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Dishonored: Aftermath of the Void

Dishonored: Aftermath of the Void


Set five years after the events of "Death of the Outsider", changes have occurred throughout the world, and within the Void itself. Now new people have challenges to face, as the world hurdles into a new era.

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(There may be some minor spoilers, and I kinda made the intro a bit flashy, so please hang in here. xD)

(Here is another link!)

"Drip drip drop. Drip drip drop".

Five years ago, Billie Lurk severed the Outsider from the Void, and ended the reign of a god.

"Drip drip drop. Drip drip drop".

This was after an age where Delilah had finally been killed once more, and where entire covens of witches had lost their magic. The Overseers of the Abbey were exerting their control over the people more then ever however, even if the Outsider stopped appearing in the Dreams and Visions of the people.

"Drip drip drop. Drip drip drop".

So then...everything should have become better and resolved, correct?

"Drip drip drop. Drip drip drop".

That cold feeling you feel should be gone, right?

"Drip drip drop. Drip drip drop". "Drip drip drop. Drip drip drop".


"Drip drip drop. Drip drip drop". "Drip drip drop. Drip drip drop". "Drip drip drop. Drip drip drop".


After the Outsider was cut from the void, things appeared to go a certain way at first...but then, things began to get chaotic in a way people did not expect. Consider the Outsider for a moment. He might have seemed like a God that ruled over the Void, but was that really the case? After all, the Void was older then him. It gave him his power. It absorbed him. So in truth, couldn't it be more likely that the Outsider worked not as a God...but a Filter? Stopping it from flowing into many, by giving it to the people who would be able to utilize it the most?

This is the truth. The Outsider was not a God...he had in truth been acting as a sort of Guardian.

And he himself had not even realized it.

Now, that Guardian...that Filter, is gone. And magic is rushing into the world. Through Runes, Bonecharms, anything that could link one to the void might. Not everyone, but more people gained supernatural abilities, even those within the Abbey of the Everyman. But these powers, while some could use them fine, they were not as stable as when the Outsider ran things. Although some might be able to use their powers more, it would have detrimental effects on their health. Some might be driven into madness. Or maybe, others just really do have a mana limit.

Furthermore, those who had been connected to the Void through the Outsider and his Marks originally are starting to show signs of sickness. The new people, with their strange looking mark that is different from the Outsider's but links them to the void, are usually fine, but Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano are not able to do as much, and try their best to manage things from the Tower. Luckily, Emily had already produced a child with her friend and lover Wyman before the sickness came to her, and the child appears healthy. However, as a result between that, and a number of good nobles having lost their lives to Delilah, Dunwall is not as bad as it could be...but its not ideal either.

The way things worked have changed, and now people are taking advantage. There are those who scheme in the shadows, who work to commit crimes, and a number of them would happily pin their darkness on another. Madness setting in on some, causing them to go dark in various ways. As people are being Dishonored and abused in a city that is struggling to adapt to the changes that have occurred, who will you be, what choices will you make, and what is your end goals? Because with no set individual, many people may rise, but their goals and yours may not necessarily align.


So here are at least a few things to include in your character sheet: (You can also find some more information here!)

(General SupernaturalListed Stuffs here)

(Supernatural abilitiesare here, ignore Rune Costs and Exact Mana Percentages)

(Tech and WeaponStuffs here)

(The Voidhere)



Age: (Can I please ask people not to make only highschoolers or people in their twenties? You can make those, but I would like there not to be so many of them that I usually see. Making broken, or maybe even unbroken, kids, or badass ninja old people, is also good!)




Supernatural Abilities: (Please only choose around three or four. That way its more fair. Feel free to make up your own though! And remember to add some sort of factor to balance whichever ones you choose!)

Passive Powers: (Please be reasonable with this, but you can make up new ones)

Bonecharms: (Please be reasonable with this as well)


But yeah, please try to make your character as diverse and interesting as possible! I cant wait to see what some of the people come up with!


Be respectful.
Be awesome.
Follow the rules.
Have fun!
My Word is Law....but I am usually really flexible and allow people to be creative. :)

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 3 authors


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(This is an intro post I worked on in word while I was waiting, I don't expect this to be normal posting length)

Cold, but familiar. Overflowing now, but like it was there all along. Strange, shifting, undefined, but powerful and usable. Zakri knew what this place was, everyone would.

“The void…I am here again”.

However, Zakri was alone. There was no presence he felt, no Outsider came and spoke to him. Zakri wore a mark, but not the Outsider’s Mark…it was different. No real sense to it, yet it was understood all the same. The Mark of the Void. It had been there for five years now, and in the last five years not a single soul had heard anything from The Outsider, in their dreams, at their shrines, nothing. And at the same time, the Void flowed into the world, and suddenly many more people became able to use magic now. The Abbey still proclaimed black magic and The Outsider as heretical beliefs and went after them, but more and more people began to realize the truth.

The Outsider was no longer there to filter out magic.

Zakri stood up, and looked down at his body. He had changed out of his clothes before going to sleep, yet he was now wearing them again.

