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Patricia Clockworth

"What? Don't look at me like that! Idiot!"

0 · 911 views · located in Digiworld

a character in “Digimon: War Of Light & Darkness”, as played by C O S M I C



Name- Patricia Clockworth
Nickname- Patty, Patric, Pat
Gender- Female
Age- 16
Personality- Patricia is easily annoyed but is never rude. She can be nice to those who are nice to her, but get on her bad side and she'll never be nice to you again. She holds grudges and isn't afraid to stand up for herself or others. However, she is easily embarrassed and becomes uncomfortable in silence.

Digimon Species Cupimon
Personality Cupimon is calm, collected, and helpful to all who require her assistance. She always thinks before getting into a battle and even then uses her brains to think of strategies. She loves to put smiles on her partners face as well as the others she meets.
Digivolution Chain
Cupimon ~ Rookie
Darcmon ~ Champion
Beastmon ~ Ultimate
Venusmon ~ Mega

So begins...

Patricia Clockworth's Story


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Patricia began to whistle as she walked out of the locker room. She began to check her phone as she waited for the bus to arrive to take her home. Surprisingly, she was the only one at the stop today. She couldn't help but get a bit uncomfortable being by herself. It felt a bit weird just standing at the stop in silence. A slight breeze passed by making her shiver. She hadn't prepared for the chill night that was only a few minutes away.

"Pft..... How stupid." She said as she began to check her various emails and messages. She paused seeing one with odd symbols. Was this some sort of spam or something. However, she began to get very suspicious seeing it wouldn't open. "Come on... Why won't you open?" She asked before hearing a slight giggle. She quickly jumped and looked around seeing that the sunset had submerged into darkness now. It couldn't have set that quit. She looked around a bit still awaiting the bus until feeling a slight tug at her pants. She looked down to see a squishy white creature.

"Hi!" Ok, now it was speaking. This had to be a dream. She rubbed her eyes then blinked blankly seeing it was still there. "Uh... Hi?" She knelled down to examine the creature infront of her. "Cupimon at your service miss! " Patricia began to zoon out the creatures words and poke it in the stomach. Cupimon giggled. "Hey that tickled!" Patricia rubbed her neck slightly. "Ok... What are you and why can you talk... And whats going on around here?" Cupimon began to flap it's wings and float a bit. "Im sure you have a lot of questions. Please, allow me to answer them."