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Ryoko Ai Watanabe

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a character in “Digimon: A New Adventure”, as played by ~Living-Dead Doll~


Ryoko Ai Watanabe


Age: 14
Ethnicity:half Asian/ half American
Digimon Partner:Meets as Nyaromon then digivolves into Gatomon

Personality Ryoko has a very strong personality. She tries to give off the persona that she is the biggest and baddest kid on the block, and honestly, she isn't as weak as most people think she is. This personality trait often tends to make people shy away from her but in her mind, it lets her know who is worth keeping around and who isn't. She is often outspoken and sometimes even rather rude to people at first. This is due to the fear of getting hurt by people. She knows she trusts people too much once she befriends them, even if she knows she shouldn't, which is why she tries to block everyone out. It is a sort of defence because of her own security problems. However, once she befriends someone, she gives them her trust and will defend them until she is dead (or unconscious). Ryoko has a bit of a problem with mood swings, however it is less of a medical condition as it is a mental issue that she herself has caused. When she is out with friends, she can be happy and friendly one minute, but at the sight of someone who looks like a threat, her mood changes completely and her guard goes up, causing her to snap very easily. Ryoko's parents have caused her to be rebellious against almost anything that asks her to conform. She is often in trouble at school and many label her as a 'problematic child'. Some think she acts up and smarts off so much for attention, however even she isn't sure why she does it.
Despite all this, Ryoko does have a softer side, though it is rare for anyone to see it. She has times when she breaks and times when she crumbles. These are very rare times, however if someone whom she trusts is around, she will spill her soul out to them.

History Ryoko was born into a middle class family in America. Her father was Japanese and had only been in America for a year when he met Ryoko's mother, who was American. It wasn't long before they fell in love and conceived Ryoko. Being so in love, the couple agreed to give the child a Japanese name, even though she was half American. Two months after Ryoko was born, the two got married.
Even as a child, she was very independent and didn't really like to get help from others, however, she was a sweet and loving child. She often tried to help others and was always praised for being such a polite child. Her love of computers started at a young age as her grandmother gave her own when she was only 6 years old. Her parents were fascinated at how proficient she was with them. This sparked a lifelong love of technology and eagerness to learn more about electronics. It wasn't long before she started looking up ways to enhance her skills from that of the average computer user, to those closer to a computer expert.
Two months after her 10th birthday, her parents got a divorce. Being a child, she didn't understand what was going on and when her mother remarried only a few months later, it devastated her. Her father moved several states away and she was never allowed to visit him because he lived so far away. Her mother tried to explain things as much as one can to a ten year old, but Ryoko would not listen to anything she said. In Ryoko's mind, all the blame was placed on her mother, since she had already replaced her father. To escape the pain of losing her father and having him replaced, she locked herself in her room and became obsessed with video games, where she could be someone else. She loved being in other lands and being someone else, as it kept her mind off of everything that was going on in her life.
Her step-father was a surgeon at the local hospital and convinced her mother to become a nurse, as it would help the household. After four months, they were able to move from their two bedroom apartment into a three bedroom house. Ryoko was less than thrilled. She had fallen in love with the 'dirty' side of town she had grown up in. However, the move did not stop her from taking her 'trips' that she adored. Most of her days were spent walking around, sitting and drawing under bridges, or just chilling in one of the cyber cafe's she had found near their old apartments. It is here that she is social the most as one of the main guys who works there is her friend. She often spends her days there, writing in her journal or drawing random people that come through. When Casey is working, she sits at the bar area and will talk with him until his shift is over.
In school, she is the problem child. She cuts up and is a smart ass. If she makes it through the day with only two office visits, it surprises everyone. She has a few people she talks to on occasions, but for the most part, she is a loner.
To help her be more social, her parents decided to send her to a camp. This is where the story begins.
Ryoko has a few aspirations, though no real plan for her life. She aspires to someday work on video games (the art aspect or possibly writing) or she would like to be a programmer for computers and write computer programs.

  • Computers
  • Video Games
  • Rock Music
  • Art/drawing
  • Singing
  • Rain / Thunderstorms
  • Writing
  • Smoking when she can

  • Being too hot
  • Crowded places
  • No internet
  • Know-it-alls (People who think they know everything)
  • People who assume things about her before they know her
  • Failure (her own failure)
  • Feeling Weak / Others trying to protect her as if she is helpless


Side Note:The uncolored drawing is a quick sketch I did. I apologize for the lack of skill but I still felt like adding it as I did it based off this character.

So begins...

Ryoko Ai Watanabe's Story

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Deep in the woods, a group of young teenagers on a fallen log, as they caught their breath. Today was their third day at Camp Hawthorn, and it had proved to be an interesting experience thus far, to say the least. At the moments, the four kids were apart of a group that was being led on a nature hike by a camp counselor. So far it had been two hours since they began their hike, and even the most athletic among the children were getting winded. Their guide, sensing the groups' fatigue, had allowed them to take a short break, to restore their energy.

The counselor himself wasn't with the group of kids, as he was off doing business in the woods. Thus the four teenagers were left alone by themselves, waiting and perhaps even dreading the return of their adult chaperon, and the return to their grueling walk.