Daniel Kontle

"Well this is a turn out isn't it?"

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a character in “Discarded”, as played by TheFlag


Age: 19
Gender: Male
Animal: Electric eel
Looks: Daniel's looks are fairly average his height is 5'8" and he is relatively lean, with slight muscle an indication that he doesn't exercise but does however go out often. Daniel's hair or mop as others call it consists of navy blue hair with split ends it was a light brown previously but due to his recent metamorphosis it turned a unnatural navy blue. Daniel's skin is smooth, and pale not a single blemish touches his skin. Daniel's face is different his key factor his eyes, are small and completely blue with a single black iris in the middle, giving him bad eyesight, his lips are also pursed behind revealing sharp white teeth, other then that he has pronounced cheek bones. He is currently wearing a white tee shirt with a shredded pair of jeans, and a ripped jacket cheap penny loafers clad his feet.

Strengths: Since Daniel's DNA has been spliced with an eels his physiology mutated, he inherited its satchel organ and due to his general size can generate up to 6000 Volts however he can not zap it like in moves, for example if someone was making contact he could then electrocute them, or if they were touching a conductor like metal he could fry them. His last ability he can let off an electrical discharge locating anything with a electrical pulse. Other then that Daniel is average is physical tasks, but he is fairly skilled in mental pursuits.
Weaknesses: Daniel lacks considerable will power to kill, he finds the prospect hard and curdles. He also has a great fear of heights and is fairly afraid of the dark. Daniel's eyesight is fairly bad, he can see roughly but he can't spot small details.


Personality: Daniel is quiet and hard to read his emotional states shift regularly, he doesn't bother with petty matters such as morality and does whatever it takes to get by. He is fairly lighthearted taking nothing personal, but if something does strike his core he'll get angry not the fiery rage, the cold calculating type of rage. Daniel has grown up into a harsh background but still managed to hold onto his senses. His sense of humor however did not remain intact, it seems warped and he laughs at things most would find disgusting.
Likes: Air, space, physics, winning, dreams
Dislikes: Closed spaces, no escape, dark spaces
Fears: Heights, the dark


Daniel's father was in the Media and was trying to expose that they were taking people, this caught there attention of course. After Daniel's eighteenth birthday, he was walking home from the party and was thrust into a Van and kidnapped most of what he remembers is hazy, but they did horrific experiments on him, he remembers being in some sort of facility for these experiments like a prison of some sort his skin ached constantly, when he was going through this process. He discovered his abilities, though it took him intense concentration to harness it. By then he remembers being dumped into some abandoned city, his first impulse of course was to claw his way to freedom.

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