Marcus Tigris

Hmm. Perhaps I can become ruler of all kingdoms...

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a character in “Diplomacy”, as played by Ghost


Name: Marcus Tigris
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Role: Prince
Nation: North
Picture/Description: Image
Preferred Element: Fire
Deity: Tiger
Deity Name: Theron
Deity Picture/Description: Image]
Story: Marcus was born into the Northern Kingdom, the most powerful of all Kingdoms. He was taught to rule over others and to exert his dominance. He was trained to be a powerful fighter. Despite being born a prince, he was trained to work hard and become strong. His parents did not spoil him, they wished for him to grow up knowing the benefits of working towards a goal. He learned about the history of the Kingdoms and how the Wolf Kingdom was kicked out of its lands. He felt bad for the innocents, but the Wolves did choose to try and take over the Rabbit.

Marcus trained all elements. Yes, he even used Void, if only in secret. He trained the elements in the presence of nature where no humans were. If he wanted to be left alone to train, he was trusted. He also trained with members of the military, which taught him to respect his people more than before and feel as if he is one with them. Marcus learned to care for his people in the North and to seek for their comfort and security. The North Kingdom was the most powerful before, but he wants them to keep the lands they took from the Wolf Kingdom. He wants anything that will make his Kingdom the best and his people happy.

Going into the School, Marcus is willing to make alliances. Again, whatever will help his Kingdom. He is even considering taking over another Kingdom. Since the North possesses the strongest military and the most lands, it makes sense to take over another Kingdom and thus improve in other areas as well.

So begins...

Marcus Tigris's Story