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Juney Mei Park

Why should I care about appearances and labels anyway? It's what's on the inside that counts."

0 · 350 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Diffindo!”, as played by ゆうい


The Body

Juney Mei Park

"But you can call me... Juney or Jun

I guess I'm proud to be a... Pure blood

I was born 16 years ago.

I'm currently in 6th year"


Basic Appearance
Jun is a height of 5'2" and with a petite, but athletic build with lean muscle. Her skin is a milky white with sparkling chocolate brown eyes. She has long hair that is a brown with orange hues depending on the light and can be worn in many different styles. She usually leaves it down. Her face has a small smile all the time playing on rosy lips. Her very presence gives off a calming or comforting presence.

Jun's wardrobe consists of the Hogwars Uniform as all students. But on days off she opts for comfortable, tomboyish clothing. Usually they are dark colored and allow movement. She enjoys wearing scarves and jackets, along with knee high socks. The typical k-fashion really. Her shoes are green converse.

The Mind

" I guess I am ambitious in a way, I prefer to work behind the scenes."

Beater/Past Keeper
"Beater in our House Team and I joined 2 years ago. I'm bloody good at it too. I still practice as keeper, my skill never gets rusty. For some reason Malfoy gets irritated when I practice with him."

Favorite subjects
Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions
"Everyone hates potions...I wonder why?"


Relationship Status

Calm | Logical | Intelligent | Kind | Understanding

Juney is, above all, independent and straightforward, and believes that your gender should not define your personality. Since she was raised differently from her classmates at Hogwarts, she displays more practical, down to earth, responsible qualities and is not easily swayed by the charms of those self proclaimed players. She only reacts nervously instead of becoming immediately infatuated like most of the girls.

Jun is also an extremely kind girl to those who deserve it and refuses to let anyone lift a finger for her, and at times she gets spacey. Her kind nature is shown multiple times, usually it is directed towards her mother, and all of her friends. Those who don't know her well see her as selfish and a bit annoying. Her friends sometimes call her "a pushover". She also makes sure everything is nice and clean in her dorm and promises to pay anyone back who treats her. She is very absentminded, and if somethings happens that would agrivate an average person, she commonly just smiles and moves on.

Although habitually unflappable, it is shown that she fears thunderstorms (Brontophobia), which terrify her to the point that she is stricken with paralysis. She enjoys peace and quiet, doesn't mind working, and is a fanatic about treacle tart, which is used as a bribe to get her involved in some of the more peculiar Slytherin schemes. Without bribery, Juney is described as "apathetic" by the other Slytherin students when it comes to making some decisions, usually with regard to the Pureblood way if things. She quite perceptive and understand of others as well. She puts herself in other people's shoes and tries to figure out what she would do if she were them. Unfortunately, Juney is sometimes unaware of her own feelings = dense. Dense as a brick!

At her elementary school in sixth grade, it was said that a boy would confess their love at least once a month. She became a popular player in Quidditch, with her determination and humble pride. She often shows her kind heart and optimism to her fellow classmates though. They, in turn, love her and regard her very highly, though they don't all put it into words.

On top of all this, Jun has a healthy intelligent mind open to possibilities. She hardly studies, but it never has caused her grief before. At times she can be lazy though~

-Martial Arts
-School work,
-caring for others
-Causing trouble for those who deserve it
-night time
-Pride in Slytherin's good traits
"I don't brag, just point out. It's my house after all."

-Slytherin arrogance to other houses
-those who judge on labels or titles
-sleeping late
-pretty boys who think they can get every girl
-Being alone

The Heart


Juney was born to Kyoko and Lee Kwon Park, Pureblood wizards branded by other pure bloods as blood traitors. They lived ordinary lives, and lived among the muggles. Her father died when she was very young, so she was pretty much raised by her mother alone. Juney and her mother were extremely close and spent much time together. She loved when her mother told her stories, especially ones about the Wizarding World and how she was going to be the best Witch in all of Hogwarts. It fascinated the girl and her mother showed her a few spells and how to move the wand in certain ways. Her mother also taught her various martial arts that were passed down through the generations and Juney became very skilled in athletics.

Aside from her life at home with her mother, Jun was often a victim of bullying at her muggle school. She was a cute girl and of course other girls were jealous. The children would play a game where she had to guess who was behind her in the circle, but they moved when she picked who was behind her. The children did this to make fun of her, though she just stayed positive, hoping that she would be able to guess correctly who was behind her.

