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"I need only take one step to spoil the universe."

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a character in “Dieties of Rumble!”, originally authored by Lifecharacter, as played by RolePlayGateway


⌈Fate has allotted what is best, not what we wantβŒ‹

"Who can stand to count the years?"

A fabric with softness that can intoxicate a nation was donned upon birth by this woman who has taken kindly to the ever-excited sun. An even coloring has been brushed across her body by a master artist, one who should be incredibly proud of his work. And when one appraises such a work, they must never neglect to observe the form in which the color and texture lay upon. This particular piece bears the well received shape of an hourglass upon poised limbs and surrounded by an atmosphere worthy of such a thing. Due to the life-sized canvas, a keen eye could easily deduce the measurements of this piece; the general consensus, with few opposed, have agreed upon a height of five foot six, and would seem to weigh somewhere in the region of one-hundred and twenty pounds. Indeed there doesn't seem to be any sign, discreet or otherwise, of stress to be found across the entirety of the body, much to the critics' chagrin.

As for the ornament that adorns this work of seemingly divine form, it shares the characteristic of the body that reasonably applies; soft, sunkissed skin. There also gleams the sight of topaz hidden beneath expertly crafted strands, only ever dulling when one attempts to offend such a creature. Pearls, while not necessary for a charming smile, certainly don't leave one wanting when they are provided for viewing.


⌈Fighting StyleβŒ‹
Defiance of Boundaries: ViαΉ£αΉ‡u has allotted a fate for everyone and strives to maintain it within his three powerful strides. To overcome such a thing as his decisions is blasphemous and unlikely to win one any excess of karma. Fortunately, this Djinn could care less for what may await her as punishment and strives to defy the natural bounds of life to continuously defy the preserver. This can come in many forms depending on the particular act and the amount of creativity, but the minds and bodies of this world are but clay for her to reform as she wishes.

Might of the Djinn: To compare the body of a Djinn to that of a human is like comparing a mountain to a twig, and as such this leaves little challenge for one to find amongst the current occupants of this world, at least in the realm of physical prowess and the mastery of chi.

The forms of life and the wills of those who inhabit it. She hasn't really found need to actually engage in combat herself but whenever the rare chance comes up, she's never shy about showing her confidence in her physical prowess and the bare hands that come with it.

To recount all that has happened to Amita would be a rather pointless and cumbersome task. Many of what she and others claim to be a part of her past can't be considered definite due to her involvement's level of plausible deniability and the amount of people who would likely not even know of her influence upon them. Not to say that she doesn't occasionally come out of the shadows, she just likes for people to go about their business of ruining their designated paths thinking that it is their own, original thought.

What she does vehemently insist was her doing ranges from what some might consider wicked to what is universally considered benevolent. Something to mark up in the former would be the Sepoy Rebellion; while the mercenaries were definitely upset with the animal fat used for bullets and the general disposition of being under foreign rule, if not for the spark of inception they would have remained there and the life we know now would be completely different. Another, particularly famous event, and definitely in the latter category, would be the drive of a certain man by the name of Mohandas Gandhi. What was meant to be a rather disturbing trip for a British citizen, turned into the event of civil disobedience, much to the surprise of Amita.

With those two events placed in bold letters atop her cosmic resume, she has found herself a bit bored in recent years and has taken to the area surrounding a rather unique school. The Djinn of the surrounding forest were easily shown unprecedented (to them at least) power, and quickly fell in line under her random whims; it was better to just do as she said and not what she planted amongst your thoughts. Amita now spends her time spontaneously encountering humans who wander the area and doodling all over ViαΉ£αΉ‡u's plans in a variety of ways.

So begins...

Amita's Story