"We are all important, every being, down to the last life."

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a character in “Diesel X: Blackwater Chronicles”, as played by PrettyBirdie1


Name: Talise

Race: Decephon

Gender: female

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 190

Hair Color: N/A

Eye Color: An icy light-blue.

Skin Color: A lighter grey than most other Decephons, Talise's skin is very light, almost to the point of being white. This gives her a ghostly appearance when seen at night.

Virtues: Talise is very laid back - it takes a lot to get her riled up. (Pollution of her ocean or cruelty to animals being one sure-fire way to get her mad) She is very kind and compassionate towards all living beings. She exhibits a great deal of empathy, being easily able to understand when a creature is going through pain. She is very good at solving disputes, being able to see both sides of a story and judge accordingly.

Flaws: Once truly riled up, she goes into a blind rage and is just as likely to attack her friends as her foes, should they get in her way. That is why she is normally very laid back, in an effort to restrain herself. She can also be slow to act, liking to analyze the facts rather than act on impulse. When the situation calls for it, though, she can sometimes let instinct take over. (Although that does lead to a greater risk of acting blindly)

Skills: As a Decephon, Talise is naturally good at swimming. She is also good at interacting with animals. She is very dangerous with her daggers.

Equipment: She normally fights with six dephtel daggers.

Background: Talise was born in a polluted area, leading to her stunted growth and light skin. However, as sort of an "apology", if you will, she was blessed with two extra tentacles around her waist, and the ability to be a Communer. She grew up learning all about the wonderful gifts she had received, as well as being taught the importance of all life, no matter how insignificant it may appear. She accepted these teachings with all her heart, and became one of the fiercest defenders of life in the ocean, often using her ghostly appearance to scare off humans. In keeping with her wish to preserve life, she learned medicine and became the healer of her settlement, of not only Decephons but of other lives as well.

She left her precious ocean in an effort to learn more about the lives of other species, believing that if all species could understand each other, the would be no more tension between races. She tries to comprehend the actions of those around her, but it will take time. Not all beings act rationally. However, Talise hopes that if she helps solve disputes and teach each of the races about the others they share the planet with, the races could some day come together as one. It is her personal belief that if this should happen, the Diesel Race will return.

So begins...

Talise's Story