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Disney at Hogwarts

Disney at Hogwarts


When Jack Frost, Merida, Rapunzel and Hiccup are admitted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry what will happen? What bonds (and trouble) will be made? (Other characters available by request!)

1,756 readers have visited Disney at Hogwarts since The(Doctor)Horrible created it.

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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has existed for centuries, teaching young witches and wizards about their powers and abilities, helping their unique students to grow and thrive in an environment unlike that of the world most people know.

When four unlikely students received letters from an odd school by the name of Hogwarts they had no idea how drastically their lives were about to change. They all had their own very different lives and backgrounds, but at the core they were the same: lost children who had gifts. This is their story, a story of adventure, camaraderie, friendship, and the profound bond shared by those who are understood nowhere else.


Main Four

Princess Merida || Gryffindor || OPEN

Rapunzel || Ravenclaw || Phoenix_Lynx

Jack Frost || Slytherin || Taken

Hiccup || Hufflepuff || The(Doctor)Horrible

Other students (Feel free to request others)


James Hawkins || OPEN

Kidagakash || OPEN


Milo Thatcher || OPEN


Violet Parr || MissBrightside


Pocahontas || OPEN



1) Don't even think about godmodding, OPing, or being a bad sport (unless it is something your character can legitimately do.)

2) Characters cannot be killed without the permission of their moderators

3) Common Sense, people

4) Feel free to ask questions

5) Be impressive, this story can go anywhere you want it to, so why let it be dull?

9) The number at the start of this rule plus the next word pineapple is the password which should be input along with your house.

6) Feel free to be a different character, staff or student! If student, send me your character's name, I'll research them and sort them into a house.

Character Sheet:

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Nickname (if any):



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The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 4 authors


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III rubbed one hand at his eyes tiredly as the clouds stretched on seemingly without end below him. He and the Night Fury under him, Toothless, had been flying for several hours already and Hiccup was ready to arrive at "Diagon Alley" already. Toothless whuffed and turned back an inquisitive green eye when he felt the boy move, but Hiccup only patted him on the head and smiled. "Just tired," he explained. Just a couple more minutes until they reached their destination. "We still have everything, boy?" The dragon's head ducked down to check all four claws encumbered with gear before coming up and making a small snort of an affirmative. The Viking smiled and patted the dragon again, excited for the new adventure they were about to experience. "First thing we do when we get down is getting some food. I'm starving, you hungry?" Another affirmative from the black dragon as he banked, forcing Hiccup to adjust the position of Toothless's tail. He gasped as a zing of pain shot up his leg, causing the Night Fury to look back in concern. The new prosthetic wasn't anywhere near anything the boy was used to, but he grinned unconvincingly and nodded to show he was fine. He'd get used to it... eventually...

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Rapunzel sighed gently as she brushed her fingers through her long blonde locks, because it was rather long and had a tendency to get in her way, she made sure that her hair was pulled into a nice fishtail which took her a very long time. However, this ensured that her hair was shorter and more manageable, even though it still reached the ends of her dress.

Her eyes skimmed around the surroundings of the station, already arriving before many other people, she waited patiently. She felt a strange sense of excitement mixed in with nervousness as this was the first time of her being outside. And she had no idea what to expect.

She had said goodbye to her mother earlier, while being surprised that she was allowed to attend the school, she looked at the letter last night to make sure it was for her. As she was so deep in thought, she didn’t even notice her pet Pascal jumping onto her shoulders. He rolled his eyes at her lack of awareness and tickled her lightly on her neck to snap her out of her daydream.



Violet sighed, leaning against the car window - Her brother's were fighting, her parent's were arguing over 'who read the map wrong' and she was just sitting there, turning herself in and out of invisibility for want of something to do.
Finally she hears her parent's exclaim "Here we are!" and she jumps out, looking at the old bar they were told to go through.
'The Leaky Cauldron' she notes, pushing open the old, black, dusty door.

Compared to the outside, the innards of this place is gorgeous.
"Nice," She hears her brother say and she rolls her eyes.
Her Father walks up to the bartender and asks him, "Do you know how to get to Diagon Alley?" To which he receives a curt nod.