“Its kind of convenient...but...does that even matter? No one else is here…”


Suddenly, he heard a voice from behind that chilled him to the core, something that made his heart stop. He turned around, as he heard the rest.

“…everyone is in danger…”

Before he saw who it was that warned him, he was shaken. He suddenly found himself on his bed, with a young boy and girl shaking him awake. They were clad in just large shirts, and those were clearly worn in. He was lying in a bed himself, and the two were on either side of him.

“Zakri! Zakri! Are you okay?!”

“Yeah…sorry, what happened?”

These two were already extremely close to him, but he did not mind since that was natural. After all, the orphanage never had enough beds for everyone. They were shared all the time, and Zakri was not an exception. He looked in the mirror across the room as he saw his own body in the mirror. It was the same as always, a young scrawny eleven year old body with no real muscle build up, and a bit shorter then average because of malnutrition. Even though for the past five years, everyone else had gotten the proper nutrition, his body had not changed in the past five years. He was sixteen years old now, but his physical body, and even part of him mentally, was still stuck at eleven.

The two that were with him were nine years old now. They were growing up to be healthy, like everyone else here now.

“You were cold and shaking…but, I guess that was why…”

Zakri was a bit confused at first, but then realized what they meant and stood up, knocking the covers off his bed and walking towards the mirror. He didn’t care if anyone saw him, these orphans were like family for him. He was more concerned with what they told him, and if people outside of the Orphanage saw that. And surely enough, he saw it plain as day in the mirror. Much like his right hand, his right eye also had the Mark of the Void…and it was glowing. Zakri quickly covered his eye with his right hand, took a deep breath, and then removed it…and the mark was gone. It was still there in truth, but Zakri could at least keep that Mark hidden.

It was technically a supernatural ability, but it was such a minor one. Furthermore, it could easily be undone by another, and if the Overseers used that music of theirs.

After that, he quickly began to get dressed and made sure to put on his equipment and store his Bonecharms. He looked around at the room once more, and sighed.

“You are thinking about it again aren’t you? Leaving?”

One of them spoke up to him as they were also getting dressed.

“The Overseers have been scouting around the area recently, looking for the reclusive and elusive Sorcerer of Dunwall. I will still help out in the orphanage, but despite my appearance I am sixteen. I should leave, before I cause any trouble”.

“You…you don’t have to! We will help hide and protect you! If needed, we will chase those nasty Overseers away!”

“Don’t. Avoid engaging the Overseers as much as possible! We can’t risk them coming here!”

“It might be too late for that!”

Suddenly, the door was swung open as another orphan boy around thirteen years old ran in.

“It’s Jeremy! He is in trouble! The Overseers started going after him after they used this weird lamp thing in the market while he was getting us breakfast!”

“What? Stay here! That lamp might be dangerous!”

Zakri quickly told them that while he ran towards the window. Afterwards, it was sort of as if he…dissolved…as he disappeared.

“…I still don’t understand why he called that power Fade and not Dissolve or Warp or something…”

I heard that…and Fade is just a way better name then those!

Zakri had a few powers, some active but also some passive. And one of those were Ears of the Void, which gave him superior hearing and let him detect noises people normally couldn’t. As a result, once he got close, he would be able to detect Jeremy from the “ringing” sound he would hear. Zakri had shared some of his magic with Jeremy, which resulted in a Mark of the Void appearing on him. Jeremy’s own abilities were minor compared to Zakri, but it was more than most had.

Jeremy was a twelve year old orphan whose parents had received magic five years ago. However, four years ago, the Overseers came and killed them. However, even if it was magic considered heretical, they never harmed anyone with that magic. On the contrary, they developed their magic to help heal and revitalize people. It could not turn back the clock of time, but it could help people live just a bit longer, or recover better. They could not deal with everything, but they had managed to save a few people who normally would have been unable to save.

“I hope he does not pick a fight with them…as much as those fanatics deserve it”.

Zakri did not have much positive feelings about the Overseers himself. He didn’t defend everyone who was drawn to the Void, not after what he went through, but he believed the Abbey was fundamentally wrong for what they do and how they do it.
He climbed up and ran across the rooftops, heading towards the direction of the market. He had to find Jeremy before the Overseers did. He made sure to put on his goggles so he would not be as easy to recognize, and also because it would help him search. Despite the situation though, he could not help but enjoy it. The thrill of it. And then, he started to hear it. The ringing.
Zakri jumped down to one of the emergency fire escape stairways overlooking an alley. The alley had been a dead end, but Zakri could see he did not have a choice. After all, he could see from his position that the road ahead had been blocked off by a Wall of Light. Furthermore, it was not just an Overseer, but also one of the District Guard was there for the renovated Corvo District, formerly known as the Flooded District.

“The hell…that was not there a week ago…I may need to look into this later…”

While thinking that, he took out his Clockwork Blade and jumped down, while summoning his Shadow. He jumped down and stabbed the neck of the Overseer, while his shadow suffocated the guard until he was unconscious. He was unsure if the Guard had been malicious or roped into it, and he might give good information later.


“Jeremy. What happened?”

