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"No, no-no, Toothless, down! Down!"

0 · 1,271 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Disney at Hogwarts”, as played by The(Doctor)Horrible


Gender: Male
House: Image
Movie/Show originated from (if any): How to Train your Dragon
Physical description (words and pictures are nice): Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is tall and scrawny, around 5' 11" and gangly. Straight, long, wild red hair lay tumbled in front of his forehead and over his ears. Pale and freckled, he is hardly able to lift his heavier tools, often using his entire body to hoist a hammer or a thick metal plate (obviously he prefers wood for this reason). Green eyes peek out from under expressive red brows and he usually is found with a small, thoughtful smile on his face. Something very defining of the boy, however, is the oddity at the bottom of his left leg. In a battle to save his village's people, the dragons, and his best friend, Hiccup lost a good part of his left leg from mid shin down. It has been replaced by a spring-loaded prosthetic which fits into Toothless's control stirrup. He's made a few modifications but it's far from perfect and he is very unused to it.
Personality: Hiccup is very shy and prefers to keep his private business just that: private. While he may show off an invention or two he is wildly unused to positive attention. He's highly awkward and has a dry, sarcastic sense of humour which occasionally gets him into trouble, however it's just a way that he copes with his lack of social aptitude and self esteem. The only one who has ever really made him feel welcome is Toothless, his best friend (who happens to be a dragon), though before he left things were starting to look up. He actually had a girlfriend, the village didn't hate him and his father had said the few words Hiccup had always longed to hear: "I'm proud to call you my son." Though he has physical limitations his mind is quick and creative, always on the go. He is resourceful, observant, and clever and has a working with mechanics and engineering.
History:[Most courtesy of a wiki, though paraphrased, the last part is new] Hiccup had always been different from the rest of his tribe. Though he was the son of the chief, Stoic the Vast, and heir to the village, he was nothing like any of the other vikings. Always out to prove himself he made inventions to help him be more like them, though they always seemed to backfire. One night, however, during a raid, a stroke of sheer luck hit. Using a cannon which shot a bolo through the air, he hit a Night Fury, the most deadly, dangerous, and mysterious dragons known to Vikings. It fell into the forest and he lost it, but went to find it the next morning. After many failed attempts, he found the dragon and discovered that it's still alive. Despite his determination to prove himself to the community as a great dragon killer, Hiccup was unable to kill it after seeing the fear in its eyes, and instead freed it. It simply reminded him too much of himself.
His father enlisted him in dragon training despite Hiccup's many pleads against it, though it was a quick change from the boy who was itching to prove himself only hours before. Through the mockery of his peers he shoved through the gruelling and often dangerous classes, sneaking out to the forest afterwards as he had done since he was a child.
One day, Hiccup found the dragon he had shot down trapped in a clearing. When he had forced it to land its tail had been injured. One thing led to another and he befriended the beast, engineering a prosthetic tail and feeding the creature. He earned the name "Toothless" from his retractable fangs and the two became the best of friends. Hiccup was the first Viking to ever befriend a dragon. The tail he designed required him to ride along with Toothless when he flew, however, to keep it open. Neither can fly without the other. During their adventures Hiccup learned so much about the dragons and used the quirks he observed to get ahead in dragon training.
The stress of living this double life was hard on Hiccup, however. The other Vikings, particularly Astrid (his crush), took notice of his unexplained absences after dragon training sessions, although no one really commented on it. Eventually, after Hiccup placed the top in training, Astrid managed to follow him and discovered Toothless. She ran off to tell the other Vikings, but Hiccup and Toothless stopped her, flying her around the area on Toothless to calm Astrid down. It was during this ride that Hiccup sees the Red Death in the very Dragons' Nest his father had been trying to find and destroy. When they landed, Hiccup managed to convince Astrid not to tell anyone about anything that happened by showing how loyal he is to his dragon. After their conversation, Astrid kissed Hiccup on the cheek after punching him in the shoulder, seeming to admire his loyalty.
The next day, Hiccup was required to fight and kill a Monstrous Nightmare as part of his final exam during dragon training. The task goes horribly wrong, however: Hiccup tries to show the Vikings that they don't have to kill dragons, and right as the Monstrous Nightmare is calming down his father bellows in rage, causing it to try to kill Hiccup. Toothless hears his friend's alarmed cry from the forest and scrabbles up the walls of his glen, desperately trying to get to the boy. He succeeds in saving Hiccup, but is captured in the process. Stoic refuted Hiccup as his son after that and refused to listen to his pleas. Toothless was chained to a ship and used to find the Dragon's Nest.
As the adult Vikings left in search of the Nest, Astrid talked to Hiccup about the entire situation, trying to comfort him, showing him that his refusal to kill a dragon was a strength and not a weakness as he believed and asked him "what he's gonna do about it," which leads him say "something crazy." Rounding up the other teenagers, Hiccup put them all on the backs of the training dragons and flew off to the nest.
While the Vikings tried to fight a losing fight, the teens flew into the scene. Hiccup went onto the burning ship where Toothless was trapped and tried to free him, but soon the ship broke apart, pulling Toothless down to the seafloor. Hiccup still tried, however, and went limp after a few moments of attempts, only to be saved by his father, who also freed Toothless from his chains. After Toothless pulled him up to land again, Stoick told his son that he didn't have to do this, to which Hiccup replied by quoting his father's catchphrase, "We're Vikings. It's an occupational hazard."
In response to the familiar words, Stoick told Hiccup how proud he was to call him as his son, just before Hiccup and Toothless flew off to confront the Red Death themselves. Hiccup managed to kill the Red Death by having Toothless shoot holes into its wings, and then diving towards the Nest at a high speed, so that after Toothless blasted a firebolt into its mouth, it couldn't pull up in time. During the fight, though, Toothless's prosthetic tail caught on fire, so as they were pulling out the last part of the plan (blasting fire into its mouth), they were running out of time. The Red Death crashed into the ground, triggering an explosion on impact. Hiccup and Toothless flew through its various spines and the flame; however, they ran into the Red Death's tail at the last moment as they attempted to escape the resulting blast. Hiccup was knocked unconscious, rendering Toothless unable to fly on his own. The two fell thousands of feet into the blaze below. As the village approached the site of the explosion and found that Hiccup is nowhere to be seen, Stoick apologized to the barely conscious Toothless, but soon discovers that, even without his makeshift tail, Toothless protected the future chief from the fire by folding him in his wings. Stoick whole-heartedly apologizes to Toothless, and was deeply thankful to the dragon for bringing his son back to him alive.
When he woke up after an unknown amount of time, Hiccup was heralded as a hero in the tribe. Although he lost his left foot and lower shin when he and Toothless fell into the fiery cloud, he was fitted with a prosthetic that Gobber designed and fabricated, "With a little Hiccup flair thrown in it." Astrid finally kissed him and they are tentatively dating, though obviously long distance now.
The day after that a message came carried by a Terrible Terror. It burped out a few owl feathers but delivered a small scroll. An invitation to a school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Stoick was proud to send him off, though he had no idea about Wizardry, nor did anyone in the village. Nonetheless, Hiccup was off with Toothless a further day later, all his belongings attatched to the saddle and clutched in his friend's claws. In an hour or so they'll be arriving at "Diagon Alley."
Interests: Inventing, sketching, learning, flying, hanging out with Toothless, reading, pushing his limits, adventuring
Equipment: Large array of tools and materials, sketchpads, pencils, charcoal, Toothless's saddle and equipment, a small knife, rope, various inventions (most of which are not operational at the time)