Following the old, bartender outside, she sees a large brick wall and frowns about to speak when-
"How are we meant to get through that? Climb?" Her mother says and Violet shuts her mouth.
The man scoffs and shakes his head, "Who are they letting into Hogwarts now." And touches the bricks in a pattern.
Slowly the bricks melt away to reveal a bustling town and her whole family stand there in awe.
That is, until she barman coughs loudly, "you going in or what?" He asks.

They nod and walk into the magical town - Well, that really was just it wasn't it? It is a magical town.
Trying yet again to say something, she gets cut off by Dash.
"Wow, wow wow! Mum, Mum can I go explore? Can I, can I? Please, please, please?" Her brother squeals, jumping up and down with his super speed so all he looks like is a blur.
Putting her arms on his shoulders she looks at him, "Stop Dash, you'll attract more attention than we need. Okay but you have to stay with Violet and Jack Jack me and dad are just going to get something."

Violet is just about to complain when her mother thrusts Jack Jack upon her and yells 'Bye' over her shoulder.
Sighing, Violet realises the sooner she's shot of her family the better and then thinks, "They haven't even let me talk at all today. They're always interrupting me."



Alice smiled down at her kitten as the carriage rolled on, she was on her own for this one, her mother not wanting to listen to anymore of her 'silly stories'.
If only they knew just how real they were. She would think to herself on occasion and then think back to her wonderland adventures which would cause her only to believe them even more.

She wasn't so sure about going to this 'Hogwarts' it seemed awfully strange, so actually, maybe it was perfect for her.
Although her mother hadn't seen it like that, you see, before she fell down the white rabbit's hole her mother had promised her hand to a Mr. Joy although that was a lie, he wasn't a joy to be around at all. In fact he was judgemental and cold and only wanted Alice's hand because she was beautiful which her mother didn't mind because she was only promising Alice to him for a large, large sum of money.
But, of course after Alice came back Mr. Joy refused the offer, saying she was 'crazed' and needed to 'go to an asylum'

"What an awful man." She whispers to herself, shutting her eyes to get her out of this thought.
No, I refuse to think myself made, if I do I might just go as insane as that silly, old hare. She thinks, taking a deep breath.

"Madam, we're here." Says her driver and Alice smiles slightly, re-opening her eyes to look at the leaky cauldron.

Alice made swift work charming the barman, she told him all about wonderland and he didn't think her made, well maybe a little, but not like her mother - Not enough to be on the brink of sending your daughter to an asylum like that awful man suggested.
Alice bites down hard on her lip, why was she still thinking about these things? It was pointless; she was here now and she would not be going to an asylum.

She watches as the man touches the bricks and how they glide apart.
"Wonderful!" She exclaims, thanks the man and walks into the gorgeous little town, deciding she just had to look in all the shop's windows.


Our favorite winter spirit Jack Frost, couldn't help but smile slightly at his friends', no, his colleagues' -for the love of God, how it sounds weird to him.- arguements. Guess what they were arguing about? A goddamn sleigh.

Jack couldn't deny the fact that he loved the sleigh and North's, a.k.a. Santa's crazy driving, he was having fun when North made him ride the technological sleigh. Which Easter Kangaroo, ahem, Easter Bunny E. Aster Bunnymund loathed from the depths of his little bunny heart.

"Come on Bunny, everybody loves the sleigh!" North towered Bunny with his enormous bulk that would shame the yetis. He had crossed his arms on his chest, revealing his tattoos.

"No mate, just no. I am goin' there with my ways." Jack threw him a highbrow smirk in a wink. Poor Bunny, he had a fear of heights which was an ultimate source of fun for Jack. Everytime, Jack would pretend falling off the sleigh when North was taking a sharp turn and Bunny would fall for it all the time. Good times good times.

Jack really didn't want to go to this idiot school at all.

