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Die On Time

Die On Time


When somebody, who is supposed to live, dies, the balance of fate is disrupted. When somebody, who is supposed to die, lives, the balance is restored. But not everyone is happy with that.

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I was supposed to die.

speeding cars || walking on cars

There's nothing particularly remarkable about the town of Williamsbrook. During spring and autumn, it's quite gloomy and overcast, looking like the setting for a supernatural film. In winter, however, when the snow falls, it looks like something straight off of a Christmas card, and is quite a charming little town. In summer, it just looks like the town from any coming-of-age movie. It's quite an ordinary town.

However, on one tragic night in mid-July, a number of accidents occur. A car accident on the outskirts of town. A house fire. A near-drowning in the local river. A robbery gone wrong. The one thing they have in common is that the night on which they occurred- and the fact that somebody was supposed to die in each of them. But they didn't. Through some miracle, they survived. That miracle came in the form of an unknown stranger who was able to intervene and save that person's life. And then the hero disappeared as quickly as they'd appeared.

As normality is restored, the people who were saved slowly started to return to normality. Their saviours had disappeared and they'd hardly been seen since. But as normal life started to resume, they noticed that whenever they were in trouble or danger- their hero would appear. Unwillingly, the heroes got dragged into the lives of those they had saved. They gave away as little information about themselves as possible and stayed away as much as possible. But some of the people they had saved had noticed the common theme, and they started putting themselves in danger in the hopes of finding out exactly who their saviours were.

Unbeknownst to them, their saviours had in fact died. They'd died when they weren't supposed to- and so somebody had to live when they weren't supposed to. The balance of fate had been thrown off, and it had to be corrected. But by saving those people, they'd become angels- tied to those they had saved and forced to save them any time they were in danger. But the balance of fate had been restored, and so the world was safe.

Not for long, however. For there were also demons who seeked to upset the balance of fate yet again. If the balance was uneven, the demons could manipulate fate itself however they wanted. And so they wanted to kill the angels and those they protected, to once again disrupt the balance and get exactly what they wanted. Neither side is safe.


No godmodding. All characters are human.
Keep the drama to the IC. If you have a problem with another member, try and sort it out over PM, and if that isn't working, I will act as a mediator.
If you want to leave, let me know, and your character will be killed off or otherwise removed.
The connection does not always mean a romantic relationship. In fact, I'd almost prefer it if there were different relationships- between the angels themselves, between the humans, between an angel and a human that aren't bonded, etc.
In terms of secret and face claim changes- I'm relatively open to both, as long as the FC isn't overused or way too old/young for the RP and is appropriate. Just ask when reserving your character.
If you don't post for two weeks and don't give me some kind of reason, I'll assume you have left and will proceed as such.
Commitment would be nice.
Reservations to be posted in the OOC.
This is an LBGT+/MOGAI/whatever acronym you use friendly roleplay. Any intolerance will not be accepted OOC and sensitivity should be used IC.
Relationships? Yes please. More drama! But keep it clean here, and normal RPG rules apply.
Violence is expected, but just don't get too graphic.
To show you read the rules, put a lyric from Mr. Brightside by The Killers in your reservation post.




Name: || Age: || Angel || Bonded to FC : Hunter Parrish|| FC: Meghan Ory || Reserved- iCat


Name: || Age: || Angel: || Bonded to FC: Amanda Seyfried|| FC: Chace Crawford || OPEN


Name: || Age: || Angel: || Bonded to FC: Sophie Turner || FC: Zoe Kravitz || Reserved- Literally


Name: || Age: || Angel: || Bonded to FC: Robert Sheehan || FC: Ben Barnes || OPEN



Name: || Age: || Human || Bonded to FC : Meghan Ory || FC: Hunter Parrish || OPEN

He needed money. His parents could hardly afford to buy food, and he knew that they couldn't have paid the rent in months. So he "borrowed" his father's gun and went to the local store, which was renowned for its low levels of protection. But the owner had a shotgun under the counter, and he turned it on FC: Hunter Parrish, who was shot in the chest. FC: Meghan Ory then stormed in, her face covered, and got him out and to a hospital, where she fabricated a story about a mugging.


Name: || Age: || Human || Bonded to FC: Chance Crawford || FC: Amanda Seyfried || Reserved- Sunshine and Whiskey

She and a group of her friends were having a sleepover. She was the first to fall asleep, so the others left her in the bedroom alone and went downstairs. So when an electrical fault started the blaze, they were unable to get to her. And when she awoke, she couldn't get down. Then, just as she was starting to give up hope, FC: Chace Crawford appeared and got her out of the house without any further harm, before disappearing into the night.