“It looks like the Overseers are using some sort of new device. It looks like it might operate like those Music Boxes, but different. It did not suppress my powers fully, but so long as it shined on me I was weakened”.

Zakri heard what happened, and nodded. It sounded as if Jeremy had not been reckless, but was just caught off guard by something new. However, Zakri heard no one else coming, so it looked like Jeremy had managed to get away.

“Head towards the hideout for now, lets not risk drawing attention to the Orphanage just in case. As for me…I will go have some fun in the market. As for you three…”

The three he had left the orphanage suddenly came in. Unlike him, they used the more common Blink power from where they were hidden.

“Jeremy’s face probably wasn’t but might have been seen, but not yours. Don’t take any risks, avoid attention at all costs, but lets have some fun in the market. It seems like I need to investigate that area anyways, so lets go!”

“Yes boss!”

Jeremy immediately left for the Hideout, while Zakri and the three others, Sarah, Luca, and Torrus, used their powers to move onto the rooftops, Fading and Blinking from rooftop to rooftop as they ran towards the apartment, smiling and laughing. Even if something bad nearly happened, they were orphans. And they had already experienced loss and suffering. Yes, Jeremy got detected, but he escaped without injury. So they viewed today as a good day so far, and decided to continue playing using their supernatural powers even if Zakri also intended to investigate that new device and what the Overseers were doing with it here.

And while this was going on, there were others who also moved in the background.

Guards were moving into the streets, and Overseers also had people slowly but surely moving into the district today. And then, although those people themselves were not there now, there were also those who had begun orchestrating everything...such as the one who sent very clear orders to the Overseers. Find the ones they called "Children of the Void", and drag them away for Holy Cleansing. Meanwhile, the guards were taking orders from Guard Commander Estian. His orders were that after a report, where children using Black Magic had been discovered to be behind many of the recent murders against their fellow guards, and corrupting others, they were to find them and bring them in, dead or alive.

And those were just the more visible ones...

(Tagged everyone so they would know its start time!)


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Natasha was sleeping on a roof under an over hang from the taller building next to it. She awoke laying in a street, with a strange feeling, she was in Dunwall but not Dunwall. It was the Void, "Great. Why..." her thoughts interrupted by what she saw. About ten feet from her was the a guard dragging a body. "Now why would you show me this?" She ask as if the void would answer. Standing up she moved closer to the guard, "No I don't know you." That's when over the guard's shoulder Natasha noticed the face of the corpse being dragged. "No!" She shouted as she quickly moved around the guard, dropping to her knees next to the body. "Oh sis. No. I am so sorry... wait. Are you showing what is happening or what will happen? Can I still save my sister?" As she finishes asking her vision blurs and once she can see again she is on the roof again.

"I really hate going to the void." Her thoughts were once again interrupted, this time it was a strong feeling that was washing over her. "Great the void has a sense of humor today." But she thought wrong, this was not the void but her own instinct, something was wrong. Making sure her mask was on and her hood up, Natasha carefully got to her feet. Looking around everything seemed normal, or at less what passed for normal any more. That was till she caught a glimpse of some thing on a roof top not to far away. As she walks towards the edge of the roof she fades from sight. On a roof near what she saw she fades back into view. Now that see is closer she can see that it is a man leveling a bow at four kids who are blinking across the rooftops. "Foolish kids, that's a great way to draw attention." She thought as she faded away again. This time she faded back in front of the man. She whispered just load enough for the man to hear her as she spoke in a low tone, "Carpe Noctem, Carpe Occidere, Carpe Mortem." Before placing a gloved hand over his mouth and stabbing him below the belt with a throwing knife. As she drew the knife out she stabbed one kidney, then the other. "Shhhh shhhh shhhh." She whispered as she removed her hand from his mouth only to grab his tongue before he has a chance to scream. With her blood covered throwing knife she cut his tongue out. She shoved his tongue in to the first wound she made before wiping her knife on him and sheathing it. Leaving the bleeding man she starts to walk away, as she does a small swarm or rats appear and start attacking the man. At the same time a small swarm of crows appear attacking him as well. Natasha fades away.

Part way through her being pulled to a building near were the kids were heading her bone charm glows faintly and lets out a faint chime. When this happens Natasha is pulled from her void reach just short of the roof top. Luckily she is able to get one of her wrist hooks out in time to hook the room. Now hanging from the edge of the roof she can hear movement on the road below. "Great, sounds like guards and at less one overseer coming this way." She thought well trying to determine the best course of action.


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#, as written by Soki
Huffing; that was always a lovely noise to his ears. The sounds of heavy footfalls over cobblestone was just as good. A morbid smirk crosses his lips as he easily followed his target, wraith-stepping every now and again just to play up the fear-factor. Normally never a good idea, considering more then four or five times doing it would see to him needing to take at least a light nap. The well dressed man darted down a side-street making for the market. The funny thing with that is that he would never reach it. A second turn down another street led the man directly into Wraith as he smiled a wicked smile under the hood of his jacket. "You know it's really funny... No one has ever been able to put a face to the name, no one has ever considered the brightly dressed man is an infamous assassin.." He paused his right hand reaching behind his hip, grasping the hilt of one of his twin daggers.

