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Orian Michael Thornton

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a character in “Digimon: A New Adventure”, as played by ~Living-Dead Doll~


Orian Michael Thornton


Ethnicity: American
Digimon Partner:Tsunomon when they first meet but he then digivolves into Gabumon
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PersonalityOrian is possibly one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He puts others before himself at any given chance and he would give a stranger the shirt off his back if they needed (and indeed he has done so before). He is kind hearted and very trusting of people. Even though he does not like rude people, that will not stop him from trying to help that person. To his friends and family, he likes to think of himself as a guardian and will protect them and provide for them at any cost. In addition to being a kind person, Orian is also extremely brave. As his sister has said, he isn't scared of anything! This is not entirely true. If you shove a gun to his face while he is protecting someone, he will not bat an eye. However, the thought of something happening to his sister terrifies him. The same goes for his true friends, which he considers family.

HistoryOrian was the first born out of 4 siblings. His sister is a year and a half younger than him, but he sees her as being the baby. He then has three half brothers, the first being four years younger and the twins being almost six years younger. Being born into a less than middle class family (not really low class, but not middle class either), he tries his best to help out as much as he can. Their mother (Orian and his sister's step mom) works as a waitress at a small trucker's cafe and his father works on oil rigs. Though his father makes decent money, when there are five kids at home and two who he has to pay child support on, money doesn't go far. Orian and his sister were born to a different mother, but their dad got with their step mom when they were so young, they call her Mom. In addition to them being so young, their mother was never really a mother too them and was always busy doing her own thing, not really caring about her kids or husband.
As a small child, he put others before himself, especially his little sister. Being the oldest, he has always had responsibilities, though his parents never had to tell him so. When he was in Elementary school, he would bribe the older kids and rich kids for snacks (or snack money) and then take the snacks to his little sister when he got home. When he entered high school, he often would skip class to do odd jobs around town to get money to help out. This affected his school life negatively, but in his mind, he thought it was more important to help out his family.
On weekend, he makes sure that Sarah, his little sister, has time to go over to friends houses and do normal things that teens her age do. To help gather money when he knows she wants to go to the movies or such, he often will stay out the whole day while she watches the kids. During that day he will do as many odd jobs as he can or stand in various areas playing his guitar for hours. On average, he does make decent money, however this does not stop his parents from chastising him about school.
As a gift for his birthday, his sister agreed to watch the other kids while he goes to camp to relax. He was amazed when his parents and Sarah explained they had already paid for it and he didn't have a choice. Though he was very weary about leaving the kids, he was actually very excited to be able to go off and do something by himself without having to worry about all the normal stress of life.

GoalsOrian doesn't really have and life goals for himself. His main dreams are for his sister to become a somebody and never have to worry about money and such as they do now. If he were to have a dream or goal, it would be to become an artist and play the guitar. He has thought about selling the songs he writes, however it never went further than a thought.

  • Music / Playing the Guitar
  • Walking around
  • Reading (when he can)
  • Composing Music / Singing
  • Social gatherings
  • Making new friends
  • Strawberries

  • Rude people
  • Complete silence
  • Chocolate / especially white chocolate
  • Bullies
  • Most rap music


So begins...

Orian Michael Thornton's Story

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Deep in the woods, a group of young teenagers on a fallen log, as they caught their breath. Today was their third day at Camp Hawthorn, and it had proved to be an interesting experience thus far, to say the least. At the moments, the four kids were apart of a group that was being led on a nature hike by a camp counselor. So far it had been two hours since they began their hike, and even the most athletic among the children were getting winded. Their guide, sensing the groups' fatigue, had allowed them to take a short break, to restore their energy.

The counselor himself wasn't with the group of kids, as he was off doing business in the woods. Thus the four teenagers were left alone by themselves, waiting and perhaps even dreading the return of their adult chaperon, and the return to their grueling walk.