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'Who do you think you are?'

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a character in “Digimon: The Second Dimension”, as played by Polka



*Gender- Female
*Species- Dragon
Family- Dragons Roar
Type- Dragon
Attribute- Vaccine/ Data
*Age- 8 years
*True Age- around 19
*Appearance- In baby form Zento is a small pink ball with dragon ears protruding from her head. She also has what seem to be whiskers which is unusual in her family line. Once evolved Zento chances to a pinky/purple colour in which she keeps throughout the rest of her digivolves. In trainign mode Zento has goldon eyes, once she evolves from this form they change to blue though she does carry a golden neck brace and bangles which she uses to attack. She is noticeably large for a rookie.
*Personality- Zento is not the easiest to get on with in her Rookie form. She often can be seen as stubborn if she doesn't like something. However, she is protective and mothering to any baby Digimon which is a totally different side to her. In regards to her Digi Destined Max, she begins coldly towards him until he can prove himself worthy. She wants s strong partner who can help her excel to become stronger. However, in her ultiate form she is flirty and fun a total contrast to her usual characteristics.
*What realm they live in- Shade Realm
*Digivolution Path- Egg
Draakmon(Baby)- Cry- A loud piercing scream that alerts all other digimon of it's species. It is also quite a horrendous noise to hear.
Gigimon(In- training)- Light Crash- A mall ball of light is flung into her enemies path
Elishamon(Rookie)-Golden Beam: The rings on Elishamon’s arms and neck emits blinding beams of light that cuts through the flesh of enemies.
Claw Slash: A quick swift movement of her metal claws capable of breaking skin.
Light Blast- Light will blast from her mouth capable of temporarily blinding the enemy.
Enumamon(Champion)-Dragon’s Breath: Spits out large balls of molten rock at foes.
Frozen Nova: Inhales deeply and exhales ice cold breathe that freezes foes.
Light Blast Spark- As well as blinding the enemy physical damage can also be caused.
Adimamon (Ultimate)- Light Sympohny- Beautiful music and a blast of light that paralisez and blinds the enemy.
Winged Crash- Zento crashes down onto the enemy with two light beams in her hands.
Frozen Kiss- Frezzes the enemy with a kiss.
Zjawamon(Mega)- Digital Boom- Beams of radiant light cause a miniature explosion leaving those near wounded and those far away temporarily blinded.
Cyber Slash- heavy slashes that leave mental scars on the mind causing dilusion.
Awakening of fire- Large molten magma is shot into the enemies path

*Bio-Zento was born and the first thing she remembers is a large Greymon keeping her warm. This Greymon looked after all the possible dragon babies and raised them till a time they could leave the 'nest'. Once she was old enough she left her home and travelled alone, longing for company. She came across a small baby Punimon who she looked after ans tended to. However, this friendship was shortly ended when a large Boggeymon took it from her and she could not defend the young being in her Training state. From this she worked hard to achieve champion level and tries not to get close to people.

this is an original Digimon created by EmeraldSora all credit to her and her work ... -307688980 ... ?offset=48

So begins...

Zento's Story

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#, as written by Polka
She was only a baby again.
AT one point in her life Zento had been a champion. A hero. However, right now she was a tiny Draakmon.

She wasn't stupid, a baby should always stay hidden, there was no telling what would be lurking around ready to attack at any moment.

It was a quiet evening the faint sounds of other digimon shuffling through the darkened forest was the only thing keeping this tiny baby awake. Plus the bright full moon shone into the small hollowed tree she had snuggled into. She would move in the morning when the sun shone bright and she could gain the energy to digivolve.

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His fingers moved rapidly as he saw every inch of documentation. Max was up all night, as he tapped the keys of his keyboard. The smile on his face wide as he knew that he was almost about to crack into the system. "You, are a pain in the ass!" He says in his dorm at 4 in the morning. He had been up all night fighting against the firewall of a website known as UAU. The hacking community all tried and failed at seeing what was on the other side of the wall, and most people made stories about how it was just another trolling arrangement or had unlimited bank account passwords. Max didn't care, as long as he found a way inside.

Another 30 minutes passed as his fingers typed, the codes being just a blur and his eyes reading over everything the wall throwed at him. With a sigh of great relief, he entered the last code and entered the digital archive of UAU. He started scanning through everything, seeing all the files available until he ended up on a peculiar one named 'Experiment D'. He opened it up and saw another folder inside. It being lonely, with the name of 'DigitalWorld'. With a couple of clicks, he blacked out.

What seemed like an eternity later, he found himself surrounded by vegetation. "Where in the world am I?" He asked, looking around standing up. He sighed, "This is one weird ass dream." He said, moving off. He came upon a small, purple dragon looking thing. He went down and petted it. "Hey little buddy... what's your name?" He asked, not knowing what this purple Draakmon would do.

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#, as written by Polka
Zento had been casually minding her own business when she felt a warm hand pat her head. Whatever it was it did not smell like anything she had ever smelt before. Before she turned to see whatever it was touching her without permission it spoke. In a voice that could only mean one thing.

The small purple baby stepped back before showing her teeth to this .... human.
' How in earth did you get here?' she chirped with a high pitch growl.
She didn't really think he was going to bring her any harm, but in this form she couldn't really protect herself if he did yet something was forcing her to stay.

She was now presented with an inner struggle, she could either take a chunk from this boys hand or submit to him. She waited on his next move before deciding the next move.