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Helios " James" Armata

"Peace wasn't an option."- "Outlaw Star"

0 · 90 views · located in The Milky Way

a character in “Diamonds to Ashes”, originally authored by Seraph, as played by RolePlayGateway


Character Sheet:

Name: Helios "James" Armata

Occupation: Soldier/ Explorer

Age: 35

Height: 6'4

Weight: 235lbs

Eye colour:One deep blue, One bright Green

Hair colour: Blond/ Gray

Appearance: Helios' features are badly from multiple engagements, several resulted in cybernetic reconstructive prosthetics; his left hand, the wntire right arm including the shoulder blade, and both legs. There are also many 'trace' features on his face, left from knife fights, prisons riots, and actual combat. One of several distict scars left on his face, seperates his entire face vertically. A scar runs from the fringes of his hairline, dwon the center of his nose, even divides the small indentation on his upper lip and seperates his chin- splitting his face in halves.


Personality: Armata is a very smart man, but downplays this gift. He does this to get an intellectual edge over those who seek to exploit him. Violent but impatient at times, he is a good leader when he sees beyond his prejudice of anything distinctly not Ary'a or Human. Naturally, he severely distrusts other races that aren't in the coalition with the Ary'a. He is, however, very patriotic. So much so, he has sacrificed and went on missions or been arrested for things either not his fault or considered suicidal. For this reason, he has been mutilated, almost killed. His devotion to those that he works under or works above, is the strength he finds in himself. This has garnered him respect, and the opinion in others that he is insane.

James has an addiction to stimulation packs, that he partially uses for phantom pains in his severed limbs but also for the 'rush' it gives by heightening the cerebral cortex responses. He also deals with deep depression from a chemical imbalance of the brain even before his addiction- though the stim-packs have gradually been increasing the duration and the magnitude.

Skills: Small Arms, Explosives, Hand-to-Hand

Wealth: Rich. He can afford his own battle cruiser with crew compliment.


Starship: Due to his vast wealth, James has accumulated over the years he has put most of his money into ship designs and their construction. His own personal ship, is an advanced single-pilot fighter named Tiamat.

Named after a being whose concept came from Babylonian myth. In the legend, Tiamat was a primordial goddess of the ocean, mating with Abzû (the god of fresh water) to produce younger gods. In the Enûma Eliš she opposes when Abzû conspires to kill the younger gods, and she warns the most powerful of those, Ea, who puts Abzû under a spell and kills him. Etymologically it appears related to the Sumerian words TI (Life) and AMA (Mother).

Later when Ea's son Marduk creates problems for Tiamat by playing with sand storms and tornadoes, Tiamat conspires to retaliate by creating eleven frightening monsters and erecting her son Kingu as their general, but this plot fails when Marduk slays them all including Tiamat herself. From Tiamat's body the world is formed, land and sea.

Ship Specs:
Mass - 1,000,000.00 kg
Volume- 18,000.00 m3
Engines: Gemon-4 ion engines.(4)
Speed: 425m/sec
Power Output: 7,73 × 1024 W
Power Plant: SFS I-a2b Solar Ionization Reactor.
Shielding: ISD-72x shield generator domes (local area-effect)
Sensor systems: KDY ISD-72x shield generator dome
Targeting systems: LeGrange targeting computers

Armament: Class II Railguns x4 150mm

Can load up to 40 small-sized hybrid charges.

* "A railgun uses magnetic rails to fire solid chunks of matter at hypersonic speeds. The accurate range of railguns is very good, but due to technical limitations it cannot use onboard guidance. This results in a fairly rapid drop in accuracy at extreme ranges. Requires hybrid ammo types: antimatter, iridium, iron, lead, plutonium, thorium, tungsten, uranium."

Optimal Range: 14,000m

Accuracy Falloff: 5,000m

Rate of Fire: 3.25s

CPU Usage: 15tf

Powergrid Usage: 8MW

Tracking Speed: 0.085 rad/s

Dread Guristas Rocket Launcher x2

Meta Level:8

Rate of Fire: 2.8

Heat Damage: 0.8

Capacity m3:0.225




Primary Armament:

Model 1011 M.A.R.S: By todays standards it's outdated but not yet obsolete. It has a few variables that make it pack a mean punch. First off, it has a variable zoom scope that has up 30x zoom. Far more powerful than conventional Plasma Rifles, Tachyon Rifles and other Railguns. The second is a wavelength capacitor. This device has the capacity to narrow down particles on a subatomic level. What this means for the rifle is that it can be propelled far more accurately and have greater impact via kinetic energy. On a 5-inch hull plate, it made a 9mm penetrate at least one full inch. Also, this weapon has the ability, to fire any ballistic based weapon's ammunition but only on semi-automatic.

