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Dieties of Rumble!

Dieties of Rumble!


An unrealistic and more fun type of rp. Deals with Hindu Mythology and takes place in Bangladesh. Gets more serious than funny as time goes on.

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Deities ❖ Rumble!


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"Welcome, one and all young students, to Karma High; located here in Bangladesh is the the top school in the world for those with the highest of blood, the keenest of minds, those of special interest, or natives. A variety of you attend Karma High, but you all have one thing in common; instead of our teachers stopping student fights, we will be arranging and grading them. We have had you picked up from airports and transported into the thick jungle where our vast campus is hidden for the purpose of privacy while the year's procession trecks on, in which you will participate in fights between each other, and beasts of the Djinn kind native to the jungles of Bangladesh. You are fierce fighters one and all, but an order will rise in which your King and Queen will be on the top, with the rest of you struggling to raise yourselves to their level. But fear not first years, Gym class will prepare you for all of this.

The education here is one that will make you successful in life outside of High School, but while you are here things will be tough, you will be pushed, and bones will break. While you are here we ask that you abide by the school rules- JAMES ANDERSON YOU HAD BETTER NOT THROW THAT PAPER AIRPLANE- and do not stray outside of the compound unless on a mission, and never alone. You are to be in your beds after dark-SO HELP ME GWEN COOPER PUT THAT CELL PHONE AWAY- and you are never under any circumstances permitted to-BY KALI'S SWORD, I SWEAR YOU ALL TO BE THE ROWDIEST BUNCH OF KIDS I HAVE EVER MET!!- I am ALMOST done with the yearly short speech, and you all can't even contain yourselves for five minutes!!!..... Fine, I give up, most of you know the drill anyway! You are dismissed...." The dull roar of the crowd grew larger as many teens began pushing and shoving each other out of the auditorium. Although Madame Constanstine was quite agitated, she found she could not blame the young ones for being robbed of their focus on the opening ceremony. Directly after the ceremony was when the first fights were held, and all out torrant of battles that decided where they stood in their class, and whether they were to be King or Queen this year, took place. Though those two titles would undoubtedly go to the two same individuals as they had always done since they came to the school three, almost four, years ago.

Madame smirked and shook her head, starting to chuckle as challenges and battle crys rang outside. She stepped leasurely off of the stage and began making her way outside, best to get a head start on mediating. Rather than try and control the mass of fights, the teachers acted as referees during these beginning fights, making sure no cheating was going on. The Hall Monitor would also have his work cut out for him.

This year was going to be interesting according to the visions she had been having the past couple months, and Madame wondered if the students were ready for what was to come.

Karma High is an unusual privatised school. The students attending have either been invited, attend because their family is rich, or because they are native to Bangladesh (the school wouldn't keep out natives, that would be rude, and they make up most of the student body actually). It's students are guarenteed to succeed in life outside of school because the school makes them strong, in fact they have regular fights which can elevate your status or bring it down. On the top of the totem pole is the King and Queen, they are admired and respected throughout the school, and their privileges number in the many, like a private lunch room and room service. The goal of many however, is to usurp them, and they are on constant guard. The position is not for the faint of heart. At Karma High, if you don't fight, you are at the bottom, and no one wants to be on the bottom. All students attend all four years, no one is accepted in the middle of their second year or higher so that the school has time to train them properly. No sense in dropping a third year who doesn't know how to fight in the middle of a school like Karma High....wait, [url]they accidentally did this year[/url]. Ah well, it'll get sorted out!

On top of that, Djinn in the forest surround the school, they are, for lack of a better description, demons. They come from Hindu lore, and present themselves as shapeshifting terrors that are pretty damn strong and difficult to kill if you don't know how. The school's ulterior motive is to train students to fight them, and should the world need warriors to overcome them, Karma High has produced many, solving a problem before it becomes true.

Your character will be a student at the school, and as Madame Constastine has powers that many believe to be supernatural, she is listened to when she says that this year will be interesting. This rp is, you guessed it, yet another high school rp. Frankly I am not a fan of these, but that is because of the low quality and stupid plot where the only goal is romance and teen drama angst gagmewithaspoon. This roleplay will not be like that. Instead I plan to make this slightly more mature in the thought process, but not in style. In fact in the beginning things look pretty silly don't they? One of the teachers is actually a Panda, and the concept is entirely unrealistic. BUT, it sounds fun don't it? In fact, class time will be not even mentioned and we'll just go right ahead with the missions to eliminate Djinn and goof around, all while an evil Djinn that no one is expecting is working in the shadows for an ultimate villain plot that our characters will have to save the day from. Think of it rolling like Soul Eater (for those of you who watch that anime). This rp will be multi-genre oriented, and hopefully long term. If you can not commit, best not to join, though if you do have to leave then killing your character off won't be too difficult. Plenty of Djinn accidents happen you know....So anyway, I'm sure you can guess by now that this rp is pretty literate, and since I've worked hard setting it up, please work hard on your posts and profiles. That being said, have fun, that's what rps are for, and if you are getting bored definitly say something in the ooc, communication is important for a successful rp. If you are bored or there is a problem then it is easily fixed with collaboration.

Should you have any questions feel free to ask away, I have plenty of links up there, so a lot of information to sift through. To reserve, simply say which character you would like in the ooc, and you will have 24 hours to come up with the beginning of a profile, it doesn't need to be finished, but I need to see progress. I know that this is a tab, but you can still submit and continue to work on your character, you know W.I.P it.

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Character Portrait: Elisa Holman
Elisa Holman

"Good or Bad, I don't care. Just don't bother me too much ok?"

Character Portrait: Robin Williams
Robin Williams

"Another year... Great."

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The Host of Kali

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Character Portrait: Robin Williams
Robin Williams

"Another year... Great."

Character Portrait: Elisa Holman
Elisa Holman

"Good or Bad, I don't care. Just don't bother me too much ok?"

Character Portrait: The Host of Kali
The Host of Kali

"Dad...what sort of school did you send me to?"

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Character Portrait: Robin Williams
Robin Williams

"Another year... Great."

Character Portrait: Elisa Holman
Elisa Holman

"Good or Bad, I don't care. Just don't bother me too much ok?"

Character Portrait: The Host of Kali
The Host of Kali

"Dad...what sort of school did you send me to?"

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