"You see, all it takes.." He paused his eyes peaking out from under his hood, as they met the man's. "Is one simple look." The noble seemed confused, almost hazy; but when he spotted the blade the fear rushed once again to his face all over again. It didn't last long though, the dagger quickly piercing his chest, and with a slight flick of his wrist, wraith ended the man's life instantly. As the body fell back off the blade Wraith could only smirk, there was an enjoyment in killing; specially those more fortunate then others. Blood was steadily flowing from the wound, wrapping itself around the corpse of it's previous owner. Wraith lifted the hood back over his head, that smile standing out against the shadows the hood cast. "Whatever peace you find in the afterlife, feel pride in the fact you helped a poor man pay for his next meal.."

It wasn't but a few moments that Wraith was steadily walking among the stalls of the market, browsing the street wears, as well as window shopping. He paused as a rather loud man shouted about some special elixir of some sort, bringing back memories of that supposed cure-all elixir so long ago. He scratched at his chin; trying to place the name of the maker of it, but figuring it wasn't relevant anymore. His attention turning ever so slightly to the growing amount of guards, as well as overseers. A light sigh passed his lips as his hands slid into his pockets. "I suppose it's time for me to return from whence I came.." he turned a corner, but not before catching the eye of a guard.

"Wait you there!" came the hoarse voice of the guard, as Wraith made his way down an alley. The guard followed behind, but there was no way he could know who he was messing with. The alley wasn't dark by any means; but it sure felt disturbed for lack of a better word. The guard reached out a hand, to grasp the shoulder of Wraith but stopped just short of touching him. "Do you know, the difference between a ghost.." He paused as he turned around the guard retreating a few steps. "And a wraith?" The question seemed so sinister, but was said in such a soft manner. "Ghosts won't look you in the eyes as you die..." The guard flinched and searched the hood, finding the one thing he didn't want too. Wraith held the man's gaze for but a few seconds before fading away into darkness, leaving just the shadow of himself holding the man's gaze before it too faded.

The guard looked around confused, disoriented and all but stumbling. Though he had all but forgotten the suspicious man he had chased into the alley, already making his way out and back towards the market. A slight scolding from a few of his mates, before as he tried to explain (but of course couldn't) the reason he went into that alley. Wraith watched all this from a rooftop sitting with his legs hanging off the side as he smiled, his hood off his head as he ran a gloved hand through his hair. "I should have just killed him, who knows maybe he would have been a target i could have claimed later on.." He mumbled to himself before laying back his legs still danging off the side of the building. He would have to meet his contact soon, but for now; for now he just wanted to relax.


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(So, this ended up being WAAAAAAAAAAY bigger then I thought it would be, because I introduced a number of things. I suppose I could have tried to break it up or leave some of the things to OOC, but it felt better to introduce it in a post this way. Numerous elements, more detail about the current situation, and a new enemy...and I may have mentioned something vaguely important. Cant wait to see what others come up with as well....I promise I wont keep going off on things and making it difficult for everyone... >.>) (Everything I mentioned was important also... :3)

Zakri reached the market with the others, remaining on a rooftop for the moment as they surveyed the area. Zakri noticed the presence of a few others he was unfamiliar with, and one man with a crossbow, but saw it was being handled so let it go. For now, he wanted to focus on his mission for being here. Zakri shifted his goggles on, and used the dial mechanism to adjust the zoom as he activated the Darkvision mechanic.

“Wow, no kidding. Overseers and guards everywhere”.

“And look, there at the center”.

Since it was day, it might be a bit harder to notice, but there was an odd looking lamp on a table near a few Overseers. It was on, shining brightly even though it was the middle of the day. They were far enough away and at a height level it would not reach, but…the distance of that lamp looked particularly big. It was placed in the center of the market too, but the good news was that the market stretched, and had stalls and shops both out on the streets and inside large buildings. The one lamp could not cover the whole thing, but the position was right in the center which made it hard to avoid.

“So, the Overseers and Guards are coming for us?”

“Yes. According to these two notes I picked up from the guards. The Overseer’s orders are simple, annoyingly so, and don’t have any signature yet, only that the order came from the nearby Overseer Outpost on Samuel Street. Their orders are to ’Find the ‘Children of the Void’ and take them in for Holy Cleansing’. We have to avoid whatever that might detail at all costs. As for the guards, their orders are to find us as well, they called us that name again, and take us into custody Dead or Alive”.

“So, either one leads to death or suffering, I guess…”

"Quickly, catch them!"

Sarah started to speak, but suddenly a commotion occurred. A number of Overseers and Guards started to move, rushing right past a man who had his legs hanging down from a building. The group looked down, and saw that there was a group of four people, a family from what it looked like, that wandered too close to the light. There was a man, a woman, a young boy of around ten years of age, and a young girl of around eight years of age. All of them had a glowing light shine through their clothing, and when Zakri adjusted the zoom to look closer, he realized that the lights were in the shape of the Mark of the Void.
Immediately the Overseers swarmed the four of them, and grabbed them. One of them then shouted something Zakri had never heard of before. “Quickly! Prepare the Holy Cleansing Baths! Do not let them use their black magic! We must begin cleansing the heretics!”