The draw back to this weapon is solely the use for which it was devised. Most ground based battles take place no more than 500 yards or more. Also, factoring in the huge power consumption, the powerful the shot, the more energy it siphons from the ArcCore battery. This battery is not needed for close range combat, but it does operate the scope and the Wavelength Capacitor. 220V of power output is the max the rifle can take.


Model 101-Type-M LCH:
Has a 8⅜" barrel, stainless steel with interchangeable compensator. This semi-automatic fires .500 kinetic rounds. The Type-M has a maximum working pressure of 60,000 psi (4,100 bar). However, most factory ammunition is limited to 50,000 psi (3,400 bar) to help ease extraction of fired cases. The Type-M is capable of withstanding 50% over pressure without much distortion. Regular proof load testing is performed at 20% over pressure.

Offers several loads which include a 325 gr (21.1 g) at 1,800 ft/s (550 m/s), a 400 gr (26 g) at 1,625 ft/s (495 m/s) and a 440 gr (29 g) at 1,625 ft/s (495 m/s). Compared to the next most powerful handgun cartridge, the .460 Magnum, which can launch a 325 gr (21.1 g) at 1,650 ft/s (500 m/s) or a 395 gr (25.6 g) at 1,525 ft/s (465 m/s), the Type-M produces about 15% to 40% more muzzle energy than the .460 S&W. The Type-M comes into its own when used with heavier bullets particularly those with weights of 500 gr (32 g) or greater.

Close-Quarters-Combat Knife:
Muela 23S Lobo Bowie
9" stainless bowie blade, 14 3/4" overall, crown stag handle with nickel silver guard, brown leather belt sheath.



Stardate 2108: James was born on the colony of "Terran".

Stardate 2113: At the age of five years old, both of his parents are killed by a viral infection that ultimately wipes out over half of the colony itself. He lives alone until he is sixteen.

Stardate 2124: James, at the age of 16 enlists in a rag-tag group of militia devoted to ground level fighting of the worlds in anarchy.

Stardate 2127: At 19 James suffers a crippling wound at the battle of "Safari". His hand is severed by a commander of the ground forces for the despot that the locals are trying to overthrow. Though the battle is won, this leader escaped the world.

Stardate 2128: At 20 James' hand is replaced by a cybernetic replacement. It takes him eight months to get fully used to it.

Stardate 2131:At 23, for his open hostilities towards another race ending with the death of several alien races, he is sent to "Absolution", a prison colony.

Stardate 2134: When he was 26, An outbreak of galactic forces between two worlds on the edge of the Milky Way. One, and islationist group and the other seeking reformation with a shortge of soldiers, causes a retraction clause to all prisoners. James accepts. Six months later, he would see ground level combat again.

Stardate 2135: At 27, The battle of "Haust" is one of the most terrible James. A shortage of supplies and men leaves those on ground level fighting guerrilla warfare style combat. James' group is officially stated as "The Partisans" stemming from the Spanish and Portuguese irregulars that flushed France out of the Iberian Peninsula. James is given the label "Outlaw Star" by his fellow "Partisans" after their victory over the terrorist uprisers by using an amplified power converter to enhance a plasma rifles output. In doing so, it changed the density of the "bolt" making it last longer and hit harder. Sniping from a range of 1000 meters, he was able to strike the Legion encampment, targeting their fuel cells.

Stardate 2138:At 30, During the final days on "Haust", James became irradiated with Tachyon particles resulting in skin and musculoskeletal degeneration on his right arm, from firing an amplified weapon too many times. Ordering his team mates to escape, he stayed behind to be captured.

Stardate 2139: There is no record of James in these logs.

Stardate 2140-2141: battle cruiser "Deliverance of Truth" engaged the Kumatl battle cruiser over the world "Onyx", and a small boarding party was permitted to land and search for James. The boarding party consisted of James' former team on the world "Haust". Securing a severely injured and broken James, the party departed from the enemy cruiser to allied hands. The battle overhead became a stalemate while the battle ground-side, was a blood bath with little in the hands of the Kumatl's favor. Zuumaga forces departed the sector, abandoning any ground forces. 33 years of age.

Stardate 2142: Upon his return, his dire state meant immediate amputation. The attending physicians removed three of his lower, right ribs replacing them with synthetics; the scapula and the entire right arm due to degradation. His legs from the patella (Knees) were badly broken and healing wrong. They replaced his limbs with artificial, cybernetic enhancements and predict within fourteen months he will be fully operational. 34 years old,

Stardate 2143: Now aboard the the battle cruiser "Inner Sanctum", he was awarded ceremoniously for his bravery, and his endurance at the hands of the enemy. He was ranked Command Sergeant Major in Kumatl society. 35 years old.

Location: Taurus System- 3 Light years from Earth's last known position. Taurus Space Center.

So begins...

Helios " James" Armata's Story