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Dirge of Innocence

United States of America


a part of Dirge of Innocence, by blondegamer.


blondegamer holds sovereignty over United States of America, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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United States of America is a part of Dirge of Innocence.

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Andrew Moronov [24] "Everything in the world has a pitch, you know. They may not be in tune, but they play their own melodies. Even the sound of a river is a song."
Raven Skye Wilcox [24] "I always carry my note book with me, because you never know when life is going to hand you a moment you can't help but want to capture."

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As she said that he seemed like he would have a more grown up name, he flinched and looked down - Almost like he was ashamed.

"I'm sorry," he said, awkwardly. As she introduced herself, though, he smiled again. "Raven? That's a pretty name." Sheepishly looking down again, he continued. "A pleasure to meet you..." A light dusting of pale pink had found it's way across his cheeks and he fidgeted with his free hand. Perhaps with any luck - Nice guys didn't always finish last. As they neared the classrooms, Raven spoke again, and he turned to her with a smile. He noted that she was smiling as well, and it was a lovely smile as well. "I'm glad,"

Stopping at the door of his classroom, he thanked her quietly for the company before giving her a polite wave as she left.

Despite how he could always easily focus on his studies, his mind wandered whenever he thought of Raven. There was something about her, something familiar but thrillingly new. It was a feeling he couldn't really describe. He felt almost like a wandering harmony, singing out and off key, awkward tune until he found a melody that seemed to fit just right.

"Mr. Moronov!"

He blinked, eyes focusing and he stood up quickly. He listened to people snicker around him as the professor gave him a look on concern and asked if he was quite alright. Andrew nodded, fidgeting and spitting out some excuse about not sleeping well the night before, sitting when the professor told him to. Letting out a long sigh, he tried to refocus himself.

When there was usually a kind of disappointment when class was over, he found he was more excited to be out than he ever was before. With a small, subtle bounce on his step he made his way to his apartment. He could check his emails and phone messages, finish grading a couple papers, make the pita, and make his way over to Raven's apartment.

Ah, he was so excited!