Karina Klein

"What in the world is happening?!"

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a character in “Different times, one place”, as played by BlindXHope


Name: Karina Klein
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Height: 4'6''
Weight: 84
Date of birth: December 28, 1928
Date of abduction: December 28, 1939

Personality: Karina is a very out going type of girl, not to mention clever and sneaky. She's strong and loyal, if she decides you are an important person to her she will protect you as best as she can. A little bit on the nosy side but knows when to stop, most of the time.

History: Her family abandoned her at birth, but luckily another found her and raised her as their own. They were gypsies and traveled a lot, not that she minded at the slightest. When she was 6 her parents told her about how they found her, though it didn't change their relationship. All she knew was that she loved them and saw them as her family. They lived in Romania but moved in 1938 to America for a better life and to raise Karina normally. After hearing about what was happening over there they felt relieved that they did so, with the war and all. All seemed good; Karina was picking up English quickly and was actually very good at it, and was making friends. Money was fine and they had a place to live. The day of her eleventh birthday she fell asleep in the living room of their apartment and when she woke up she was somewhere very different. Confused and terrified in a weird place, what can go wrong?

So begins...

Karina Klein's Story