One day, Jun overslept and did not see her mother for leave work. She would always say " I love you, be safe!" to her mother, who was an Auror, before she left for work. On that day though, her mother was killed by the culprit of illegal smuggling of goods. Jun still blames herself for her mother's death, since she did not say "I love you, be safe!" to her that morning.

With no one left to look after her, she was sent to live with some distant cousins. She got along with her new family fine and she still remained positive even after so much.Image Of course a few years later she got her admission to Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry. Jun was rather relieved now that she was going to where her mother said she would go.

While the shopping done at Diagon Alley, she learned her mother and father had stored a small fortune for her and it was more than she needed. As she shopped she saw new sights that she had only seen in books and her mother's stories. The most amazing to Jun was the Quidditch store. The gleaming wood of the Firebolt ensnaring her attention. With the sight imprinted, she made it a goal to become a Quidditch player.

Her cousins taught her the basics and she learned quite quickly. Usually because she was so small they made we the seeker. But, Juney wanted a bit more fun and she tried playing beater one day. Her arm was sore the first time she hit a bludger. Eventually she became quite adept at beater.

The day of Hogwarts soon arrived and she whisked off to school. Unlike her cousins who were sorted into Gryfindor, Jun was sorted into Slytherin. It was quite a shocked considering her kind, reserved nature. But she knew inside she was secretly ambitious and passionate. The school year went by pretty quickly and she did get the highest grades possible. Her fellow Sytherin rather annoyed her with their egos and arrogance, but she grew to love being around them.

The next few years went the same. Second year she was made her house's seeker, but in third year she found her calling as a beater. Peeves became a new allie to her when she helped him in one if his schemes. Nothing's changed much for her and she is rather happy with her life. A strong feeling is nagging at the back of her mind that something is going to happen this year though.

β™‘Fellow Slytherins
"I suppose..."
β™‘Alexandria Knox - "One of my best friends. She and I met when we tied for highest grades a few years back. At first rivalry, our friendship bloomed when I established I wasn't trying to be best to show off, but to make my mother proud. I kind of look up to her in a way as well."

[list of enemies, rivals, etc. Again, You are free to borrow the reserve layouts and personalize this in which ever way you wish. Make use of the OOC!]

11 inches of fexible bamboo with a chinese fireball dragon heartstring core

For Stalkers



Extra Curricular
Pulling Pranks
Dueling Club "Every once and awhile..."

Besides Brontophobia, Jun has a tendency to break down by herself. She keeps everything bottled up and never talks about it to others. The suffering of not having her mom or dad around gives her a longing for affection, but she does her best to keep it back.

Jun also owns the broom of her dreams, a Firebolt. So far she's never been hit by a bludger or missed a target. She has unrivaled accuracy.

So begins...

Juney Mei Park's Story

Juney Mei Park

Juney eyes cracked open when she felt herself start to slide over the edge of the bed. She caught herself and unconsciously did a backwards handspring as her hands made contact with floor. She was the first one awake of all her roommates, even if she had the darkest corner of the room. With a lazy hand she ran her fingers through her hair and stared a bit at the bed of her roommate she had almost crashed into because of the handspring. "I swear the dorm gets smaller every year..." A fellow roommate snickered. "Your just growing dummy." A voice called across the room. However, Jun was already heading off to shower before the girl could finish teasing her. Awhile later she was dressed in a baby blue pullover over a white t-shirt, dark grey jeans, a green beanie with a Slytherin crest. This was her usual outfit for lazy days. Soon she was walking down to the eerie common room, it's light green from the lake. It was empty and her friends weren't awake yet. She threw herself onto an arm chair and proceeded to pull on her trusty green converse. The girl smiled how much the shoes had gone through over the years. Her feet hadn't grown since second year and they got her everywhere. Just last year was the best year for her shoes. In charms she had been given permission to enchant them and now if she was ever pissed off or the shoes stepped on, they hissed. It had other reactions as well, but it depended in her mood. With her reminiscing done, the girl walked off to breakfast.