One overseer began playing a musicbox, stepping out from a place he remained hidden in, while the other Overseers restrained the family. No, that was not only what they did. Zakri clenched his teeth in a mix of fear, anger, and such, reminded of his own experience five years ago as the Overseers tore off their clothing, while others came with washing basins. Although many people had bathtubs, the Orphanage was poor and could never get them. So they also had to use washing basins and help each other bathe properly. As such, Zakri immediately knew what they intended to do.

It was only recently they considered putting in a public shower room, but only one and it would literally just be a room with showers and a drain, no changing rooms, no dividers, no gender segregation. Zakri had been supporting them, but if he went and got them too much money, people would notice. He at least fixed the malnutrition.

Zakri wanted to use his power, Whisper, to figure out what was going on. They forced the four of them into the basins, and then pushed their heads under the water to submerge them, and Zakri found it odd. However, the Musicbox made it impossible to use his powers on anyone close. So he looked around, and saw two Overseers watching from the side in the distance. It was close, but they were just out of range. While using Whisper to read their minds, since that was a bit limited, he also whispered into their ears questions and remarks about the process to get them talking and thinking about it more.

“Amazing isn’t it. It used to be we only had the Sacred Music to disable supernatural abilities, and only while they were playing the Music Boxes. But now, with this new process of Holy Cleansing using the Sacred Mineral Water, we can disable one’s supernatural powers for a period of time as well as weaken them without constant playing and monitoring”.

“I hear they have developed portable smaller versions for us Overseers to use. Does this need to happen in public? Must they be degraded to this state? What of those who look upon them?”

“Careful brother, your words risk being perceived of going against the Strictures. And this is a fitting punishment for them. Have you heard what was done to Vice Overseer Richmond as a child before he was rescued? Several witches kidnapped him, wrote over his body, and tried to use him in a dark ritual. Thankfully our dear brothers rescued him, and he joined us. Those who dabble in Black Magic, who ally themselves with The Outsider and those of the Void, deserve no sympathy. And through this, others will be discouraged as well to dabble in Black Magic. Besides, the lessons of the Strictures teach us to never be prideful, arrogant, or lustful. They must submit for their crimes of heresy, and if those who look onward decide to act, they have also forsaken the strictures and we shall deal with them as well”.

“Yes….yes, I understand Brother. I will keep mind of these things”.

Zakri somehow was barely able to control his rage, but as he listened to their thoughts, something did bring him back a little.
”Yes, these heretics were a nice catch, but soon we should come across the main prize. I wonder where our brother went with some of those guards and that boy? We should subject him to the Holy Waters as well, and then drag him to the Outpost immediately as is to shame him and make anyone think twice of using heretical magic…”

”I understand why Richmond wishes to see these people destroyed…but I am forced to wonder if Commander Azail’s position is not justified? That this is blind hatred now, and is foolish? They claim the Outsider is just trying to deceive us, hiding so we lower our guard…but, there is now an entirely different Mark, and some of these people are normal people, or are even trying to help others. Azail was also attacked by a witch as a child, yet he is against such actions of the Abbey doing this without restraint…Witches and Sorcerers are one thing, but that is an educated family of a doctor, and the others we are here for are Children we all abandoned…”

“Is something up? What did you learn?”

Luca asked this as Zakri finished using Whisper to give a push here and there to those Overseers.

“The two over there? If engaged in combat, leave the one on the right alive. Kill only the one on the left”.

“Leave an Overseer alive? That is unlike you...”

“It appears a minor faction has appeared in the Abbey that is against them being so aggressive and abusive. I still don’t trust the Overseers, since I didn’t hear exactly how much they planned to reduce it by, but the Abbey has taken roots everywhere. Even if they cant be trusted, it would be impossible to remove the Abbey completely, so leaving that faction alone when it can be helped would make things easier for us in the future”.

Zakri’s tone of voice held no love, like, or even remote positive feelings for the Overseers. But he acknowledged that individual was, at the very least, not as bad, and that it would be useful for that faction to stay around. Zakri’s first priority was the Orphanage and the Orphans, then it was himself at the insistence of the others, and then after that he did what he wanted. Zakri was hardly someone the general people would call a good person, but he was not a bad person either. If he could, Zakri would save an innocent person. But only if he could, and if it would not endanger the Orphanage.

After looking around, he decided it would be impossible for them to currently deal with this crowd. The Musicbox, this Sacred Light from the lamp, that Holy Water, and the number of Overseers and guards in the area made it impossible. No one, even the Royal Protector at his prime, couldn’t deal with this. So the group was forced to leave, and head towards a different area of the market that was further off to avoid trouble. They didn’t like it, but even if they somehow dealt with everyone, it would put the Orphanage at risk because they risked being identified.

“You three, head back towards the hideout and stay there. Not the Orphanage either, but the hideout. Take route C, it will be impossible for anyone even remotely bigger then us to follow that way” Zakri then told them, as they stopped on one rooftop. “I will proceed alone, and gather more information”.