"Guys guys!" Tooth Fairy interrupted them with her usual quick talk, she really looked nervous and she was practically touring the globe lounge with hyper speed. "We don't have time! Dumbledore said-"

Jack suddenly felt very angry and he accidentally dropped the room's temparture noticably. "I don't want to go. Why do I have to go anyways?" He fisted his snow white hair in frustration he kept inside for days. "Bunny would make a excellent nerd you see, just dabble some shape-shifting magic on him and voila!" He looked at Sandy with expectation sparking in his ice blue eyes.

Sandy didn't respond, and so his other friends. Bunny didn't even spare an angry glance meant for Jack's sarcastic words.

They were hiding something. Damn it.

Jack gripped his staff and rose from the ground a little, scolding himself. Get a hold of yourself, Frost. Trust them a little, they are your friends.

But Jack didn't know what friendship meant. He was all alone for 300 years. Sure, he had observed and tried to understand everything he came across, but friendship and bonds with people were different. He could never estimate things that were going to happen in a relationship, and he didn't mean 'romance' and stuff and all. This was valid in every kind of intercourse. So valid that Jack had started to think it was a stark rule between humans. And although he was a human before, Jack was slowly starting to forget his past life. But he didn't want to forget his sister, his mother, his friends back home. They were the reason why he was here, protecting the children with all his might.

Don't get deep Frost, thinking is never good. Get action.

"I'll go alone, I will explain the situation to Dumby, don't you worry." He winked at them, he didn't notice some of Baby Teeth sighing in delight and fainting.

He was pleased to hear them scream "Dumby?!" in unison.

Jack cringed in displeasure. He got a weird feeling in his stomache every time when he had to go through a Snow Globe Portal. First experiences brought traumas.

He was standing on the top of a building, mesmerized by the cheerful ruckus bombarding him. People from all ages were there! The common point was children accompanying them, or...they were accompanying children. How cute. He grinned like the Cheshire Cat, crowded places meant fun. Fun meant snow. Snow meant...trouble, as Bunny like to put it. He still was holding a grudge over the Blizzard of '68. Neat.

And North had showed the courtesy of warning him not to cause any trouble there.

Jack raised his staff. Jack Frost doesn't listen to elders. That's why he was on the top of the naughty list after all.



Ariel the Mermaid was lost. She was utterly shocked to see the sea of humans moving in front of her. She was finally thinking she had gotten used to her legs, walking didn't hurt anymore.

But Bent-Triangle Man didn't warn her for the shock waves!

Ariel never felt fear for her entire life, expect the death of her mother. Running away from sharks and bursting through the witch's cave was thrilling, but not scary for her.

But not knowing what to do was spine-chilling.

She just stood in front of the gate of Diagon Alley in awe, watching the snow-flakes dancing above people's heads, not aware of the upcoming snow storm.



Rapunzel felt herself become more and more adjust to human life outdoors. Or she thought she did. White cold flakes glistened as they fell onto her skin, causing the surface to become icy and then quickly melt due to her body temperature. Her eyes widened at the sight. What was this exactly?

“Pascal look!” She twirled around, causing Pascal to hold onto her tightly before he could fall over. “What is it?!” She questioned, her eyes glanced upwards towards were the flakes were dropping from. Blinking away the wetness of the flakes, her fingers brushed through her now slightly damp hair.

Pascal groaned gently as the coldness was creating him to go blue, or at least have white-blue spots all over him. He rubbed his head against her shoulder, trying to point out the boy with the white hair.

“Huh?” Her gaze fell upon the boy, tilting her head for a better view; she frowned at the view of him. Vivid white hair yet such bright blue eyes, he seemed well...very much like one of the characters from her stories. “Is he causing this...thing?” She still didn’t know what it was exactly, rather because she had never heard nor seen it in her entire life. “Perhaps he could tell me what it is...Pascal?” She giggled as she realized that Pascal was now under her hair, seeking cover from the icy cold.

Without a moment of hesitation, she strolled towards the boy was standing, taking care to avoid crowds and the children that seemed to be equally as excited as she. As she reached him, she smiled gently.

“Excuse me, white haired boy, what exactly is this?” She asked politely, though her tone showed how energized she was. Rapunzel motioned towards the flakes that were falling, while Pascal eyes the boy suspiciously.


