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Dev Cantona is dragged into the world of Street Racing by an old crush that he went with in high school. Will he survive the world of Street Racing

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In New York City, 21-year old Dev Cantona (my role) is tired of working as a cab driver picking up fares and low pay. He quits his job and thinks about his future by staring at the drywall ceiling at his apartment. His life turns around when he meets 20 year old Roxanne Lockhart (female role), an old crush from whom he met in high school and lures him into the world of Street Racing (Dev likes Roxanne). However, she is the queen of Street Racing . Furthermore, a police officer named Marissa Gianni (another role for a girl) who is against Street Racing is a former social outcast recognizes Dev and is instantly infatuated with him (unknown by the fact that Dev is now a street racer). Will Dev survive the world of street racing, get the title of the king of Street Racing and choose between Roxanne and Marissa?
........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................For all participants in this roleplay, please refer to this Street Racing glossary below:

Aftermarket (High Performance): Automotive parts installed after the original sale of a vehicle for the purpose of increasing the performance or aesthetic value of a vehicle. Aftermarket parts can adversely affect the emissions and noise of a vehicle resulting in no longer meeting street legal standards. See "Street Legal"

Automobile: A vehicle with typically four tires/tracks that transports one or more people utilizing a motor over a solid surface (Asphalt, Dirt, Snow, etc.).

Blown: An engine with a supercharger. Supercharger's are installed on an automobile to increase the output of engine resulting in a faster vehicle. A Supercharge increasing the mass of air entering an engine thereby increase horsepower and torque.

Break (The): See "The Hit"

Boost: Has two meanings: 1: To steal a vehicle or component from a vehicle 2: The increased pressure that is the result of a turbocharger or supercharger. Higher boost results in a more powerful engine.

Cannonball Run: An illegal point to point road rally (illegal street race) that runs the entire length of a country involving many participants. The winner is determined by the fastest time.

\Canyon Race: See "Canyon Running."

Canyon Running: The United States version of Touge (See Touge).

CARB: An acronym meaning California Air Resources Board. CARB is responsible for creating and implementing a set of rules and regulations on air pollution and quality. CARB closely regulates aftermarket devices on street legal vehicles. CARB is considered amongst the strictest vehicle standard in the world and infringements to its regulations are often a method utilized by California law enforcement to fine and/or impound a vehicle believed to be involved in illegal street racing.

Centipede: A rarely used term to identify a group of people driving in a convoy darting through traffic in an aggressive manner at high speeds to "follow the leader."

Chavved Up: The British version of a "Rice Burner." See "Rice Burner."

Chi-Town: Identifies the city of Chicago Illinois. Chicago is considered as having a high incidence of illegal street racing.

Crotch Rocket: Is a Super Sport, Super Bike, or a Hyper Sport motorcycle of Japanese production (Largely - but not exclusive). The Crotch Rocket name is derived from the way the rider sits on the vehicle and the rapid acceleration that it is capable of. Crotch Rockets are often profiled by law enforcement and the media as Illegal Street Racers do to there generally aggressive driving techniques.

Dig (A): An illegal street race where two or more vehicles align their front bumper and race to a predetermined point. The driver that reaches the predetermined point first wins (Distances can range - usually a quarter mile).

Drag Race: A sanctioned acceleration contest between two vehicles on a motorsports track that begins from a standing start and races to a measured finish line. The competition occurs in a safe and controlled environment with a set of rules. The term drag race is often incorrectly used to categorize an illegal street race. See Illegal Street Racing for more info.

Drifting: A driving technique where the competitor intentionally causing the vehicle to lose traction resulting in the vehicle entering a controlled slide through a turn. The act of drifting can be a motorsports should it be a sanctioned race in a safe environment with rules or it can be an illegal street race should it occur on the open public road.

Flagger: The person responsible for starting a Dig (illegal street race) where two or more vehicles begin at a standstill and race to a predetermined point (usually a quarter mile). The flagger will assume a position between the vehicles at a distance of five to ten feet from there hood and through hand and head signals verifies each driver is ready and initiates the race.

Hat Race: In Canada illegal street racers will pay an entrance fee that is collected and sent to an undiclosed location where a phone call is made alerting the competitors to the location thereby inianating the race. The first person to reach the location wins the money. A Hat Race is similar to a Cannonball Run.

H-Town: Identifies the city of Houston Texas. Houston is considered as having a high incidence of illegal street racing.

Hashiriya: A Japanese word that means illegal street racer.

Header: A performance enhanced exhaust manifold. The installation of a header results in increase horsepower/torque at the expense of increased noise and emissions. In California CARB regulates which headers are street legal.

Hit (The): A handicap which allows one driver to leave first in an illegal street race. No flagger is utilized rather the race begins once the driver leaves the starting line and ends at a predetermined point. A Hit is determined through a negotiation between competitors and is most often used in illegal street racing.

