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Toulouse Meow

Yes I like the way you smile with your eyes

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a character in “Disney's Island”, as played by KittyKLL


Toulouse Meow


Nicknames: Tou, Louse, although I prefer my full name.
Age: I'm eighteen
Disney Movie: The Aristocats
Birthday: November 15th
Gender: Male, and I'm sure of it.
Sexuality: I prefer girls.
The only memory left: My only memory is of a orange cat, singing. Man I must be a bit loony.

  • Sketching and painting. Being artistic!
  • Sleeping, I love to take naps.
  • Bow ties, I have no idea why though.
  • I love dem' ladies, and they seem to love me, pretty girls especially.
  • Milk, I also like this thing called coffee.

  • When people ask pointless questions.
  • When a prank goes wrong.
  • I don't like getting lost.
  • People bothering me when I paint
  • I'm not the best swimmer, so I guess water even though I do enjoy the beach.

  • I'm terrified of dogs.
  • Being alone

Personality: I'm very childish and I try to enjoy the time I have as a kid to the full extent. I don't feel the need to be responsible or reliable. I am absolutely amazing and everything I do, although some people try to tell me otherwise. I'm also a bit vain, just a bit. I think I look pretty damn good, so I want my ladies to look just as amazing. I also never look for a committed kind of relationship, when it comes to friends or even love. I'm friendly with whoever comes along and if they want us to be the "best of friends" they have to prove their worth with me. Also with girls, I love when they're feisty and I love the chase, although most times I catch them easily. For me girls are like a game, some are harder to conquer than others, although in the end you can cheat your way to get them, if you know what I mean. I don't like girls who claim that they are lady-like, if you keep saying it, then you don't believe it yourself. I'm very mischievous and proud of it too, planning pranks and and causing mischief where ever I go. My obsession is painting. I'm always outside with a paintbrush just painting whatever I can. I'm also the type of person who has no shame. I easily walk around the island around without a shirt, or sometimes even in my underwear. Its a lot more comfortable.

Biography: Before the Island: Toulouse was the eldest of three kittens that belonged to a cat named Duchess. They lived a posh life that will filled with anything they could dream of, but sadly one day their butler drugged them and threw them out into the wide. There the cats met Thomas O'Malley, a stray that taught them to have fun. With Thomas's help, they returned to their original owner and also Thomas was adopted, and became a father figure to Toulouse. The day after they returned home, Toulouse was taken away to the island.

On the Island: Ever since I came to the island, all that I ever did was paint. This place is just so beautiful. The technology isn't too complicated, and I feel that I know certain things from my life. I feel some connection to Marie and Berlioz, although I don't exactly know why. They mostly just get on my nerves, yet I feel close to them. Even though I am enjoying myself here, I can't help but long to go home. I don't really tell anyone this, I'm trying to find my back all by myself.

Anything else?

Password: Disney's magic

So begins...

Toulouse Meow's Story


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Eric took the phone from Marian, nicely. Making sure his fingers brushed her skin. Quickly he pressed a few buttons and said,"You calling me won't be difficult. All you need to do is press the number two for about ten seconds and it will call me automatically." Then he pulled Marian close and took a picture. "Look how cute you look," he said with a laugh as he pressed a few more buttons. "It's your home screen so you'll never forget me," Eric whispered in her ear once more. He loved the way she blushed when he did it, so he kept doing it on purpose. He also knew that once she'd meet up with Mulan later, Mulan would get angry that they have a picture together. He can already picture the asian girl upset, but trying not to show it.

Then Eric felt a vibrate in his pocket. It was another text from Tilli. "Excuse me once more," Eric said with an apologetic look.

Will you stop! I'm supposed to be being responsible here! Meet me at the pier at 6, where I will punish you for you what you're doing to me ;) xoxo

He smiled and quickly replied.

Only if you promise to punish me.

He put his phone back into his pocket and said to Marian, "This seems like a wonderful morning for a walk on the beach, care to join me?" He offered her his hand.


Aurora smiled at Wynn. It was really kind of him to offer to take the basket, but she did see that it was a bit of a burden on him. "I have an idea," she said as she took another basket that was similar to hers. She took a few items from Wynn's basket and put it in hers, although she made sure that Wynn had more items. After all, she didn't want to hurt his ego. There we're only in Minnie's for another ten minutes before Aurora said, "That's about it!" She smiled at Wynn. "Now, let's go to my house and then you get to decide what we're doing today Winnie." she said.

Aurora started to walk outside, and compared to the air conditioned store, it was pretty warm. Once again Aurora started to hum, she couldn't help herself. Although she did have an urge to sing, but she didn't. Not yet. One day she'll sing in front of Wynn. In the week that they've known each other, it seems like they have known each other forever, making Aurora assume sometimes that they possibly came from the same place. More than once had she wanted to asked Wynn about it, but realized it was useless. He probably didn't remember any more than she did. All though thoughts swirling around her head worried her, those thoughts always did. When she realized that she was making a worried face, she quickly smiled, not wanting Wynn to know.


