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"I failed once, I will not fail again!"

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a character in “Digimon: The Second Dimension”, as played by Manic Creator


~Species-Virus - Humanoid
~Age- 27
~True Age-27
~Appearance- In his wizardmon form, he is rather human. His skin is a grey/blue, the color of a dead person. He has rather large eyes, larger than any human could have. His lips have been stitched together, however the stitching has come loose, letting him speak. However, few people are ‘privileged’ enough to see this, as he keeps his mouth completely covered by the collar of his cape, which is zipped up at the top but opens at about shoulder length. He wears a cliche wizard hat with a skull on it, centered in the front. Under his hat, one can see his long blonde hair that frames his face. In the back, it is rather long but he keeps it in a ponytail and hidden in his cape. His ears, however, are more like an elves than a humans. They are long and pointy at the tips. His voice is deep and always seems to have a calming effect to it.
~Personality-Knight is by nature somewhat of a trickster, however he is also dedicated and loyal to his friends. In front of new people, he is rather shy.
~What realm they live in- Shadow Realm
~List of Powers/Techniques-*Electro Squall -Summons a thunder cloud which unleashes an intense lightning strike.
*Magical Game - Demonstrates the breadth of its magical knowledge, from offensive abilities and memory alteration to invisibility and illusions.
*Vision of Terror- Exploits the target's fears with terrifying visions.
~Digivolution Path-
Mokumon (baby)
DemiMeramon (In- training)
Impmon (Rookie)
Wizardmon (Campion)
Mummymon (Ultimate)
~Bio-Knight was born at the same time as Nightshade in her past life. They grew up together in the Realm of Shadows. However, they noticed others who were being 'possessed' and they were being attacked by digimon who were once their friends. Together, they fought the evil until Nightshade fell. Since then, he took her to Data Island, where he waited for her return. Since she has been born, he tried to teach her everything she once knew, however the process is a very slow one as too much information at one time could cause her to be slow due to a data overload. Though Digimon are thought to no have guardians, unless it is the guardian of an area or certain race, however he is her guardian.

So begins...

Knight's Story

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The older digimon sat under a large tree as he watched Nightshade strike at a tree. She had come a long way in such a short time. He often wondered if that was because of how strong she was in her last life. His large green eyes stayed locked on her, though he checked to make sure there was no one threatening around every once in awhile. As he sat there, he couldn't help but to remember the time before, when she was still in her little egg, just waiting to be hatched.

The younger Knight sat there in the dark forest of the Shadow Realm. His green eyes sparkled as he stared at the large golden egg. Soon, she would be born again. Soon, he would no longer be alone. His mind flooded with worries and doubts. Would she even remember him? And if she didn't, would she want anything to do with him? Suddenly, his mind was forced back to the present as the egg began to shake. A small smile spread across his loosely stitched lips. A large golden fox tail broke free from the egg first before the whole thing crumbled and exposed the small digimon. Before him sat a wide eyed Relemon. "Mello?" She creature asked before bouncing a few times in front of him. His smile faded slightly but he tried to keep it. With one hand, he pointed to himself. "I am Knight." He said then pointed to her. "You, my dear, are Nightshade." He said in a loving tone. The little digimon gave a confused look for a moment before giving a wide smile and pouncing on him. "Knight, Knight, Knight!!!"

He gave a sigh, a smile still perched on his face as he continued to watch her practice. Suddenly she put more force into her punch and the tree shattered where she had hit it. As the tree fell, Knight shook his head. "My dear, I think you have killed enough trees for the day." He gave a small chuckle as he gazed at five other trees that had met the same fate.