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"Looks can be deceiving."

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a character in “Dieties of Rumble!”, originally authored by Spectrum, as played by RolePlayGateway



{"I'm here to screw things up."}


Average. Kenver was made to blend in and not stick too far out among the masses. He's just another good-looking guy with tanned skin. He stands at about 5'9" and weights in around 150 pounds. He's skinny, but the weight comes mostly from muscle. He probably doesn't have as much as he'd like, but there's still some clear muscle mass present on him. His hair is an odd blue-black, going right along with his dark blue eyes that are always shining with mischief. As for his clothes, Kenver's style can be described as something along the lines of casual flash. He usually opts for blue things, as it's his favorite color. His pants are usually loose-fitting, but practical, while his shirts are less than... Well, when he's not wearing his school uniform ("That stupid, stuffy crud."), he's going shirtless. In place of a 'shirt,' he wears a long...well, you see it in the picture. That's the flashier part of his outfits; but this is all when he's not wearing the uniform, of course.


{"Just Kenver."}


{"They say I just came from the mist one rainy afternoon... Hah, how lame."}


{"That a problem?"}



Two of these long, slightly curved daggers with cobra handles. They're kept dangerously sharp, enough to make a nice gut-wrenching slash into someone when necessary and they're easy enough to keep on person, usually hidden and out of sight. Sometimes he'll change it up, putting one out in the open on his person with the other hidden for a nice surprise or back up plan; while other times he'll just keep them both hidden. After all, he wouldn't want his attacker to know just how many weapons he has. For all anyone else might know, he could have a dozen more hidden away.

{"I'm just as smart as I look."}

Mysterious. Kenver is a mess of secrets and never tries to give out anything personal about himself, more than necessary, especially weaknesses. He's constantly trying to be someone he's not, trying to fool even the sharpest of minds into believing he's nothing to pay much attention to. There's a lot of mystery surrounding him and his origins and when asked, don't expect an answer on where exactly he came from. As an act, he'll simply go quiet and shrug, as if his past is something taboo or something that really bothers him too much to talk about, which most people will accept and let be; which will earn a mischievous smirk behind their backs. Some have started rumors, but none are true and most are just way out there. He welcomes them. They just give him more mystery.

Cocky. Kenver is practically radiating arrogance and pride. He thinks he's the biggest, baddest thing out there. Although he's aware of his limits, it doesn't mean he'll pay them any attention. He's the type that'll never back down from a dare or a challenge and will go all out when in the company of an audience. He hardly ever seems to take anything seriously, even fighting, and spends most of his time bragging about things nobody can ever really remember him doing. He becomes more serious in an obviously losing situation or in a one-on-one without an audience. Kenver can be a loud, obnoxious, and boastful person overall, tending to draw people away by agitating them, though he never seems to notice it--openly, at least. He enjoys messing with people or picking at them, always pointing out their every slightest flaw or failure--anything to bring someone down.

Faker. Everything Kenver's about is basically just a front. He isn't nearly as confident as he likes to pretend he is. He's compensating for so much more. He always seems to be trying too hard around people, especially when it comes to fitting in. Although nothing ever seems to bother him, he can be sensitive to things deep down; the way he was raised has taught him to bite back those feelings and ignore them. In fact, when first meeting someone, he actually comes off as a little awkward. Of course, he will quickly get over it and relax, showing more of his true self than he may realize, especially around those he may get close to, despite his attempts to stay serious and make no friends.

{"Listen up, losers! I'm the top dog now. Understood?"}

Fighting Style:
Nothing too specific really. Kenver prefers to bring the enemy to him and isn't big on rough, tough, cue-ball fighting. He's aware he's not a huge guy, but he's fast on his feet, and a master at hide-and-seek, so he uses all that to his advantage. At first, he'll probably taunt the opponent, then when it gets serious, he'll evade them over and over and over again, maybe getting in a couple daring cuts here and there (mostly minor, usually) with his daggers, until they finally get so exhausted they either give up or pass out. Usually the latter of the two. He's quite proud of this technique and doesn't find it cowardly in the least. Overall, his fighting style tends to reflect his dodgy personality in many ways.

{"Better than any of you slumps."}

Do you want to know the truth?

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So begins...

Kenver's Story