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Kent Lockwood

Yeah, sure, you can out run me, but I can turn the grav projectors off.

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a character in “Diamonds to Ashes”, originally authored by Chuckles, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Kent Lockwood
Age: 26

Height: 5'10
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Dark Brown

Appearance: Kent has a slightly melancholy appearance about him, possibly brought on by the fact that in gravity situations he's stuck in a wheelchair. His face is actually quite pleasant, he wears a surprisingly content attitude that can be seen if you look past the wheelchair. His is a medium build, his upper body is kept in shape due to use, able to host himself up with his upper body strength to complete tasks that most people would simply stand to do. He wears a set of head phones all the time, around his neck if they are not on his head. His cloths are kept neat and when able, clean. He would have the look of an average middle class human if they were still back on Earth and had an average middle class to look like. His legs barely work in that he can move them slightly but the amount of control he has over them is useless for any task.


While the instant idea is a man stuck in a wheelchair and overall in a bad state, when you take the time to look at him Kent becomes a surprisingly high spirited individual. He actively combats his situation, "sticking it to the man" so to speak, by being upbeat. While he does struggle with it, the effort and the constant down grade that most races give him, a crippled Human, he does his best to be better than they allow him to be in their own minds. This makes him some what of a joker, and also a challenger, after all if you've got two legs that work why do you have any right to be down about your situation when the guy stuck in a wheelchair manages to wear a smile.


Kent's wheelchair is his life. Outside of low gravity situations (which he loves to be in) he is stuck in the chair for the purpose of doing anything more than sitting at the kitchen table like a lump.

The bag he carries (conveniently attached to his chair) has all his tools, every man has to have his tools right? Mostly hand tools, enough to do most odd jobs. The wheels are electrically magnetized via a selective switch, this helps keep the chair planted to any magnetic surface when Kent enters a low/no gravity environment and is especially useful for keeping the chair put while he takes advantage of the ability to move with out it.


Kent made his living as a technician and doing odd jobs, a repair here, a fix there. He has the gift of 'figure it out'. He excels at "signal flow", which is to say he can figure out how it should be hooked up so it will work, what part goes where and in what order. He might not be able to actually USE it, but he can make it be usable.

If you could call an innate ability to life spirits, or annoy people, and ability then Kent has it.


Kent was born on some unnamed colony to Mark and Lidia Lockwood. He has almost no memory of his first home because they left a year after he was born and really never talked about it, simply because it was nothing special. His father was smart and that gave him the chance to work in some decent jobs, research projects, development, that kind of thing.

At the age of seven Kent was involved in an accident that left him with almost not useful use of his legs. While his parents where well enough off, they couldn't afford to have the surgery to get his legs back, so he was stuck in a wheelchair. For a while it ruined him, until sometime around fourteen when he decided he was tired of being useless and started living like he wasn't in a wheelchair. He learned some skills from his trips with his father, but not the ones his father was using. He learned the skills the techs where using. They started getting impressed when he started pulling himself out of the chair and climbing into the machines to work with them. He never let anything stand between him and getting a job done.

Mark told Kent about his grandfather, who had died just before Kent was born. James R. Lockwood was a scientist, some special guy who worked on some special project just before the exodus. Something called the Armageddon Project. His father had said the words gravely, but they didn't mean anything to Kent. For some reason his father never explained the importance of the project, though Kent did note a file on the computer dedicated to it, that was inconveniently locked. The issue has passed into history and Kent hasn't thought much of it, not much use of a project that was fire bombed by the Legion years ago.

Recently Kent got hired on a job in the R & D department on the Ary'a ship under a Dr. Clyde Marsh, though not directly on the doctors project.

So begins...

Kent Lockwood's Story