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Ilania the Queen

is yo' momma.

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a character in “Dieties of Rumble!”, originally authored by Wudgeous, as played by RolePlayGateway


The Queen
โŒˆ"You say that like you're not FLAMMABLE or something!"โŒ‹

With minor alterations described below.
Most notably the reduction in breast size.

Ilania Savitri
(What she looks for in a husband is right here, baby. Right here in the surname. If you want this girl, her family name stays, ... Mr. Savitri.~)

Second year, so fifteen or sixteen.

This half-Indian skeleton-of-a-girl wears a coat of sun-kissed skin. She is remarkably skinny from strenuous yoga sessions, and stands at the ever-so impressive height of 5'5" and half an inch. Her golden hair sits in a short, thick tangle on her head. Her nails are painted pink. She likes wearing purple with orange trims. Hoodies and shorts are a thing with her.
Prevalent expressions include nasty smirks, rolling eyes (accompanied by laughing scoffs), and giddy lip-biting. Her vocal inflections are similar to Key$ha's... but not quite as obnoxious.

Sunday paper comics, bookbags with stripes, optical illusions, being needed, pineapples, moving around with her eyes closed, fire, candles, the smell of incense, writing in her "diary," keeping up with current events and gossip, swinging her arms, rollercoasters, small wild life (such as monkeys and birds), flirtatious people, compliments, admirations.

Overly quiet people, long-winded speeches, overly contemptuous people, being hit with rubber bands, losing her balance, large bodies of murky water, sharks, foods with an abundance of cheese, "boring things," wimpy girls who need constant protection, yappy children, yappy dogs, boys who think girls need constant supervision, boys who think all girls cook, girls who think all girls cook, pink flamingos on yards (and kitsch in general), museums, dumb looking night lights.

Ilania is the type of girl who makes duck hands and retarded mouthing faces when confronted with a verbose conversationalist (when they're not looking). Doesn't matter who you are, where you hail from--Ilania does not discriminate. She's equally unimpressed by most of you. But you know what? You can totally be "all right" in her book if you have the patience to deal with her. She never judges too harshly; the current Queen of the school is under the impression that her time is valuable, and can always be spent doing something much more fun than what you're providing her, that's all.

Deep down, she's a genuinely good girl, just...... abrasive, loud, fairly insensitive, a bit of a jerk when crossed, pretentious, acts like a bit of a princess, immature, a sore loser and... ahem.

While she doesn't resort to the ways of the underhanded (though there are occasionally white lies just to fuck with people, haaaahaha they are so gullible), she does not like admitting she's WRONG, admitting she's LOST, or admitting she's SORRY. No way! She's the QUEEN, isn't she? Apologies are soooo trifling... On the flip side, yes, she's mostly an honest harry, but she expects the same out of everyone else when it comes to her. Go ahead and do whatever under the teachers' noses, but fuck around with her faith? Oh no you DI'NT. You gon' get a handprint across your face so hard it'll knock out about three teeth, fucker.

Yes, she certainly seems like (and sort've is) a hothead, but demeanor changes when she's in battle. She lives in silence when serious, often snapping her fingers and staring maliciously at others to get them to shut up as well. Lastly? Fights: good! Bullying: bad. Apparently she was picked on really badly at daycare, and still holds a grudge against those who prey on people who are obviously weaker. Ilania never fails to interfere... not that she's the type to keep her nose in her own affairs anyway, but y'know.

Spirit animal: monkey lion. ..... Figure it out for yourself how that works, spiritually, biologically....

-"HAH! My sis could kick your ass so hard you'd wish you were fighting a God." Take any Chuck Norris joke and replace it with Ilania's sibling here. Being a former Queen, there are a handful of people who would believe that of her without question, most notably Ilania herself. She deeply respects and strives for every fiber of her being to match her big sister's. Never. Never insult big sis. She goes by "Nel."

