. They grow out from between her shoulder blades and her spine, and their bone structure is relatively flexible, though she can't tuck them away completely. On her own power, she can fly without stopping for almost a full 24 hours, but the more she pushes it, the longer she has to rest before she can fly again. If she were to fly as high as she could, she could fly just under the normal altitude for clouds; though, she has never tried this and doesn't actually know for herself how high she can fly. She can breathe at almost a normal rate at higher altitudes as well.

When it comes to her body structure, Wynmere is thin, though she does have very strong core and arm muscles. She is petite though, standing at only just 5'1''. She does not weigh much, because of her body's need to be light - if she were too heavy, it would put too much strain on her wings, and she would tire very quickly. Her bones are more prone to breaking than the average "normal" person because of how light they are, so she has to be as careful as she can when she lands (or does anything, really) just to make sure she doesn't hurt herself. She has phenomenal control over her movements in the air - so its not likely for her to hurt herself while flying - and has developed ways of landing over the years so as to not put as much strain on her skeletal structure when she lands. Her hair is long and wispy, and it falls down her back to her mid back. Its naturally straight, but she has been known to braid it, curl it or even add white synthetic hair to it to make it thicker. She often ties small feathers into it to give it more of a "bird like" appearance.

When it comes to her other "bird like" qualities, the only other thing to really watch out for are her nails. They are impossibly hard to dull down, and no matter what she does to them, they usually end up rather sharp - she has been known for pricking people every so often for them, though its always accidental.

The thing that is most distinguishable about her is the costumes that she chooses to wear during performances and exhibitions, though. No matter what she does, she likes portraying that "bird like" quality as much as possible. Thus, her outfits are usually made of nylon matching her skin tone, creating a rather bare feeling without her actually being nude - its like wearing a long sleeved and long legged unitard made of stockings that, from far away, seem like a second skin; up close, one can obviously tell she's wearing a full costume. She covers up places that need to be covered with white and silver sparkles, sequins, and lots of white feathers. Besides being located in "bikini zone" areas, she usually has feathers, sparkles, and sequins adorning her wrists and forearms, ankles and calves, and wrapping around random places of her stomach and back. In her mind, while she is a girl with wings, her sex appeal is also a large asset to herself and her allure in Di Morte.

When she's not on display, she's usually found in black and white open-backed dresses, or low-backed corsets and skirts. She loves lace, and as any one could expect, feathers. All of her clothes are made specifically for her, by her - that way, what she wears is what she likes, and she doesn't have to worry about cutting holes for her wings (too often anyway, though she sometimes buys things and alters them).


Wynmere is a very happy person - shes always been happy being a part of Di Morte. She loved the old Ringmaster like he was her own father, and while she isn't too fond of his son being the new Ringmaster, she also won't protest it; he gives her a place to stay and live, and she is still allowed to do what she loves doing - being on display. Others might detest being under a watching eye of spectators, but not Wynmere... never Wynmere. She realizes that some of the words thrown around by "normal" people - like freak, and bird-girl, and the like - aren't something to love, but she does cherish the genuine curiosity of some of the people who come to see them. She holds many memories she's had in her time with Di Morte close in her heart; many a child has asked her what it was like to fly, and she's heard murmurs within the crowd of "I wonder what its like to have wings". To her, there will always be doubters and people who only come to make fun of her and the other members of Di Morte. But she knows that she will love being a part of this circus until the day she dies, because in her mind, its much better there than being left alone on her own.

Wynmere also tries her hardest to be a guide to any new faces that join Di Morte. And she always tries to show off the side of the circus she finds to be beautiful. She is a genuinely kind hearted girl, with a lot of love to share.



Wynmere has a version of this mask, though the one she wears is completely silver/white.


Wynmere isn't quite sure who her parents are - she was given to an St. Mary's Home for Girls just days after being born. Apparently, the sight of the small wings growing from her back terrified her mother, and the woman just couldn't bear the idea of raising a daughter "like her". She was told by one of the other children at her orphanage that her father didn't stick around long enough to even be there for her mom to give birth to her, and while the comment did hurt her slightly, Wynmere told the girl to stop lying about things she couldn't possibly know anything about.

There weren't many kids at the Orphanage who liked her - most referred to her as an "abomination in God's eyes". But there was one nun at the orphanage who treated Wynmere like one of her own children, and Wynmere loved her. Sister Catherine, the nun she had grown to love so much, told her that she wasn't an abomination in God's eyes. She was one of his angels, sent do earth to watch over all of his children. She was an older nun, and when she passed away, Wynmere was once again left by herself in a place she wasn't wanted.

At the age of 12, the young girl had finally had enough of it. With the few clothes she had, a stuffed rabbit with wings that Sister Catherine had sowed for her when she was younger, and the suitcase given to her by the orphanage for her to keep her things in, she ran away from St. Mary's, never to look back.

Lucky for her, she only had to wander for just a few weeks before she was picked up by The Ringmaster. He showed her Di Morte, and after spending a day with other kids like herself - other kids who were "different" - she decided this was where she wanted to be. The Ringmaster gave her a place to stay, food to eat, and he provided her with fabrics to make clothes for herself with... things she could wear that wouldn't constrict her wings. She grew to love being put on display - she grew to love the people that came to see her and her "family". She grew to love everything about Di Morte, including the masks. Even the idea of concealing her identity to the public didn't bother her anymore, because that meant she was mysterious. That meant that she was worth the attention. That meant that someone, somewhere, was thinking about her. Or, at least, who was behind her mask. She spent a lot of her time working on acrobatic skills as well, and not just her flying - it helped to keep her muscle strength at its peak, so she could fly better. In her mind, her life was where she wanted it to be.

...Until the Ringmaster died. Then, his son took over.

Wynmere wasn't so sure about him. She wasn't so sure that he could care for those like herself like his father had. But so far, she hasn't questioned his leadership abilities, more or less because she is relatively frightened of him. If only because of the way he holds himself; he gives her a chill, one she does not like...

So begins...

Wynmere Alice Gates's Story