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Valentine Astartes

"You believe that you know horror, terror? You think that you've lead a bad life? I have seen things that you cannot imagine. I will not allow them to be lost in time."

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a character in “Dimension's Rift: Wishes”, as played by Zero Reaper



Name: Valentine Astartes

Age: 19

World: Known only as 'The End' to its inhabitants, this world is trapped in an eternal war, of which no-one remembers the beginning or reason for fighting. Millions die on the brutal battlefields each day. Life is a living hell for those who live there; the sky is blackened by pollution, rendering the planet in a never-ending night, with temperatures barely going above zero, regardless of where you are. The war is fought between a thousand shifting factions, with no semblence of order. The Monolith is one of the largest of these, and they worship the 'Dark Gods', being who they say lust for nothing more than blood and war, and whose favour can be gained by killing ruthlessly. All factions use genetic engineering extensively, varying from extremely fast and strong humans (such as the Reapers, a template of warrior used widely) as special forces to demonic abominations capable of razing armies to the ground.

Species: A Reaper. Reapers are humans who were genetically modified to become the perfect warriors for an eternal war. Well-armed, well-armoured and with hellish training, Reapers are extremely dangerous on the field of war. Trained from birth to be soldiers, they serve alongside everything from regular humans who die like flies to devastating, horrific Eldritch Abominations. Reapers are used by many factions; the genetic coding was leaked hundreds of years ago, and ever since, they have been used by anyone who can make them.

Appearance: See above, but with a strip of black cloth going around his head which covers his left eye, and wearing gleaming, lightweight, jet-black armour with many sharp edges, giving it a terrifying, demonic appearance.

Personality: Intelligent and ruthless, Valentine is an enigmatic warrior. He has fought his whole life just to survive, like all Reapers. Violence is a way of life for him. He betrayed his faction, the Monolith, long ago, and has been acting with a group of fellow rogue Reapers since; they fight only to survive. He is dark and cynical, a side effect of living in the world he does, and cares little for the lives of anyone but the Reapers he has teamed up with. He does have a faint wish for peace, but sees it as an unachievable goal without that which he truly desires - power. He has a great deal of difficulty interacting with other human beings, as he's never even talked to anyone except for Reapers, and even then, his conversations have been almost exclusively about war. Despite his training, however, he has a great fear of death; the one thing he never wants is to be forgotten, like so many others. Additionally, his first reaction to meeting someone new is to kill them - in his universe, when you find someone new, chances are they're going to try to kill you inside the next ten seconds. He also fears other people; he doesn't like to be around them, because he's afraid that they're just waiting for an opportunity to strike.

History: Like all Reapers, he was created artificially. He spent the first fifteen years of his life being trained by the Monolith faction, and learnt the many skills of war; weapons handling, explosives use, vehicle driving, and most importantly, how to kill without feeling. He grew up with Lee, who became a close friend of his; the two of them helped each other out in every aspect of their ilves. At age sixteen, he was sent onto the battlefield; in his first battle, he lost his left eye to the claw of a gruesome genetic construct. After two years of fighting and killing, he found himself stuck on the Washington Line, one of the largest battlefields of the American Continent. As he was spraying rounds downrange at the advancing enemies and praying to the Dark Gods for salvation from this unwinnable battle, he heard Lee's gun suddenly fall silent. He turned around; Lee was throwing his rifle aside. He asked what Lee was doing; Lee replied that he was out of ammo, and revealed a gunshot wound in his chest. They both knew that Lee had only a few minutes left. So, for lack of anything better to do, Lee drew his combat knife and charged the enemy; the last Valentine ever saw of his closest friend was him going down in a thick melee.
A few seconds later, Valentine felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around, and a girl - no older than him - was standing there, wearing repainted Reaper-issue power armour. She told him that if he wanted to live, to come with her. He followed her; his gun was almost empty, and he needed an escape. She lead him through a tunnel system, as he heard the screams overhead of the thousands of wounded and dying. She explained to him that she was a rogue Reaper, but as he drew his gun, something about her made him pause. A second later, she told him of the atrocities the Monolith had committed in the name of their 'Dark Gods'. Her name was Sasha, and from that day forward, he's followed her and her ragtag group of Reapers that she'd recruited to her cause of trying to bring about peace. She introduced to him the concept of the Star Gods one night; beings who lived in the stars, and who if prayed to, were rumoured to grant peoples' wishes. He blew it off at the time, but recently, things have gotten desperate; they've run out of food and medical supplies, and with the rumoured introductions of even more horrific beings onto the battlefields, peace seemed a million miles away. So he prayed to the Star Gods; seeing an unusually bright light coming from behind the black clouds, he figured that it had to be a powerful Star God, and prayed to that one in particular. Little does he know what he's about to get himself into...

Abilities/Powers: Nothing much, aside from being substantially faster and stronger than any normal human would be, capable of sprinting as fast as a horse for a few hundred metres and flipping a car if necessary. He also wears the Black Carapace, gleaming black armour designed by the Monolith to protect its Reapers, which is capable of deflecting most glancing shots and entirely ignoring low-power bullets, although this restricts his flexibility somewhat. Oh, and he has fifteen years of nightmarish training (enough to kill half the Reapers who undergo it) under his belt, so he's extremely skilled when it comes to most forms of combat, at the cost of being almost completely unable to interact with other human beings.

Wish: Power. Despite his ambitions of peace, he doesn't know why he truly wants it, what he really wants to do with it - he even fears what he might do with it - but deep down, he wishes for power.

Most Precious Thing: His 'family'; a collection of rogue Reapers like him, who abandoned their factions.

So begins...

Valentine Astartes's Story