Name: || Age: || Human || Bonded to FC: Zoe Kravitz || FC: Sophie Turner || Reserved- LivyGrey

She and a few friends were hanging out on a local bridge, chatting and messing around a bit. She was leaning against the railing- which was, admittedly, a little worse for wear- when it gave away beneath her weight. She fell into the river from a height. None of her friends knew what to do, especially when she didn't surface after a few seconds. That was when FC: Zoe Kravitz appeared and dived in after her. She pulled FC: Sophie Turner to the shore and left almost as soon as her friends got to her.


Name: || Age: || Human || Bonded to FC: Ben Barnes || FC: Robert Sheehan || OPEN

He was on his way home from work. It had been raining all day, so he was being cautious. Not everyone else was, however. A car slammed into him, sending his car spinning off of the road. He wouldn't have been found for hours. But FC: Ben Barnes found him and got him out of the car, which was moments away from bursting into flames. He waited with him until the ambulance arrived- but refused to actually travel with him in the ambulance.

Feel free to use your own character sheet if you don't want to use this one!

Code: Select all
[font=Times New Roman][center][img]fontmeme name[/img]
[img]500px width gif[/img]


[url=songurl]Title | Artist[/url] || [url=songurl]Title | Artist [/url] || [url=songurl]Title | Artist[/url][/center]


[right][img]picture or gif[/img]
[img]picture or gif as necessary[/img][/right]

(Full name)



(Pronouns if necessary)


(angel or human?)

[left][img]gif or picture[/img]
[img]gif or picture[/img]
[img]gif or picture as necessary[/img][/left]
[justify]Short description, height, weight, distinguishing features, etc.[/justify]

[right][img]gif or picture[/img]
[img]gif or picture[/img]
[img]gif or picture as necessary[/img][/right]

(at least five)

(at least five)

(at least three)

at least three

At least one, ideally more


[left][img]gif or picture[/img]
[img]gif or picture[/img]
[img]gif or picture[/img]
[img]gif or picture as necessary[/img][/left]

[justify](1-2 decent paragraphs. Quality, not quantity, as always.)[/justify]

[justify](1-2 decent paragraphs. Quality, not quantity, as always.)[/justify]


[right][img]gif or picture[/img][/right]

Any other relevant information

[color=#hexcode]Face Claim:[/color]
Totally optional- some people like to do this.

Again, totally optional.

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Character Portrait: Cristina Mesa
Character Portrait: Aiden Moore
Character Portrait: Jasper Cross


Character Portrait: Aiden Moore
Aiden Moore

Sometimes, a guy's just got to go get a gun and rob a convinience store.

Character Portrait: Cristina Mesa
Cristina Mesa

What? Were you expecting more feathers?


Character Portrait: Cristina Mesa
Cristina Mesa

What? Were you expecting more feathers?

Character Portrait: Aiden Moore
Aiden Moore

Sometimes, a guy's just got to go get a gun and rob a convinience store.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Cristina Mesa
Cristina Mesa

What? Were you expecting more feathers?

Character Portrait: Aiden Moore
Aiden Moore

Sometimes, a guy's just got to go get a gun and rob a convinience store.

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Re: Die On Time

That worked! Sweet, thanks!

Re: Die On Time

Just clear your cache- I did and it showed up fine for me. :)

Re: Die On Time

Ugh, I've uploaded the thumbnail for Cristina like 3 times and it still won't show up.

Re: Die On Time

Awesome! So that means we have three pairs, which is perfect. The gender ratio isn't perfect, but the pair balance makes up for that. Looking forward to seeing your characters :)

Re: Die On Time

Hey :) I love the sound of this. Could I reserve Chace Crawford? I'd also be completely open to doubling up if that makes things easier at all.

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Re: Die On Time

Ok, I'll do Hunter Parish. That way if you do double up, you won't be bonded with yourself. :)

Re: Die On Time

@Livy: Of course I'm not sick of you! She's reserved for you.

@Literally: Sure! And doubling up would be fine by me- as you said, we're all girls at the minute. I might also double up, depending on how we go. :) If it's okay with you and you do decide to double up, would you mind taking one of the males that's connected to one of the characters who's already reserved? Thanks :)

Also, if anyone has used the code on the front page for their form, the specialised skill isn't relevant- I took the code from a previous roleplay where it was necessary!

Re: Die On Time

Hi :)
Can I reserve Zoe Kravitz? Also, I don't mind doubling up, since right now we're mostly girls. Would that be ok?

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Re: Die On Time


Hey! I can't believe you made this, I clicked on it after reading the synopsis thing and absolutely adored the idea and realised when I went to reserve a character it was one of your RPs but if you're not sick of me from the other roleplays, I'd love to reserve FC: Sophie Turner.

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Re: Die On Time

Awesome! I'll edit that in tomorrow :)

Re: Die On Time

OMG! I do not which face claim to choose!

But I guess I can go with Amanda Seyfried. :)

It started with a kiss, how did it end up like this. :D

Thanks in advance.

Die On Time

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