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Christopher Stast

"Return to your rooms; forcing you only wastes time."

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a character in “Dieties of Rumble!”, originally authored by Lifecharacter, as played by RolePlayGateway


Christopher Stast
โŒˆWatch the halls, watch the school, remember the keyโŒ‹


Dark gray eyes peer out under a mess of brunette hair. The face that holds these eyes also holds a set of muscles that rarely sees the use of expressions of joy and excitement. They do occasionally twitch into a surprised formation, but that tends to only last a moment or so, as surprises should. The face, containing the same light tan that is consistent throughout the rest of his body, never seems to move out of its standard setting of vacant, or if one wants to look at it happily, deadpan. The strong features of a somewhat tired looking sight never seem to give away any sort of hint to what might be going through the owner's mind at the time, and only momentary glimpses of annoyance tend to break away from this trend.

His body is thin, yet toned in a way to allude to his practicing his style of fighting without the use of heavy weights. While adorned with that peculiar head of his, Christopher stands a few inches shy of six feet and weighs somewhere in the region between 130 and 140 pounds depending on how much he has been eating and exercising that week. While his body is a bit rough from building stress alongside world resistance and muscle, those areas not used during training: his palms, underarms, and other areas one wouldn't expect to be worn, remain rather smooth and soft to the touch, though the hands may be due to his compulsion of rubbing the two together to remove dirt and bring blood back to them.

Forth Year

The first thing one is likely to notice about Christopher is that he doesn't seem capable of excitement or any real expression of joy. This likely comes from his distancing from the rest of the student body and the overall seriousness he portrays when dealing with his wide array responsibilities. Don't expect him to acknowledge much of anything that is beyond his scope and one definitely shouldn't expect him to give notice before he breaks up a fight or restrains those found going against the rules, because when it comes to those types of situations, he has already decided on the outcome. Due to this he possesses a school-wide known sense of strictness that many eagerly avoid and won't accept any sort of insubordination, no matter who it comes from.

Accompanying the basic set of strict guidelines and harsh punishments that have caused a rapid decline in unauthorized fights and breakers of curfew, is an air of supremacy that surrounds him with every step. It is not unwarranted since the occurrences of a student successfully defying him have been few and far between, and of course by that I mean that they're completely nonexistent. While he doesn't rub his one-sided statistics into the faces of everyone he sees, it is difficult to hold back the occasional insult to those who try and resist. Occasions of such ridiculousness as someone challenging him to a fight seem to never really dwindle because of his restriction on not participating in any regulated fighting.

While he certainly won't shout it when out and about, since a serious, harsh watcher of the student body tends to reduce incidents considerably, he does take joy in certain things and will find himself reluctant to inflict some punishments. One of the few moments a smile was seen by the general public was when he was tasked to chase a wild dog through the school grounds. People have spread rumors that he keeps it as a pet, but it really just comes to the school every now and then, normally finding him before long.

โŒˆFighting StyleโŒ‹
Silat: This uses the forces of momentum to counter attacks with simple redirection and allow for quick counters that tend to deal enough damage, especially when used by Christopher, to do the amount of damage intended with one blow.

Might of The Djinn: This isn't so much a style as it is a passive effect upon Christopher. The blood of his odd birth has given him a bit of an unfair edge over the rest of the student body and humanity as a whole; increasing his physical prowess and a myriad of additional improvements on the human condition.

As for his personal style of fight, it tends to depend on the situation. When he is subduing certain unruly students he makes quick, unannounced strikes before they are able to register him as a threat. His long Rantai can often be seen abusing the limbs and weapons of offenders so as to disarm them without (much) permanent damage. If they manage to overcome that he'll generally just get in close and apply liberal use of electro shock until the person loses consciousness.

When fighting Djinn, he tends to replace the usual weights of his chain with either spearheads or spiked weights of an increased weight. This requires constant coordination obviously and, similar to the students, he will aim for the unprotected limbs first to disable any chance of the beast countering. After that has succeeded, he will increase the force applied to his attacks and finish the being off quickly.

Taser: For when students become a bit too unruly or resistant to see reason, this quickly disables them using either a cartridge or direct contact.

Rantai Chain: Varying in length depending on the estimated situation, this chain can be used to ensnare opponents and their weapons as well as bring a five-hundred gram weight down on their heads with all the force physics provide. It is normally a non-lethal weapon, but with enough strength or a sharper weight it could easily overcome that limitation.

Christopher was taken in and named by the Headmaster and Madame Constastine when he was an infant and they have cared for him rather well throughout the years. He was taught by Madame, as he was told to address her as, in both education and a few basic lessons on fighting. During one of the many fights that occurred throughout his upbringing he witnessed a style of fighting that appealed to him, asked both the person and his guardians about it, practiced it endlessly, and developed quite a talent for the art of Silat. He was eventually enrolled into Karma High, which came as no surprise to anyone who knew about him and his achievements, and he was given the role of Hall Monitor by the Headmaster. Normally this would mean that he would ensure that students weren't late or loitering, but here it meant he would be breaking up illicit fights, fighting Djinn, and guarding secrets.

As for what happened before his falling into the laps of his current guardians, that is a bit of a mystery to him. What he does understand is that he is the son of a rather powerful Djinn and some human who never seemed too important in the story. This has left him with an inability to interact with other students in the standard way (beating the crap out of each other) and left him a bit predisposed to staying away from them when he isn't required to end a fight or catch someone breaking another of the school rules.

So begins...

Christopher Stast's Story