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I'm a big tough girl, I can tie my own sandals and everything

0 · 921 views · located in Disney: Darkness Falls

a character in “Disney: Darkness Falls”, originally authored by phoenixheart, as played by RolePlayGateway







  • Hercules
  • Her freedom
  • Sarcasm
  • Bravery
  • Perseverance


  • Hades
  • Heights
  • Flying
  • Manipulative people
  • People who give up easily


The Bare Necessities


Meg has little in the way of recognisable powers or abilities. That was Hercules' domain being the demi-god in their relationship and all that. She's in fairly good shape and has the average physical strength and stamina of a woman of her age and build.


The biggest thing Megara has going for her is her street smarts; she's not one to let you take her for a ride. She's also brave and a loyal friend.


Meg lacks the physical prowess of other heroes and her combat abilities are seriously lacking. While she may try and put up a good fight, she won't get very far against anything other than a training dummy. She also has weak ankles.


Flying, failing in her goal


Very sarcastic, talks fast


Deeper into the Rabbit Hole


Avenge Hercules' death
Stop the villains taking over the Multiverse

Significant Relationships

Prince Adonis(unknown, don't care)-ex-boyfriend
Hades- She had formerly sold her soul to Hades but now has her freedom back


Meg's family is unknown, but she now counts Hercules' family as her in-laws of sorts. So Zeus is her father-in-law, Hera her mother-in-law and so on and so forth. Seriously though, Hercules has a huge family.


Meg is without doubt on of the more outspoken heroines around. She says exactly what she means and refuses to sugarcoat anything. She has no issues with using her femininity to her advantage in any given situation and often resorts to flirtation and flattery in order to get what she wants. Meg is a largely independent person and hates having to rely on other people for anything. Getting one up on Meg is pretty difficult as many people have found out to their expense. While she may not shine academically, Meg certainly has her wits about her and always has a quick comeback, which are usually very sarcastic. Megara has a more cynical outlook on the world than others in the multiverse.


When she was younger, Megara sold her soul to Hades in order to save her then boyfriend, Adonis, who then repaid her by leaving her for another woman. heartbroken, Meg entered into a life of servitude to Hades, acting as a reluctant pawn in his plan to eventually rule over Olympus. She was trying to persuade the River Guardian to join Hades when Hercules swooped in and 'saved the day'.She was initially dismissive of Hercules, having promised herself not to get involved in another relationship, but when she realised that this Hercules was trouble for Hades, she began to warm to him, even showing concern when he faced the hydra. While it was obvious that she had feelings for Hercules, she refused to acknowledge them. Hades later used Meg to stop Hercules interfering in his plans by giving up his strength for 24 hours. Hercules made the deal on the basis that Meg wouldn't get hurt. Long story short, Meg did get hurt, Hercules got his strength back, saved Olympus. The Meg died and Hercules saved her soul from Hades.

Having both acknowledged that they had feelings for one another, Hercules and Megara ended up in a relationship and everything was ticking along nicely until Hades decided he'd had enough of the River of Death and wanted revenge on Hercules. Which he got after wishing for Hercules to be sent to space. The Gods managed to keep Hades and the alliance out of Olympus and Megara was drawn into the multiverse wide effort to stop the alliance succeeding.


So begins...

Megara's Story

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Within the deep, twisted abyss of a broken world, Maleficent, Empress of all Evil, was seated majestically upon her throne. Around her were the misty visages of her fellow Coalition members, magical avatars that projected the images of her followers. It was a communications system set up via a combination of her own dark magic and Jafar's powers as a djinn, a way for her and the rest of the Coalition to converse and meet up, without having to leave the safety and comfort of their own individual domains.

"This Council will come to order." Maleficent's measured voice announced, bringing the attention of the other villains to her. The demonic witch inclined her head to the former Prince of the Southern Isles, as she continued on. "First order of business, an update on the continued conquest of all of Creation. King Hans, you are first."

"Of course, my dark Empress." Hans gave her what she assumed to be a rather charming smile, though it did little to affect her. "Arendale and the surrounding kingdoms are all under m--our control, and wiping out any dissidents has proven very affective. The demon army has now reached the borders of Mother Gothel's territory, and with that, they are heading south now, to begin the conquest of the Desert Tribal fiefdoms."

Maleficent took in what he said, nodding her head once. She knew all this already, of course, but these meetings served more purpose than just a pure debriefing and share of knowledge. The Eternal Empress was always curious if any of her servants would leave anything out of their reports, or if they might otherwise hold back information. It was a good way to indicate which lesser members of the Coalition she should keep an eye on.

"Good, very good. And you, Hades?" Maleficent turned her gaze to her 'partner' and co-founder of the Coalition, eying him with great curiosity. "How go our efforts toward discovering a way toward weakening, and eventually killing, the other Greek pantheons?"

This much she knew already as well, but it wouldn't do, to ignore such an...important member of her Coalition. Even if she did find the God of the Underworld grating at times, he was still a very useful ally, and quite the powerful 'partner'. It would be in her best interests to placate him as much as possible before his inevitable betrayal.

And betray him, he would. They all would, given the chance. Maleficent was not so foolish as to believe that an organization founded by petty and power-hungry titans would last long, before it fell to infighting. Still, the Coalition was serving its purpose quite nicely, and more importantly, she was more than confident she could take out any of the people here, if they sought to overthrow her.

Well...mostly everyone here, at any rate. Hades was the one man in this Coalition who Maleficent felt she could rightfully be wary of. He was a god, immortal, and very, very powerful. And, much to her distaste, he wasn't under her control at all, unlike the equally threatening but 'loyal' djinn Jafar.

Still, the Coalition would hold, for the time being. They were still united in common goal, and it would take quite some time before the eventual splintering began. And Maleficent would take advantage of this fragile peace, while it lasted.

The Gatekeeper

In a dimension that existed outside of regular space and time, The Gatekeeper, protector of the vast Multiverse, waited. He waited for the perfect opportunity to enact his desperate, one last plan to save the entirety of the Multiverse from being overrun by the Coalition of Evil.

Three months had passed for him since Maleficent's initial incursion, and things were not getting any better. Heroes great and power, from across the universes, had fallen one by one against her Coalition, leaving entire worlds defenseless and ripe for conquest.

But that would end here, for good. The Heroes of the lands may have been slain, but all hope was not yet lost. There were many people, many brave and righteous souls, who could take the places of their fallen comrades, and push back the tide of evil that was threatening to swallow all of Creation.

And here, today, he would assemble them, and begin the eventual downfall of the Coalition.

"Genie." the Gatekeeper turned his attention to the blue-skinned djinn, his most useful and helpful ally in these dark times. "It is time. Bring forth the Champions to this Realm, so that we may begin."