Silvia Krause "Zombie"

sarcastic, brilliant, but strangely optimistic.

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a character in “Disguises, Jail and Lab”, as played by FalloutRomanae


"Zombie" as she prefers to be called, is a 5' 2" girl, maybe 18. Her skin seems to grow in patches and you can see some of her bones and muscles. She basically looks like a skeleton with some skin left clinging. What remains of her hair is wisps of brown. Her eyes are live and vibrant, a sharp contrast to her rotting skin. They are dark blue, with large pupils. She always seems to be pondering something deep within their depths. She might have been pretty, before... but now whatever beauty had been is destroyed.


Zombie is very sarcastic and cynical. Whenever possible, she makes a snide remark, but she is not unfriendly. She is also very smart and extremely pragmatic and direct. She acts indifferent to her new repulsive appearance, but it really hurts her deep down. She has an odd sense of optimism that sometimes flares up in her most stubborn moments. She is very proud, but some of her pride was destroyed along with her beauty. She is also a little bigoted, but once you get to know her, she discards this and becomes more familiar and friendly. Her childhood obsession was-oddly-Marvin the Martian, and she talks about him constantly, as if by that she can cling to her old self. She is fiercely loyal to Germany, her homeland. Ever since her transformation, she has referred to herself cynically as "Zombie" and refuses to respond to her old name, Silvia Krause.


She has the uniform of the lab, and a pouch which she managed to sneak in. In this pouch are a set of dice (4-sided, 6-sided, 8-sided, two 10-sideds, twelve-sided, and a 20-sided.), a small patch of fabric that resembles the German flag, and a small Marvin the Martian figurine.


Zombie was born and raised in Germany until she was 13. She is still fiercely loyal to her homeland and has a thick accent, because she refuses to get rid of it and learn to speak English "incorrectly" as she says. She moved to... whatever place this is when she turned 14 and gained her citizenship. Her real name is Silvia Krause ("Krowzuh"), but she wants to be called Zombie. When she was 17, she went to a graduation party for one of her friends. Some idiot laced her drink with drugs. No evidence was found that she didn't take them herself, so that's how she ended up in the Westfield Juvenile Detention Center. For a few months, they left her alone, but soon they began to give her shots. The shots had certain cells and chemicals from trees, and were supposed to harden her skin, but, due to an overdose, it began to destroy her skin instead, and that's how she ended up the way she is. She hates Westfield and wants desperately to get out. She mostly wants just to see her parents again. When she was taken to Juvi, her mother was pregnant with Silvia's soon to be younger brother and was in the hospital. It has now been six months. Zombie is worried sick and will do anything to get out and see her family.

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Silvia Krause "Zombie"'s Story