Watching children squeal and shout out in happiness melt something in Jack's heart, even the joy in the elder people's eyes and the great aura of glee spreading like waves almost made him consider his actions.


Jack Frost hasn't got a heart made from marshmellow. Not at all. He lives up to his pleasures and benefits- Hey! Was that a garden elf? He could swear he had seen a garden elf! But unfortunately, Jack was enjoying the scenario very much to go after it. Instead, he followed the green creature with his eye. Since he was laying on a roof, he was wieving the place panoramically. This was probably the billionth time he was proud of being a winter spirit, he loved the ability to use his eyes like a telescope. A little gift from Baby Tooth. Jack didn't neglect thanking her.

A small squeal came from his hoodie covered with frosts. Thank you!

"No problem!" Jack grinned proudly.

...Wait a minute.

"Baby Tooth?" Jack called out to little fairy in suspicion. He gently tucked his hand in his pocket and cursed when his hand brushed soft feathers.

Jack immediately took out Baby Tooth from his pocket and opened his fingers. "Baby Tooth? What are you doing here?" To think of it, he didn't want to hear the answer. Baby Tooth was like his best companion, he didn't need to question her. She had saved him countless times and he didn't mind having her around. Vice versa, he was having more fun when she was with him.

Baby Tooth sneezed with a cute voice which reminded of puppy sneezing to Jack. "I'm sorry Baby Tooth, I forget I'm a winter spirit sometimes." He said flatly, not wanting her to notice his disappointment.

Baby Tooth smiled and shook her head, flying around Jack's head. Jack laughed "How did you manage to get in my pocket? I'm impressed Baby Tooth. You have leveled up." He 'thumbs up'ed her.

Baby Tooth pouted and crossed her little arms, pointing in front of Jack...

Garden Elf! He had completely forgotten about it!

But being Jack Frost equaled to being absolutely flawless, he managed to locate it within a minute. It was standing beside a girl, eyeing her weirdly and laughing at her. Well, Jack wanted to laugh at her too, her jaw was sweeping the ground and she was shocked too much that Jack thought maybe North had gave her a tour with the sleigh. Jack was so occupied with her expression that he didn't notice her blood red silky hair. His eyes widened, how the heck did that color existed? Was that even possible? Jack knew how a ginger looked like, this girl had pure red hair, like a wine. Maybe she had dyed her hair? He wanted to look closer but his eyes had started to hurt, he couldn't widen his pupils anymore.

Even from afar, her hair stood up. The color made the hairs on his neck stood up. He decided playing a trick on her sometimes soon. Since they were going to go to the same school after all.

Geh, school.

“Excuse me, white haired boy, what exactly is this?”

Baby Tooth's scream pierced his daze and he looked at her in confusion. "Baby Tooth? What's wrong?"

She pointed down frantically, flew here and there and finally tucked herself in Jack's hoodie. He looked down, and saw a golden haired girl looking at him. She could...see him? Did she believe in him? Oh God she-

Oh. He forgot about Dumby's magic. Everyone could see him now. Jack didn't know how, or what to feel about this but...Interesting beginning was all he could think.

The girl looked very lively and for the sake of Manny, her hair. Just, how many feets was that? It looked so shiny and long, which actually hurt his eyes a little.

He whistled. "That's what I call 'deep-rooted'. Planning to join Guinness? I think you can break the record." He neared her, and sat on a balcony's edge, dangling his feet. The balcony wasn't high from the ground, it was close to it actually, probably two meters up. He could touch her with his toes if he wanted. He started playing with his staff and felt Baby Tooth sneeze again.

"Then again, I know my hair rules." He grinned at her.


Rapunzel looked at the boy and the commotion in front of him, as she looked upwards she noticed that the boy was speaking to someone, ‘Baby Tooth?’ she thought as she simply just watched him. As she leaned on the souls of her feet, she heard children cry about the weather.

“Mommy, it’s snowing!” She heard, and as she glanced behind her, she smiled. "Snow"She whispered to herself as she cupped her hands for the snowflakes to fall onto. Though they quickly melted.

