Esther Miller

"Perhaps it's not the English men we should be worrying about when it comes to these girls... Maybe we should be pointing fingers at the girls or perhaps the men we looks so highly to"

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Esther Miller
Name: Esther ______ Miller
Role: Bishop's Daughter
Amish or English: Amish
Age: 24
Height: 5'9
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color/Length:
Long brown, with soft waves, usually seen up and in a cap around the other Amish. But all know she prefers it free and flowing.
Eye Color: A deep rich brown color much like her mothers.

  • Knitting
  • Needle work
  • Reading, but nothing her father or anyone among the Amish, would approve her reading. She really enjoys Fantasy and Romance Novels.
  • Men, especially the English men they're so much more exciting then the men in the community.
  • Being free to make her own choices.
  • Her father, she and he have always been at arms even when she was a young child.
  • Being forced to marry ______ Miller. Granted he's a good man of the community but Esther would have much preferred to choose her husband.
  • Having little to know say because she is a woman.

Esther is well known for being confrontational and head strong, two things that that women in the Amish community can be shunned for. But like many other women in the community have complained about, Esther is the Bishop _______'s daughter and is treated with more liniencey then other's in the community. But Esther over the years has grown not to really care what anyone else thinks. With the exception of her mother... the only person in this world that Esther had any respect for was her mother. Because no matter how alone or different Esther felt, her mother always made her feel loved and wanted. The reason Esther did not leave the Amish after her Rumspringa was her mother, and just before her mother died last year Esther obeyed her mother's last request and married _____ Miller. Now with her mother gone she feels even more alone then she did before.

Dirty Little Secret:
It's no secret to anyone in the community that Esther is quite promiscuous, but there is a secret that she has been keeping. She has been taking birth control ever since her Rumspringa, to prevent getting pregnant by any of the men she sleeps with. She goes disguised as an English into the town and gets it for no cost from one of the doctors there. Unfortunately this also prevents her from having a child with her husband ______.


Yes, Esther is married to blacksmith ________ Miller. They clash sometimes but she treats him like she does any man, if she get bored when moves on to someone else. But there is something about him that Esther is attracted to, she wonders if she had not been forced to marry him that she might have been able to develop feelings of her own for him.

No, _______ and Esther do not have children but unknown to _______ Esther is on birth control so she doesn't get pregnant. Not that she doesn't want to have children eventually.

Esther was born to Bishop ______ and _______ ________, she had a normal Amish childhood but even as a child the bishop and his wife fretted and argued with young Esther. She often times embarrassed her mother and father with loud and precocious outbursts, trying to ruff and tumble fight with the boys instead of sitting quietly on the side playing with dolls or helping her mother with the house chores like any good Amish girl should do.
Image Thinking their daughter would grow out of her bad behavior they did their best to discipline her when needed and teach her the righteous ways of the Amish. Her father being more strict then her mother, Esther grew very attached to her loving mother and learned to despise her father. She has many memories of having to right certain bible verses pages upon pages till her hands hurt. Or forced to hold up pails of water with her arms extended till she was exhausted. This was common and frequent she also remembers being told time and time again that her behavior was going to put her in the line of damnation with the rest of the world when it all comes to an end. She often felt as thought something was wrong with her why was she like this when every other child was good, especially her younger brother ________. When they were young _________ and Esther's relationship was strained because her father put all of his attention and praise into his young son and not his daughter. Esther always felt like she had to compete with her brother for her father's affection, and she is still bitterly jealous of him. Just because he is next in line to be bishop and is male, he was always looked highly upon by their father. Esther often feels as though her father never really wanted her in the first place.

Esther's teen years were quite tumultuous, she was often caught by elders in compromising positions with other young Amish boys. Because her father was the bishop many times it was swept away or brushed just out of respect for the bishop. When Esther went on her Rumspringa she finally felt the freedom that she had longed for. The English boys were almost irresistible to her, the cars the money, the looks, and they all seemed as attracted to Esther as much as she was attracted to them. With everything she almost decided not to come back to the community and her mother knew she was seriously considering it. But when her mother begged her to come back and shun the ways of the English, Esther gave in and promised she would come home and be baptized.
There were many that did not like the thought of the Esther returning to the people after her Rumspringa, they had heard from many that the bishops daughter used the time to whore and do everything she was taught was wrong. They did not want her to come back and have other younger children to believe that their Rumspringa is a time to do whatever you want, instead of time to learn that the outside world is not where you want to be. Ultimately the decision was the Bishop's and even though his daughter was... "wild" he believed that there was still hope that she would settle down. Especially after she is baptized and the fact that she is coming to the age where she would be able to marry and star a family of her own. He began to think of men that would make a suitable husband for his daughter. Not wanting just any man in the community to fall for Esther he began to look for someone who was strong enough in the community to handle someone as outspoken as Esther. He soon set his eyes on the blacksmith ________ Miller, he was the right age, strong in the faith of the people and a good man. He began by encouraging _______ to court his daughter, and made many excuses for the young blacksmith to come to their home for all types of work. The family befriended the blacksmith and he was often over for supper, Esther couldn't stand it she knew what her father was trying to do. But she had made a promise to her mother to try to be a good Amish woman. She was appalled when her mother came to her and begged her to agree to marry ______, her mother had told her stories of the love she and her father had for one another in their youth and times of courting. How could she tell her own daughter to marry a man that she didn't love and frankly didn't want to marry not because she didn't like ______ but for the soul fact her father had set the whole thing up. But Esther had never been able to deny any request form her mother, especially wince the recent developing of her mothers ailing health. When _______ asked to court her she accepted, she found him to be a strong but quiet man who lived every law of the Amish. A fine specimen of a "Good Amish Man", but old flames and more exciting English men started to resurface in Esther's life. So whenever possible she would sneak away to these men, she began to lead a double life. Meeting up with them in secluded places and then hurrying back home to her family trying to appear as though she had just taken the buggy to town to pick up something special for knitting or a certain type of thread. All through this time her mother's health began to progressively fail, and one last time her mother made the request that Esther marry ________ Miller.
And when ______ finally proposed to her she accepted, the date was quickly set and announced to the community in church the next Sunday. Things were rushed so the mother of the bride might be able to see the union of her daughter to a good Amish man. A few months after the wedding Esther's mother died and she couldn't have been more devastated. Her mother had been her rock the only thing that had kept her form totally shunning everything she had been taught her whole life, the promise she made to her mother to stay true to the faith and be a good wife to ______ stung her to the core. Her visits to the English men she saw began to frequent more and more after her mother passed on. Now a year or so after her mother's death it is well known that the blacksmiths wife is a loose woman that frequents the bed of other men more so than her husband. Esther and ________ often quarrel and fight with each other, he never accuses her of what is going on he just wants her to repent and be a good wife settle down and for them to start a family. He says she is being punished by God for her actions and that is why she has not become with child. Esther however knows the true reason she has not gotten pregnant, but it is the only thing keeping her other life from becoming a disaster. Using birth control would surely get her shunned from the community, part of her would love that but the loyalty she has to her mother still is strong. Deep down Esther knows that _______ is a good man and genuinely loves her, but she just can not break herself away from the other men, the feeling they giver excite her and she just can't get enough of it. She feels as though she is going crazy from everything and as of late has thought seriously about talking her own life. She just hasn't mustered up the courage to go through with it yet.

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