“Yes, Boss. Be careful”.

The three of them then blinked away, while Zakri moved down to the street level in this area of the market, entering one of the buildings used in the market area that had hallways to walk around in, as well as shops and stalls. The central area was off limits, but he could move around freely if he stayed away from there, and there was only so much he could learn from rooftops with Whisper and his hearing. And also, he still needed to get some more food for breakfast.

“Quickly Brothers, check this area as well!”

Zakri was suddenly caught off guard however as four Overseers came walking in with one of those lamps. The light managed to hit him, causing both of his Marks of the Void to feel like it burned, and he felt the concealment of his right eye disappear. He quickly hid behind a pillar so the Overseers did not see him, but the burning stopped as well. The light did seem to bend around the corners a little, and extend over a wide radius, but it could not penetrate the pillar.

“I see…the light cuts around corners, but it won’t affect anyone it doesn’t hit. It still works somewhat like light…it is only four of them, and it looks like no one is outside right now…”

It seemed like other civilians were also avoiding Overseers right now, but this area was far from the center so the foot traffic was low to begin with. This would serve as good practice to deal with the light. Peeking around, he saw the Overseer with the lamp was staying in the center of the formation, and based on the vibrations he heard from it moving the structure of the lamp seemed to involve thick glass and metal. A crossbow bolt would be insufficient, and even a bullet may not pierce the glass.

“However…that may suggest the mechanisms inside are vulnerable. Ranged weapons would be insufficient, but a good explosion or sword strike might do it…”

Zakri used fade to move to a pillar behind the group. The lamp carrier was in the center, with one Overseer ahead and two behind. The light pretty much enveloped all of them…and the two in back would make it difficult to stealth kill one without the other noticing. But not impossible. Zakri used the shadows projected from their bodies to avoid the lamp light. Anyone else could not do this, but Zakri’s build was smaller then even an adult female. Even for an eleven year old, because of malnutrition when he could still grow Zakri was short for a boy, with some girls his age even being taller then him.

Therefore, Zakri could do this without getting hit by the light. And the moment he reached the back of one Overseer, he used his Shadow to stab the other Overseer out from underneath, while Zakri slit the throat of the other Overseer. The light hit him, but he was quick to move behind the Overseer with the lamp and stab him from behind while he reached his arm out and shot a bolt into the back of the Overseer’s head, where the helmet did not protect.

After he did that, the light ended up weakening and burning him as there was no longer an Overseer standing in the way at all with his body. It was not disabling, but it was significant. Zakri struck through the lamp with his sword, and damaged it. However, as it was the first time, he did not know the proper angle yet, so it only dimmed from the damage, and did not break. But he gained enough information from that strike to be able to take it out with a single sword strike in the future. As he pulled it up again however, someone seemed to come out of nowhere. Even Zakri’s hearing did not pick him up, he just…appeared.

“Oh good. I was worried I would not be able to find the famous Sorcerer of Dunwall, since they did not let me take place in the raid on the Orphanage…but to think I would get lucky like this”.

Something about this man…he made no noise at all. At this range, even his heartbeat and breath…it was impossible for him to detect. He wore an Overseer Mask, but it was different. Sturdier, and protected the back of his head even. Complicated and advanced, beyond even what Zakri was capable of creating. And the metal, it felt off…strange. Not only was it in the mask, but even his clothes seemed to have threads of this metal laced into it, as well as his armor, and his shoes. Everything used it. And it’s appearance…it was similar to the Music Boxes.

Zakri understood immediately. Whoever this Overseer was, he was an elite. And his equipment hid him from those who use the Void. His hearing, those with Darkvision, he would be undetected by all of them. A specialist they could not fight.

And then he tossed down a newspaper. The date was tomorrow. But the title was what concerned Zakri the most. “Brave Overseers discover the Sorcerer of Dunwall had been corrupting, imprisoning, and manipulating children at an Orphanage. Brave Overseers come in to help save their souls through Holy Cleansing and the eradication of the dark sorcerers known as ‘Children of the Void’”.

“Revealing your dishonor to the world, you will no longer be safe in this city or anywhere else. You might as well give up now, make it…”

Not even waiting for him to finish, Zakri had been kicked far enough away from the lamp to return to normal, and he used Fade to escape. Given how active Zakri had been, normally they might have been drained of their mana, and the Sacred Light would have lowered recovery rate. But Zakri had a bone charm that made his abilities more efficient, which had ended up him being able to escape the mysterious attacker. It was only one target, but aside from the fact he was well trained, immune to magic, and held a clear advantage with the light even if it was weakened, Zakri had his priorities.

If the Orphanage was in danger, it took priority over dealing with that man.

(Well, this IS a Dishonored RP... XD)


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Hanging from the ledge Natasha could hear some commotion in the distance. She was to far to make out what was going on but based on what little she could gather it involved at less one overseer. To ass to her troubles the patrol she heard was still getting closer. She could now start to make out the conversation between a guard and an overseer. It was something about children, a light, cleansing, and finally putting an end to a group or a person. It was a little hard to make out details and what she did made little sense without context. What ever it was, it made little difference when it came to her mission. "This just keeps getting better and better. Try to climb up and I risk making to much noise. Drop, I risking getting hurt, making to much noise and fighting on their level."