So begins...

Hiccup's Story


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III rubbed one hand at his eyes tiredly as the clouds stretched on seemingly without end below him. He and the Night Fury under him, Toothless, had been flying for several hours already and Hiccup was ready to arrive at "Diagon Alley" already. Toothless whuffed and turned back an inquisitive green eye when he felt the boy move, but Hiccup only patted him on the head and smiled. "Just tired," he explained. Just a couple more minutes until they reached their destination. "We still have everything, boy?" The dragon's head ducked down to check all four claws encumbered with gear before coming up and making a small snort of an affirmative. The Viking smiled and patted the dragon again, excited for the new adventure they were about to experience. "First thing we do when we get down is getting some food. I'm starving, you hungry?" Another affirmative from the black dragon as he banked, forcing Hiccup to adjust the position of Toothless's tail. He gasped as a zing of pain shot up his leg, causing the Night Fury to look back in concern. The new prosthetic wasn't anywhere near anything the boy was used to, but he grinned unconvincingly and nodded to show he was fine. He'd get used to it... eventually...

The cloud cover began to taper off as Toothless nosedived without warning. "Who-Whoah! Toothless!" Hiccup exclaimed, quickly adjusting the control stirrup to account for the change in angle and speed. The dragon looked back mischieviously and sneezed with excitement before hunkering down and diving a bit faster. "Toothless, what are you doing? There's people down there!" The dragon didn't make any move to slow down for a few seconds as the viking clung desperately to the saddle and crouched to reduce the air resistance.

Those few seconds were amazing, though. Below him lay an ocean of color and motion, people and buildings everywhere, all jammed together like they were leaning on each other for support. Sound reached him over the whistling wind, talking, yelling, laughing, even some noises he'd never heard before in his life.

Toothless banked hard after looking around for a moment and honed in on a building's roof, the largest one there and the flattest (relatively speaking). It was the only safe place to land, or so it seemed, with the crowd below. Hiccup stammered and gripped the saddle tighter, ready to snap his foo-... his prosthetic back when the Night Fury braked. Snowflakes stung his eyes, but not enough to block out the form he could barely see sitting on the rooftop that he was rushing towards.

"Oh, great, Toothless, brake!! Look out!!" bellowed the viking, forcing the dragon to do as he said by activating his half of the tail. The huge black wings to either side of the boy billowed out with a snap and caught the air, nearly flinging Hiccup from his perch as their momentum plummeted. The building shot towards them. "I can't watch," the rider decided, shutting his eyes. The dragon took care of the rest. Seconds later there was a huge jolt as the black dragon landed, bending his knees to reduce the force of impact. A moment later he peeked open one green eye to find them both in one piece, the center of attention. He couldn't help but to stand in the saddle and yell in victory and the thrill of being alive. "Good job, Toothless," he praised, patting the dragon, "though perhaps a bit less drama next time."