She nearly forgotten about the boy with the white hair if he hadn’t of spoken to her. "That's what I call 'deep-rooted'. Planning to join Guinness? I think you can break the record." She blinked, confused at his words. “Guinness?” She repeated gently.

Pascal looked at the boy and then at her with a weird expression of his face. Quickly he stuck his tongue out towards him before making a grunting noise, he quickly saw no real threat towards the boy and retreated back into the warmth on her shoulder.
She realized that he had gotten closer to her, and was very much looking directly at her hair. Rapunzel touched it self-consciously before settling besides him.

"Then again, I know my hair rules."

She returned the grin and watched the scenes in front of her. “Well, is sure is white!” She exclaimed to him, giggling. “You should be named Snow or something, like this...its snow!” She pointed at the dissolved flakes laying on her fingers, proudly showing of that she had learnt something. “It sure is beautiful...and wet”

The cloud cover began to taper off as Toothless nosedived without warning. "Who-Whoah! Toothless!" Hiccup exclaimed, quickly adjusting the control stirrup to account for the change in angle and speed. The dragon looked back mischieviously and sneezed with excitement before hunkering down and diving a bit faster. "Toothless, what are you doing? There's people down there!" The dragon didn't make any move to slow down for a few seconds as the viking clung desperately to the saddle and crouched to reduce the air resistance.

Those few seconds were amazing, though. Below him lay an ocean of color and motion, people and buildings everywhere, all jammed together like they were leaning on each other for support. Sound reached him over the whistling wind, talking, yelling, laughing, even some noises he'd never heard before in his life.

Toothless banked hard after looking around for a moment and honed in on a building's roof, the largest one there and the flattest (relatively speaking). It was the only safe place to land, or so it seemed, with the crowd below. Hiccup stammered and gripped the saddle tighter, ready to snap his foo-... his prosthetic back when the Night Fury braked. Snowflakes stung his eyes, but not enough to block out the form he could barely see sitting on the rooftop that he was rushing towards.

"Oh, great, Toothless, brake!! Look out!!" bellowed the viking, forcing the dragon to do as he said by activating his half of the tail. The huge black wings to either side of the boy billowed out with a snap and caught the air, nearly flinging Hiccup from his perch as their momentum plummeted. The building shot towards them. "I can't watch," the rider decided, shutting his eyes. The dragon took care of the rest. Seconds later there was a huge jolt as the black dragon landed, bending his knees to reduce the force of impact. A moment later he peeked open one green eye to find them both in one piece, the center of attention. He couldn't help but to stand in the saddle and yell in victory and the thrill of being alive. "Good job, Toothless," he praised, patting the dragon, "though perhaps a bit less drama next time."

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Character Portrait: Jack Frost
Jack Frost

"My name is Jack Frost, and I'm a guardian. How do I know that? Because the moon told me so. So If the moon tells you something...Believe it."[WIP]

Character Portrait: Alice

"At least I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then."

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"I don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad."

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"So this is what the outside world looks like"

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"No, no-no, Toothless, down! Down!"


Character Portrait: Jack Frost
Jack Frost

"My name is Jack Frost, and I'm a guardian. How do I know that? Because the moon told me so. So If the moon tells you something...Believe it."[WIP]

Character Portrait: Ariel

"I don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad."

Character Portrait: Alice

"At least I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then."

Character Portrait: Rapunzel

"So this is what the outside world looks like"

Character Portrait: Hiccup

"No, no-no, Toothless, down! Down!"

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Character Portrait: Hiccup

"No, no-no, Toothless, down! Down!"

Character Portrait: Alice

"At least I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then."

Character Portrait: Jack Frost
Jack Frost

"My name is Jack Frost, and I'm a guardian. How do I know that? Because the moon told me so. So If the moon tells you something...Believe it."[WIP]

Character Portrait: Rapunzel

"So this is what the outside world looks like"

Character Portrait: Ariel

"I don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad."

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I was so sad when Amy and Rory left and I agree they're the most perfect couple although I also sometimes wanted the Doctor and Amy to get together ;3 But Rory, god he's so adorable ^-^

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