Highway Running: An illegal street race, generally unplanned, where two or more cars encounter each other on the highway and race until one of the drivers gives up.

Hoon: As a noun it identifies an illegal street racer in New Zealand or Australia. As a verb (To Hoon) it describes the dangers associated with illegal street racing.

Hot Rods: A vehicle that has been modified with a large engine and special chassis resulting in increased straight line speed. The Hot Rod subculture is often profiled as illegal street racers as the modifications of the vehicle may not be street legal and appear "fast." The Hot Rodders of the late 1940's were responsible for taking racing off the street and onto the track (Officially 1951).

Illegal Street Racing: An unsanctioned contest of speed involving one or more vehicles on an open public road. Illegal Street Racing transcends age, color, creed, gender, and economic status as it attracts a wide variety of participants; however, there does exist trends of participants when researching the topic. For example it is well documented that illegal street racing largely, but not exclusively, are composed of participants with an age between 15 to 24.

Imports Scene: An automotive subculture that modifies imported cars, largely Japanese and European vehicles, for the purpose of performance and aesthetic value. The Import Scene is often profiled as illegal street racers as the vehicle's modifications may not be street legal and there visual cues can be aggressive.

Juice: See "Nitrous"

Jump: To leave the starting line prior to the illegal street race starting.

Kamikaze: See "Hat Race"

Kick (The): See "The Hit"

Kousoku Battle: A Japanese word that means to illegal street race on highways, freeways, or expressways.

Leave (The): See "The Hit"

Lowrider: A vehicle with a modified suspension that results in the lowest possible ground clearance. The Lowrider Subculture is often profiled as illegal street racers as their modified suspension may not be street legal and the vehicles are often found cruising/meeting in parking lots.

Mat Rempit: A Malaysian word that identifies an illegal street racer. Often Mat Rempit identifies an illegal street racer on a motorcycle but can also apply to anyone illegally street racing.

Motorcycle: A vehicle with typically two tires (Can include 3 tires) that transports one or more people utilizing a motor over a solid surface (Asphalt, Dirt, Snow, etc.).

Muscle Car: A vehicle bought from the factory with a large displacement engine in a small frame at an inexpensive purchase price. The Muscle Car subculture is predominately composed of American and Australian vehicles, were produced in the 1960's and ended in the early 70's do to the OPEC Oil embargo. Currently there is a new automobile subculture called "Modern Day Muscle Cars" which follows the same concept as the original muscle car with modern day production and engineering. American Muscle Cars include the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Pontiac GTO (Considered by many as the first Muscle Car), Chevrolet Chevelle, and the Dodge Charger. Muscle Cars in Australia include the Holden Monaro, Ford Falcon, and Chrysler Charger. The Chevrolet Corvette although a very capable sports car is not considered a Muscle Car do to its high price tag.

Nitrous: An abbreviated term to identify a nitrous oxide injection system. Nitrous oxide injection systems are installed on a vehicle to increase horsepower via increasing the amount of air fuel mixture delivered to the engine. Nitrous Oxide is NOT a fuel rather an oxidizing agent.

NOS: A term often incorrectly used to identify Nitrous Oxide is actually an acronym for Nitrous Oxide Systems; the largest manufacturer of automotive nitrous oxide injection systems in America.

P-Platers: A term used in Australia to identify the people that drive a vehicle with a P-plate. A P-Plate driver is a person that obtains a provisional licence at the age of 17 years or older after holding a learner licence for 6 months and either completes a logbook or passes a driving test. Provisional drivers must display red on white 'P Plates' on there vehicle for a temporary period. P-Platers are often identified in Australian media as participants of illegal street racing.

Prepping: To treat/prepare a public road with chemicals and heat additives to enhance traction. Prepping is most often done in the burn-out area and a short distance beyond the starting line resulting in the vehicles posting higher speeds. Prepping is rarely done in illegal street racing.

Q-Car: The British term to identify a "Sleeper car." See "Sleeper."

Racing for Pink Slips: Although a rare occurrence illegal street racers may wager their pink slip, the vehicle's title, on a race. The winner receives the pink slip and ownership of the competitors car.

Rice Burner: A derogatory term used to identify a vehicle, largely an import, that is focused on external customization that has no affect on performance.

Roll (A): An illegal street race with the vehicles already in motion and begins with a series of three honks (similar to countdown). Generally the race is over when a driver gives up (instead of racing to a predetermined point).

Roulette-zoku: A Japanese word that means to illegal street race on a circular style expressway.

Set out lengths: See "A Spot"

Sleeper: A vehicle with a factory stock appearance with high performance internal modifications. The unassuming exterior is designed to deter car thieves, the attention of law enforcement, and to fool an opponent to underestimate the cars performance to win a wager.

