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Die a little each day

Amazon, 2015


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Amazon, 2015 is a part of Die a little each day.

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32 hours before out break
The trucks gathered on the road. They have captured one of the truths finest, and I am not liking it. why do I have to be one of the finest? Who cares, I have gotten attention from the enemy. Attention I don't want. I am stuck in a cold, cold cell, and they just love to do this type of thing to us at the Truth. I have no idea what to do, but wait for the helicopters.


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30 hours before outbreak
This cell is big, so I am not sure what they plan to do with it. Will I get new cell mates? All I know is, they have the whole place surrounded, the trucks blocking the roads, men with guns, every thing. I hear loud thumps coming from the hall ways, and I see three male slaves, followed by four armed guards. they open up my cell door, and toss them in. After aabout five minutes, I open my mouth. "Why are you guys here?" I ask, but they are too shakey to answer. Then, one of them spoke. "we... w-we found out info, that there will be a-" He was cut off by the sound of gun fire, and blood is sprayed upon me. The man falls to the ground dead, and I see an armed guard walking away, his barrel smoking.