In the small town of Elisabeth Falls, six teenagers are about to get the shock of a life-time. -five open roles-

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Welcome to the bustling American town of Elisabeth Falls, a place full of working class citizens, small town vibes, and above all else...a secret magic hidden deep within it's blood. Six teenagers, born with the ability to tap into the multi-dimensional magical pool known as Altera. They will be capable of world altering magic in due time, uprooting mountains and making rivers flow uphill. But with this great power comes great responsibility. They can do good or evil, but regardless of their choice.....they must remember one thing:

The brightest lights cast the deepest shadows.

Types of magic

Light Magic: This magic deals with purity and the natural powers of nature. It includes several different types of magic including:
  • Botany: Magic dealing with flowers
  • Natura: Magic dealing with trees, water, and air
  • Anima: Magic dealing with products from animals (ex: milk, wool, etc.)
  • Equal Exchange: Magic dealing with exchange of equal energies
It's uses are in minor healing, location, divination, simple potion making, protection, and most forms of major defensive enchantment.

Dark Magic: This magic deals primarily with corruption, astrology, and powers of nature. It also includes several different types of magic, similarly to it's light counterpart:
  • Blood: Magic dealing with human and animal blood of varying amounts and magical capability.
  • Dark Anima: Magic dealing with animals after death, including sacrifices.
  • Necromancy: Magic dealing with bringing deceased animal and humans into life.
  • Dark Natura: Magic dealing mainly with fire and darkness.

Rules of bloodlines

Some, but not all, of the witchery bloodlines found in Elizabeth falls can lean
toward one magic or another. This becomes apparent after a witch demonstrates
particular natural talent in one or more of the types of magic. For example, some
families show skill in Dark Natura and Anima while others display more basic skill
in Dark Anima and Botany.

Family alliances
Though all six of the family witches belong to the same circle, they will
often form their own alliances outside the circle. This often causes turmoil
within the circle as clashing sides compete. These form on their own with
family influence as well as influence from power cycles within the circle.

The Witches Rules

  1. Never reveal your power to humans
  2. Major spells must be done as a circle
  3. Only minor blood magic and necromancy spells are allowed
  4. Casting any major dark or light magic alone is forbidden
  5. You must receive permission from the elder's council before preforming magic above your ranking
  6. Violating any terms of contract or the harming of a human by magical presence will result in the circle being stripped of their magic.

The Character Sheet

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