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a character in “Digimon: Corrupted Core”, as played by TwilightDivine

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The main lights were out, only the dark red emergency lights were functioning. The digimon that worked in various areas of the facility were rushing around in a desperate frenzy. The sounds of chaos, yelling voices, feet pounding, metal clanging as tools were carried, dragged, used and dropped, but truthfully none of that mattered to a particular BlackAgumon, after all, because of all of this he was finally free. He'd been ambushed and kidnapped while traveling through the northern woodlands of the WWW Continent, but now he was free once again.

Without the restraints in his cell he was able to get out into the halls with relative ease. He moved quickly and carefully, doing his best to avoid alerting any of the countless underlings flitting around here and there, mostly DemiDevimon and Kokuwamon. He stuck to the shadows, thankful for the his dark skin, giving him effective camouflage with the lights mostly out.

BlackAgumon bared his teeth in frustration, one particular Kokuwamon hadn't moved from the next hallway intersection. Finally he lost his patience, and the instant he didn't hear anyone else coming he rushed out, swiping out with both arms, slashing across the machine digimon's back with his sharp claws, "Pepper Breath!" he called, blasting a fire ball right into the immobile digimon's back as it struggled to get back up. The blast was enough to finish the job, Kokuwamon's body slowly dissolved, breaking down to individual bits of data and fading away, wasting no time in case anyone heard his attack, he turned down the other hallway and rushed off, eager to find the way out, and perhaps even some other captives who had freed themselves.