Toulouse yawned as he got out of bed. The house he shared with Phillip and Wendy was a bit quiet. He wondered where they were. It didn't bother him much when the smell of pancakes entered his nose. Quickly he put on some pants, not a shirt though, and wandered into the kitchen. There in the middle of the table stood a plate filled with pancakes that looked like they just had been out of the pan. Toulouse licked his lips and started to eat, they we're good, not as much as Aurora the island's best cook, yet still good. It never ceases to amaze him how everything on this island is always taken care of.

When he finished, he poured himself a cup of milk and finished the cup in once gulp. Then he walked out of the house, truthfully he didn't know where to go. Maybe the music store? He loved that place. Or even to gym, he could use a great workout. Then Toulouse got an even better idea, quickly he ran upstairs and got his paints and a canvas. He found himself a great hill overlooking the sea and sat down and started to paint.


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#, as written by Runika
Wynn laughed a little seeing Aurora take another basket. "Sorry, I wish I was a little stronger." He really did. Sometimes he felt so... Well, he wasn't sure what word he could use. He wanted to be of more use to her, that's all. And to be able to make her happy. He followed her out of the store and braced himself for the usual temperature difference. He didn't really like the feeling of going into the cold supermarket and then returning outside to the island's warm climate. It was comfortable in Minnie's. Sometimes the cool air made him feel sleepy and he would cuddle up somewhere if he was lost and take a short nap.

He heard Aurora humming again and smiled. She really did have a nice voice. If only she could sing in front of him. Thinking about what Aurora said he looked at the ground and started to ponder. "What to do...." He wondered quietly. As they made their way over back to Aurora's place he remembered her house mate, Adam. It didn't take much to know that Adam didn't like him. The reason why wasn't unknown either; he always commented on how slow and retarded he was. This was just how he was. He couldn't NOT be slow even if he wanted to. Gosh, now he was confusing himself. "Do you think Adam will be angry that you're bringing me over again Rose?" He asked sadly. He loved to go over and spend time with Rose, but Adam's temper was something that Wynn seemed to set off no matter what he did. If he did nothing than he was yelled at for being useless. If he did SOMETHING, he was yelled at for getting in the way. Sometimes he just sat outside on the porch so Adam didn't have to see him.

Still very much optimistic about her and Marian's little get-together, she had a small smile all the way back to her house. Mulan walked into the house she shared with Jasmine and the dreaded Eric. She actually really liked the house. Everything seemed so... nice. If only she didn't have to live with someone that hated her. The houses and housemates were pre-assigned somehow at Scrooge's City Hall. Of course, she didn't want to live with him and at first decided to live with Lily for the first night. Soon it was common knowledge that no one could rest easy unless in their assigned homes. Normally her and Eric tried to ignore each other, except for maybe a few snappy comments or sounds of disgust every now and then. Arguments weren't uncommon either though.

She sighed as she went up to her room. Thoughts about Marian and Eric soon plagued her. What if Eric was going to somehow keep Marian from the lunch they had planned together? She bit her lip. It was actually very likely. Eric hated Mulan, and would love to take Marian away from her. She shook her head. "Marian wouldn't do that to me..." She mumbled with hope. Marching straight up to her room and then into her bathroom, she shut the doors and stripped herself before she got into the shower. As the hot water fell onto her body she tried to enjoy the feeling rather than try to think about Eric; the person she least wanted to have on her mind. Thinking about Marian was an option, but thoughts of her just brought thoughts of Eric anyway.

Once she was done with cleaning herself, she stepped out and dried herself off. Her hair was still a little damp, but the island weather would soon dry it up. The Asian slipped on a pair of dark army green short shorts, a blank tank top and a similar green jacket, grabbed her phone, slipped on her brown boots and went out the door. If she stayed home all she would do was try and kill time unsuccessfully until lunch. Mulan decided to go over to M-Mall and maybe find something to do or run into somebody. She smiled seeing someone in the mall: Stitch. "Good morning Stitch!" She called.

Esmeralda woke up to the sun's rays beaming on her face. She groaned as she got up to shut the curtains. Her arms extended upwards above her head as she stretched and then slumped her shoulders with a sigh. "Well, good morning to me." She grumbled to herself. Still dressed in her nightgown she walked out of her room and into the hallway. Listening for any signs of her house mate she concluded Herc wasn't home. Man, Herc sure was an early riser. But she was a deep sleeper, so it didn't bother her. "Probably off chasing Til." She said with a chuckle. It was funny how he could so openly try to get to know her when everyone knew the Princeton boy through of the girl as his bitch.

She admired people like Herc who got up early to stay fit. There was Mulan and Robin too. Her, she just needed to dance; it was her own way of staying fit. Making her way down to the kitchen she grabbed a piece of bread and chewed slowly at it. There was some french toast sitting around magically, but she didn't feel the urge to eat it that morning. For some unknown reason, Esmeralda was content with even the simplest of meals. She was pretty grateful for everything actually. On the island, she felt free and blessed, like she could do whatever she wanted without having to worry. Maybe she was someone who was constantly hunted before, who knows.

Still in her nightgown and putting off changing for later, she walked out onto the porch and looked around. There were people out and about, as expected. Her attention was caught by a figure up on a hill. It looked like a boy was painting. Ah, must be Toulouse, she thought to herself. The boy was an amazing painter. It seemed like everyone on the island was special in their own way.