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Jack 'Weasel'

"As sly as a fox? Ha! The saying should say as sly as a weasel."

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a character in “Discarded”, as played by Aixulram


Name: Jack 'Weasel'
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Animal: White Weasel
Looks: Jack has heterochromia, so one of her eyes are purple and the other is red. She has white hair with weasel ears hidden in it, and she rarely pulls her hair out of the way for her ears. She has a petite body structure with a flower tattoo going up the side of her waist. She wears very comfortable clothes that are hand-me-downs that came from her sister.
Personality: Jack is very sly and will do anything to survive. She will act playful and giggly, but on the inside she'll be planning a way to stab you in the back and getting your supplies. She can be your best friend or your worst enemy, though chances are that she'll be your friend until someone with more gain comes along.
History: Jack was picked off of the street when she was five and just a street thief because the facility knew she didn't have anyone to track her down and the DNA would bond better because she was young. She was tested on and named Jack by the people who worked on her. She was given the weasel DNA because she tricked the guards and people often, always almost escaping but being caught in the end because of her small legs as a young girl. She was happy when they all escaped, but she was used to being captured again so she doesn't hate the person who helped them escape. She was surprised when they were shipped to the place, but found it relieving in a way.
Likes: Sweets, tricking people, playing games.
Dislikes: Bitter things, not getting her way, losing.
Fears: Being captured, feeling pain.
Strengths: Charisma, speed, flexibility, finding a way out of situations.
Weaknesses: Weak body strength, easily convinced to help others for a price.

So begins...

Jack 'Weasel''s Story


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Jack yawned as she awoke, almost immediately feeling a rough feeling on her back. She groaned as she sat up, rubbing her eyes. She slowly opened them, noticing she wasn't in her usual cell. She blinked a few times before looking around her with a confused look. She was surrounded by rubble, dirt, and more rubble. Her brain only picked up that it was an abandoned city, so she immediately stood. "Where the hell am I?!" She yelled as loud as she could at the moment.

She then sat on the ground with her legs crossed, closing her eyes in thought. "Okay. So, I wake up and go through the usual medication process. Then, I got some free time and almost got out by seducing that one guard, though that stupid scientist caught me. Then, I got punished by being tested in my stats. Then, that one girl released us all and we got outside." She sighed in bliss. "That fresh air felt nice. Well, it felt nice until those guys shot at us with those weird darts. And then..." She blinked a bit. "And now I'm here. So that means they won and now all of the live ones are here." She only knew that some had died because she had heard about people getting major allergic reactions to tranquilizers due to the medications.

Jack stood once again and sighed. "Well, may as well get some supplies." She then took off at a run, a white weasel tail coming out of her belt loops and weasel ears popping out of her hair. She wanted to be able to track anything, plus she didn't wanna get caught by some other predator based hybrid.