-"Hi, honey.~ Throne still unusurped?" Don't get her wrong; she admires Gavin thoroughly. But even Karma High's royal majesty is not spared from her teasing. She doesn't consider him a friend, per se, but she does not feel the need to get on his bad side either. It's good to have a powerful ally, no?
On her very first day at Karma High, she waltzed right up to him and the previous Queen, and she told them: "Remember my face. I'm gonna be famous here." -wink wink nudge nudge-

-"What am I, Percy Jackson? >:I" That's not thunder you're thinking of, Ila... This lass has misgivings about missy Charlotte. She doesn't seem to like her much; doesn't help that make-up and earrings and lolita-ish fashion trends weird her ooout. So does Alice in Wonderland. Anything with poofy little skirts that comes a bloodline short of being a princess makes her scowl a bit. While she may come to like Charlotte as a person later on, she won't be entirely comfortable until Charlotte finds herself a good pair of jeans.

-"Cue the roommate horror stories!" Elisa??? Lol I actually don't know, I will discuss this.

-"THEY'RE OUT TO GET ME!" Everyone else. YEE-FUCKIN'-HAW! Challenges all the time! Yeah they need to chill the fuck out with that nonsense, and Ila is here to let them know who's boss. Not that she minds a good brawl, but she doesn't exactly like being jumped in the little girl's room. Get her drift? Time and place, people, move along.

โŒˆFighting StyleโŒ‹
Obscene sense of balance
Walks barefoot with hardened souls (get it???)
Unlocked full flexible capacity of her bones (she has literally kicked herself in the face many times to get there), nightly yoga
She knows how to most effectively minimize damage intake.

Pimp's Backhand - Used to establish superiority, as seen during the battle for Queendom. Crowd pleaser, no real remarkable strength.

Brass knuckles - Carried around in her daily life, in case some cheating asshole starts something. There is a squeezable trigger for a small, dull knife on each side, for serious emergencies.

Scimitar and shield - Kept in her room, on an altar. Though they're more for show than anything else, since she does not intend to slice anyone's stomach in two, she trains with them once a week after a brief ritual. They were wielded by her sister (who left them with their father) during her stay at Karma High, and so they are nothing short of sacred to Ilania. She sincerely hopes there won't be a day she'll be forced to use them "for real"... although it would be super cool, wouldn't it??

Her mother was pregnant with her when her parents divorced. Ilania's never met her sister, but she's seen photographs, and learned to read from Nel's letters to their mother. In short, Nel was her hero. She sought all the information she could about this chick, and found epic things. You will not dissuade her about how epic her sister is. Ever.
In school, she had a lot of trouble making friends (very early bullying caused some social paralysis and defensiveness), and in response began making notebooks. Not biting gossipy notebooks, no--just "Sarah Edwards likes gardening" and "The whole class is talking about that new show on HBO--gotta watch it." Even after she overcame the barrier separating her from potential friends, this habit got her into the must-know-details mindset, almost anywhere she goes. In fact, she keeps a little black book where she's.... oh, that's not worth mentioning, actually. Carrying on!
She's learned what people want: a lighthearted friend they can share shit with, someone who can crack a smile once in a while and isn't too embarrassed to do the crazy stuff.
She can do that.
Ilania herself wants someone like her sister, someone strong, brave, amazing in every way.
... She can do that, too.

*Information network--she knows ALL YO' BIRTHDAYS. Just kidding. Because she's only in her second year, she's still working on gaining dirt knowledge about everyone; mostly she's got the current seniors down (which means, during her freshman year, she worked on juniors, fo' the record).

*MONKEY D. LUFFY REINCARNATED. Minus the rubber and the obesity part.

*Theme songs: Got to Get You Into My Life
My First Kiss
And most anything by Skye friggin' Sweetnam. ... -159656407 ... x-80076789 ... -203210483 ... n-39602330 ... s-19730790

So begins...

Ilania the Queen's Story