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Why do you assume I'll steal it?

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a character in “Disney's Magical Island”, as played by BraceBlaze




Nicknames:Names Aladdin, call me anything else and you'll have to take it up with my fist. Ha I'm only kidding, just call me Aladdin."
Age: 18, according to my birth certificate
Disney Movie:Aladdin
Birthday:"March 17 last time I checked."
The only memory left:"The last thing I remember is saving a young lady for stealing an apple for a couple kids, I couldn't see her face though since her cloth was in the way. Don't ask me why I helped the lady I just did."

  • Monkey's
  • Money
  • Food
  • Being independent
  • Myself

  • Police, well dosnet everyone?
  • Being treated poorly
  • Being tricked
  • Evil people.
  • People that brag

  • Falling in love
  • "Ha I don't know why but tigers"

Personality:"Well I will say that my ravishingly good looks don't count as a personality trait, but I wanted to mention it. Hmmmm..okay so my peronality, ah yes I'm giving, I'm not afraid to share, sharing is caring...Right? Off that note I believe I'm caring, I'm a little bit of a hot head though. I can be stubborn at times, well just because sometimes I know my ways better." Aladdin is a little bit vain at times and can be really stubborn and aggresive. He's a bit of a hot head and is not the least bit shy. He can be a BIG air head and usually gets side track often.When you can tolerate all his flaws and see past them you will be able to see his caring, loving and sweet side."

Biography:Aladdin is a street-urchin who lives in Agrabah, a large and busy town, long ago with his companion monkey friend Abu. When princess jasmine gets tired of being forced to remain in the palace, she sneaks out into the market place where she accidentally meets Aladdin. Aladdin is then thrown in jail and gets caught up in Jafar's plot to rule the land with the aid of a mystery lamp. Aladdin then enters the cave of wonders where he finds a flying carpet and gets the lamp. He soon finds out its a genie and has three wishes. He then meets jasmin again, but in the disguise of a rich prince. He learns that doing that won't impress her so he tries being himself soon winning her heart.

I woke up on a beach not remembering anything, the last memory I had was being a street rat, although I dosn't like the term. I sorta live on the streets now not really, I'm defiantly not the richest for sure. I live in a small building, I don't have a job yet, but that all comes in good time. Maybe if I can gain my memory I might end up finding I'm a rich king.

Other:Even at this new place Aladdin is still more or less a street rat

Password:Disney's Magic

So begins...

Aladdin's Story


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#, as written by Runika
Mulan Hua

Mulan's head reflexively retreated backwards feeling Terk touch her nose. "Yeah? I bet you missed having all your brain cells too." She laughed while rolling her eyes. "Yeah, all three thousand seven hundred and fifty one of them." She scoffed as she made up the numbers. Mulan then eyed Terk strangely as she felt herself being pulled in closer to her. Terk had this mocking, or challenging, or possibly both looks on her face. That only meant that she was up to something. Before she could prepare herself she felt her own body being flipped over and forced under the weight of the dark-skinned woman again. Her head spun with the annoying sensation one received whenever doing something related to circular motion. While she was trying to recompose her senses, all attempts froze when she felt Terk's hand slide across her face. It was just a simple touch. A simple brush of her hair. Yet why did it feel so... strange? When the two wrestled, Mulan never felt uncomfortable. No matter where their hands accidently wandered, how physically close they became or how entangled their bodies were, she never felt uncomfortable. In fact, she felt right at home wrestling with Terk. But why did such a small and insignificant motion make her feel something?

"I win?" Terk's taunting question brought her back from her wandering thoughts. She decided to not think too much about it. She sighed, ready to admit defeat. "Fine, you wi-" Her words were cut off by someone suddenly tripping over the two of them. What? Just who was idiotic enough to not see two fully grown woman in the middle of their path? "What is it with you gravity?! I never did anything to you!" A familiar voice shouted. She soon realized it was none other than Aladdin. The Asian couldn't help but feel slightly irritated at his somewhat improper greeting. After tripping over them the only things he said were 'sorry', commenting on Terk's abnormal wake-up time, and asking if they had eaten yet. Sometimes she felt that she shouldn't be annoyed by such things, but she couldn't help it. If Jane were here then she was sure that she might have felt the same. Not only was it his greeting that irked her, but it was also how he addressed Terk and not her. On a small scale it might have bothered her that she felt ignored, but the major factor was that he was paying attention to Terk. She knew the two were at least decent friends, but that's all she knew. Aladdin didn't seem like the type to care about tomboy types, which she liked about him, but she felt strangely protective about Terk knowing that Aladdin might like someone like her. Mulan didn't consider herself overprotective. She didn't hog Terk's attention or try to pry her away from Terk's other friends, though that was probably because she would be too afraid to. Namely people like Yzma. Afterall, Terk played with everyone, not just her. She wasn't really that special at all.

"Well, hello to you too, Aladdin." She greeted with a smile, enunciating the 'hello'. At the mention of breakfast, the hunger that she had felt before Terk jumped her suddenly resurfaced. It was actually intriguing that thoughts of hunger were forgotten while wrestling with Terk. Now that the thoughts had returned however, she was sure she needed to eat something or the feeling wouldn't retreat this time around. "No, I haven't, though I plan to. Not sure about Terk here." She replied while her eyes turned to meet Terk's as if asking her the question. Mulan realized that her body was still pinned under Terk's weight. Anyway, it's not like she disliked having Terk nearby, but something didn't feel right about talking to somebody while being pinned down by another. Probably some etiquette thing. Perhaps Jane would understand.