Spot (A): An illegal street race involving two or more vehicles that starts without a flagger where a handicap is offered to the slower car in the form of a distance (Usually in car lengths). A Spot is determined through negotiations between the competitors.

Sports Compact Car (SCC): A high performance version of a compact car that may be either a factory tuned car or an aftermarket customized vehicle of ranging years and production location. Sports Compact Cars are often profiled by law enforcement and the media do to there external modifications.

Spray: See Nitrous

Squeeze: See Nitrous

Stage (The): A public road which the illegal street race occurs on.

Street Legal: A automobile that meets government standards for motor vehicle safety and emissions.

Street Race: A sanctioned contest of speed involving one or more vehicles on a closed public road. A Street Race is a term often incorrectly used to identify the act of illegal street racing. For example the Grandprix of Long Beach and Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg is a street race for the Indy Racing League (IRL). See Illegal Street Racing for more information.

Touge: A Japanese word that identifies the act of illegally street racing in the mountains/canyons on winding and narrow roads. Generally involves one vehicles at a time but can involve multiple vehicles at one time.

Wangan: A Japanese words that identifies an illegal street race that takes place in Tokyo on an expressway late at night.
I am still accepting roles but I will accept no more than 4 roles (in other words, 4 roles maximum)

Toggle Rules

.No Godmodding
. No adult content
.Please specify which car that you'll be using for the action/street racing scenes
.Romance on here cannot be applied to real life
. Posts must be 3 sentences to 2 paragraphs
. If I am not here to continue, please be aware that I might be busy with high school and life in general
. Have fun :)
.(WARNING, MOST IMPORTANT RULE): You must show commitment to this roleplay by posting on here regularly (1 to 2 days of posting) and if you don't post by 5 days from your last post. Then I assume you don't care about this roleplay and show no commitment
. Pertaining to the above rule, if you cannot post due to personal reasons, then post why you cannot do so on the OOC

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Character Portrait: Roxanne Lockhart Character Portrait: Dev Cantona
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After quitting his life as a taxi driver in New York, Dev Cantona arrived back to his apartment and just lied down at his bed staring up at the drywall, he just felt like his life was going nowhere. He recalled about what he did as a taxi driver, picking up fares and driving fast which resulted him running red lights. "Damn, what the hell am I gonna do now" Dev thought until he heard a knock at the door.

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Roxanne was exhausted, there was no denying that with only two hours sleep that evening she was running on auto pilot and a unhealthy amount of caffeine, she could have stayed in bed by Roxanne hated wasting the day, especially one as beautiful as this, so she instead decided to take a walk around Central Park, followed by a shopping spree on fifth to spend some of her winnings.

She had been heading home when she stumbled upon a little bakery, where she was greeted with the aroma of freshly baked pies and other treats, picking up two pieces of apple pie she paid the shopkeeper and left finding herself outside Dev's apartment block, walking inside she made her way up to his room, knocking lightly on the door.

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Dev said "Who is it?" and then he opened the door to Roxanne holding a bag with 2 apple pies. "Hey, can I help you?" Dev said to the blonde haired girl. Dev didn't remember who Roxanne is but it has been a while to him. Dev thought "Come on, I gotta jog my memory, I recognized her but she's different"

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"Seriously Cantona? You'd forget your best friend, Roxanne?" she smirked walking past him into his apartment, looking around she smiled "Nice place you got here Dev" she smiled before turning around to look back at him "I've missed you! It's been way too long!" she smiled pulling him into a hug.

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Dev just smiled and said "I was kidding, I wouldn't forget you, Roxanne, I missed you too" as he was being embraced by Roxanne's warm hug. "Thank, the apartment's alright I guess" Dev added. "So what's with the slices of pie and the enormous amount of shopping bags?" Dev questioned to Roxanne.

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"Oh I found the most amazing bakery on the corner of your block and so i picked up a couple and decided to come and visit you" Rox smile brightly "And the shopping bags are from some retail therapy, so what are you doing now?"

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"Me?, well, um...., I was a cab driver until I quit because I'm tired picking up grumpy fares and being stuck in traffic for 2 hours. Now I have no money, what the hell am I gonna do" Dev said hopelessly to Rox.

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Character Portrait: Roxanne Lockhart
1 sightings Roxanne Lockhart played by Calvazara

Character Portrait: Marissa Gianni
0 sightings Marissa Gianni played by girlwt
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Character Portrait: Dev Cantona


Character Portrait: Dev Cantona
Dev Cantona

The main protagonist in "Diesel", a hot headed yet witty individual


Character Portrait: Dev Cantona
Dev Cantona

The main protagonist in "Diesel", a hot headed yet witty individual

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Character Portrait: Dev Cantona
Dev Cantona

The main protagonist in "Diesel", a hot headed yet witty individual

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