Before she could finish sorting through her thoughts, she notices the patrol rounding the corner a few building away. Its a patrol of about a dozen guards and three overseers in the center of the formation. But few things about the patrol made her worry about what was really going on. First, all three overseers were carrying something, one of the objects was easy to identify... a music box. The second object looked to be some sort of container. No marking she recognized but if an overseer is carrying it then it is important and bad news. The third overseer was carrying some thing she had no idea about. It kinda sort of looked like a lantern of sorts but like none she has ever seen. Second was the formation, a diamond formation with the overseers in a triangle formation in the center of the diamond. Third was how the patrol was acting. The guards seemed on edge like they are expecting an attack any second well the overseers seemed very relaxed. The point man was walking with his hand on his sword and scanning the street in front of them. The two on his flank seemed more interested in the buildings and roof tops with a hand on their pistols. The two on the flanks were looking every were on the side of the road, every bush, every stair case behind, in or around anywhere some one could hide. It was the same for the back half. The rear guard every few steps would look behind them, the two just a head and to his flanks were watching the building.

"This is going to end badly. If I stay here to long they are going to see me. If I attack then I'm facing three overseers, a music box and what ever else they have. Not to mention about ten or twelve guards and who ever comes to help them. That music box has to go. If not and I'm noticed they start the music and I'm not going any were." With a heavy sigh over her painful thoughts she looked for a good spot in the middle of the triangle to reach for. Once she picked a spot she unhooked and faded away. As Natasha fades in she summons a small swarm of crows between the lead overseer and the point man. The crows attack the overseer and the three guards at the front of the formation. Once fully faded in Natasha draws two of her throwing knives and stabs them in to the neck of the lead overseer, who drops to the ground laying on the music box as the crows continue to attack him. Turning quickly, drawing her hooks she summon an other small swarm of crows just in front of the rearguard. Turning back around she see the other two overseers running away, one yells to the guards, "KILL THE BLASPHEMER! WE MUST CONTINUE OUR WORK!" BANG BANG BANG BANG four gun shots ring out, two in front of her and two behind her. At this moment she notices that her swarm of crows are gone and she is facing the remaining eight guards. She knows she can't keep using her abilities with out risking wearing herself out and who knows how many more fights she will have today.


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#, as written by Soki
Wraith had all but been dozing, that was until the noise started. He sat up, his glasses in place as he watched what appeared to be a boy stabbed one of the overseer's lamps. A smile crossed his lips at the boldness of the act. Though of course it didn't go completely in the kids favor. He was impressed by how easily he took down a couple of them, a good show if nothing else. Though the next encounter was one to watch. A quick retreat made by the kid saw the entire thing ending at least for now. He took a moment to study this new overseer, the man was confident and it was obvious why. Something about him was different, and it was clear what that was when he removed his glasses and the man was all but invisible to him. Oh that would not do at all, he would literally be at a disadvantage if ever caught in a fight with this man specially without this glasses on.

He sighed a bit placing his glasses back on and laying back once again. Though that wouldn't last either, as more noise disturbed his peace. Now another figure was attacking overseers; but it seemed they had bitten off way more than they could chew. He smiled at the sight, if anything it was almost as interesting as watching a child take down overseers and their lamp. He rose to his feet walking along the rooftops to get a closer look at his little skirmish. He raised one hand looking at it and mentally weighing the pros and cons of helping out this person in their fight against the overseers, or if maybe if they were a bounty if he could claim the kill before the overseers did. It was a very hard decision to make, two retreating overseers screaming for help, while the rest closed in on the figure. Wraith now close enough to make out at least the gender of the figure. He all but shook his head. This woman was nuts, choosing to fight so many at once, it would have been best to try and play it safe and attack from the shadows or the roofs. Regardless it made no difference. His mind had been made up, drawing his revolver and aiming.

It was almost like the sound of thunder on a clear day as a guard that had been charging forward fell dead in his tracks. One down, seven left. He wouldn't be lucky with another surprise attack like that as he jumped down from his perch pulling out two knives and throwing them at two other guards, not kill shots, but just trying to wound to draw attention from the woman. "Easy guys, there's plenty of us blasphemers to go around.." his voice carried a smug tone as he drew his sword, clashing with a third member of the guards at present. A flick of his wrist and a well-placed knife through the underside of the man's chin saw him falling flat to the ground. "Who's next?" He said that with a smile withdrawing the knife from the corpse of the man.


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(Sorry for the delay, RL stuff)

Zakri was making his way to the orphanage, but the closer he got the worse it seemed to get. Overseers were heading in that direction, which meant only one thing. They knew. They knew. It was a raid, and they were covering the entire district.

And it wasn't just them, the guards were also mobilized. All of them, scouring the area. But Zakri didn't blame them, they were lied to, told that Zakri and the others were responsible for several murders, including other guards.