As a favored student, she got a bit of special treatment and teachers didn't mind her not wearing a robe. If they said otherwise, she could get out of it. Her stomach rumbled at the promise of food but she didn't increase her pace as she was still tired. When she finally sat down she wolfed down an entire plate of bacon, egg, and pancakes stacked to the height of five thick texts. Breakfast was lonely for her though and it gnawed at the back of her mind since most Slytherin were sleeping in there silk pajamas or off on devious plots and gossip. "Damn rich people." She mumbled through a piece of bacon. After downing two goblets of hot chocolate, Jun was off to practice for Quidditch. However when she reached the pitch, it was occupied. Her eyes focused on the two people.

An all to familiar head of pale blonde hair identified one flyer as Reece's sister, Vulpecula. The other one the ground socializing with others was...probably Lilith Woods. Jun had no problem with either of them, but in the past years Wood seemed to have some problem with her. She pinned it down to jealousy at best, but sometimes she wondered if it were more. With Vulpecula, she had no idea what they thought of each other. However the problem now was the burning feeling to shoot into the sky. A bright flash of gold zooming around indicated the snitch, and she found herself reaching for it. It wasn't surprising she could find the snitch. She was the teams old seeker, but beater was more of a position she favored. The overbearing weight of expectations was always one her shoulders because of that job. The danger of that position always teased her senses though. The golden snitch was captured by Vulpecula by the time Jun had made up he mind to summon her own broom and she felt a tug of disappointment.

The older Malfoy was now talking to Lilith and her group, making up her mind, Jun approached them. "Good Morning, this is out of the blue. But, I was wondering if I could "practice" with you?" The green shoes started to imitate the rattle of a rattlesnake. It was a warning. Jun wanted a challenge and just for this morning, she would get into her old position as seeker. She was usually passive, but right now with such a worthy opponent in front of her all she wanted was little competition. Not for pride or a title, but to see where she truly stood and the exhilaration.

Gabriel Greyback
While many of the castle's residents awoke to a peaceful, glorious morning, with misty grounds and dew coated grass, Gabriel Greyback's morning was far less romantic. No being woken by morning sunlight, or the instinctive desire to rise early to get to the pitches before anyone else.
The feeling of something soft impacting on the back of head served as his alarm clock.
"Will you shut the hell up, Greyback!"
The part giant, sprawled on his stomach in a tangle of bed clothing, looked up briefly to see the curtains of his four poster bed wide open, and a disgruntled roommate slinking back into bed. There was a brief moment of confusion, before he remembered where he was, and that he snored something terrible. Somebody had forgotten to cast a noise-canceling charm on his bed again.

Since he was awake, there was no point in trying to go back to sleep. Gabriel rose stiffly from his bed, banging his head as he did. He hissed in pain, grumbling to himself and rubbing his head as he clumsily found some clothes and ran a hand through his hair to brush it. He grabbed his broom on the way out, not expecting anyone except his dearest captain to be on the pitches this early. He wasn't surprised to find the common room deserted, and instead stumbled down the spiral staircase in search of some food and perhaps, some company before he headed out to the pitches.

The Great Hall was starting to fill up a little by the time Gabriel got down, sitting alone with his broom on his knees and enjoying what to most seemed like an enormous breakfast; eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, cereal, fruit and endless other tidbits and whatnot. It was a middling meal for the still growing teenager; he didn't want to get sick or get cramps on a broom now, did he?

He was just getting up when he saw a pretty blonde sit down a little bit down from him. He grinned as he [tried to] sneak up on the cooky Ravenclaw Beater currently absorbed in a book. He blew on her ear softly to get her attention and stood well back, the grin stretching all the way across his face now. "Fancy coming outside for a fly about, m'lady?"

Regardless of his teammates reply, he would head outside towards the pitches, where a small group had already assembled together. He was wrong about Lily being the only one up; Vulpecula Malfoy and Juney Park and one or two others were there as well. Gabriel's lips twitched into a smirk as he came within earshot of the girls. Whatever about the Malfoy, he knew his best friend disliked the Slytherin girl for her own reasons. Last time it had come up, Lily had muttered something about a bludger coming from her direction that broke a rib, and knocked her off her broomstick hard enough to break her collarbone and left arm in three places. This could get interesting.
He paused beside his teammate, noting her new broom to match her shiny new Captain's badge, before grinning up again.
"Did I hear the word practice, ladies? I do hope you're not too rusty after the summer."
Now, as was known to most people, Gabriel couldn't resist a bit of teasing. "I do have that bet with Edgar Bell to win."
All present would know the English Quidditch team's keeper, who just so happened to arrive into the Wood's sitting room the one morning Gabriel had been wandering around in there in nothing but his underwear.