There was some weird huffing sound as well, but Zakri ignored it for now...but as he went from rooftop to rooftop, he saw smoke come from the orphanage. It was burning.

And then, he heard a gunshot and quickly dodged the bullet that came from overhead. "Wait, overhead?"

He looked up, only to see a large balloon with a basket underneath, with two...people? the basket. It was hard to see because of the distance, but after he used his goggles he confirmed. "Great, now they are watching rooftops..."

Zakri was forced to drop onto the street level, only to see a fight going on in front of him. Overseers were involved though, so if he took a few out, it meant they would not chase him, and people who fight Overseers would still be around.

"Shadow, clean up".

Suddenly two shadows in the shape of Wolfhounds appeared and attacked the Overseers from behind, while he slit the throats of another. Two more Overseers came running out of a nearby alley, but Zakri grabbed a pole as he ran and swung around, kicking one in the face and a bolt into the other's throat.

"Damnit, wasting too much time".

Zakri began to run towards the path towards the Orphanage, he was so close now...and then, he heard an explosion come from that direction.


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Another gun shot but this time a guard drops dead. Shortly there after a guy jumps into the fray and engages the guard. "I don't know who you are but thanks for the help." She thought as retracted one of her hooks. Charging a guard she reach out and hooked his neck. Still at a full sprint she jumped and used the guard as a pivot point nearly decapitating him. As she spun she pulled out and armed her stun mine. Landing on one foot using her momentum to flip/roll to her other foot she throw the mine which latched on to a guard. Finishing her roll she drew two throwing knives and throw them at the wounded guards. One found its mark in a guards throat, well the other hit the spin of the other guard. It didn't kill him just enough to paralysis him. As the two guards dropped the mine goes off and stuns two of the guards. As if on cue as the mine goes off She hears an explosion in the distance. "That's close. A few blocks away but no were near anything important. That was to big to be a grenade but guards and overseers don't normally blow things up. At less not since the rat pledge. Once I'm done here I should go look in to that." She thought.

(Sorry. Between family BS, work BS, personal stuff and Thanksgiving been busy.)

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Character Portrait: Noctem

Carpe Noctem, Carpe Occidere, Carpe Mortem. Seize the Night, Seize the Kill, Seize Death.

Character Portrait: Wraith

"your shadow can sometimes be your worst enemy"

Character Portrait: Zakri

An Orphan who gained the nicknames "Shadow of Dunwall" and "Sorceror of Dunwall".


Character Portrait: Wraith

"your shadow can sometimes be your worst enemy"

Character Portrait: Zakri

An Orphan who gained the nicknames "Shadow of Dunwall" and "Sorceror of Dunwall".

Character Portrait: Noctem

Carpe Noctem, Carpe Occidere, Carpe Mortem. Seize the Night, Seize the Kill, Seize Death.

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Character Portrait: Zakri

An Orphan who gained the nicknames "Shadow of Dunwall" and "Sorceror of Dunwall".

Character Portrait: Noctem

Carpe Noctem, Carpe Occidere, Carpe Mortem. Seize the Night, Seize the Kill, Seize Death.

Character Portrait: Wraith

"your shadow can sometimes be your worst enemy"

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Re: Dishonored: Aftermath of the Void

UPDATE! This is a list of points that will help anyone who wants to make their characters, and clarify at what point this is set at!

1: This is set 20 years after Dishonored 1, 5 Years after Dishonored 2/Death of the Outsider.

2: I recommend looking up the various new tools introduced in Dishonored 2/Death of the Outsider as well as the supernatural abilities for ideas, but I am accepting custom ideas. They do have to fit the universe, but don't get too worried about that because I am not that picky. Basically if you can explain it to a reasonable level and it feels like it fits, it's good.

3: I will allow custom tools that derive their power from the void using Whalebone and what not.

4: Some of the new stuff will also be seen with antagonists and enemies. For example I plan to introduce a new Anti-Magic device for the Overseers called Sacred Light, which hurts and weakens those with strong connection to the void and it feels like it burns them, especially if they have any Mark of the Void hit by it. (Different from Mark of the Outsider!). This does not however disable Supernatural powers, but it does weaken those too!

5: The story is adaptive to what we established and came up with. The level of influence the Supernatural has on the story entirely depends on us. Will it be a more minor note like Dishonored 1, or a larger one like Dishonored 2? I have ideas and a story in mind, but I know better by now then to set something in stone.

6: The full and current Dunwall has not only changed since Dishonored 1, but we never fully explored it in the first place! Feel free to think up locations that were never mentioned in the games!

7: Have fun with it! I mean, that is the point of RP in the first place, other then it being collaborative writing.

Re: Dishonored: Aftermath of the Void

PLEASE NOTE: A detailed knowledge of the Dishonored Universe, while would be nice, is not necessarily needed. Currently, and likely for the whole RP, no canon characters will make an appearance. Only basic knowledge of what kind of world it is, and maybe looking up some of the technology to get a good base, would be really needed. And some stuff I plan to put explenations for to help people.

And also, in other words, I am extremely user friendly and welcome creativity! If you have ideas for something that might fit, run it by me first, but I will probably be accepting of it!

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