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Ariadne Haller

"It's Ariel."

0 · 225 views · located in Disney Island

a character in “Disney's Magical Island”, as played by UniqueYetUnoriginal


Ariadne Haller


Nicknames: After deciding that Ariadne sounded too much like a foreign disease and no one could pronounce it on the first try [Air-ee-add-nee], I decided to shorten it to something much easily to pronounce - Ariel, plain and simple.
Age: I'm sixteen years old.
Disney Movie: The Little Mermaid
Birthday: July 2, making my star sign Cancer. The animal of Cancer is a crab, which suits me to a T.. what does that even mean?
Gender: Female, I would hope.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
The only memory left: Just a boy, a sailor. After a storm, I pulled him to the beach. I don't know what it was about him that made him so.. unique, but something made me want to know him better. I can't remember if I ever did get to know him better, though. His face is blurred out in my memory, it's like a word on the tip of your tongue, I just can't.. seem to.. remember..

  • Water
  • Fish
  • The smell of the ocean
  • Swimming
  • My hair
  • Hot chocolate
  • Speed
  • Being right
  • Laughing
  • Singing

  • Meat
  • Bugs
  • Blood
  • Very neon colors
  • Humidity
  • Silence

  • Excess amounts of blood
  • Octopuses. Any other sea creature I am fine with, but these ones scare me.
  • The thought of losing my voice, which is a bit silly, I know.

Personality: I am very curious, adventurous and brave, some would even say to the point of foolishness. I am determined to know everything that is hidden from me, which can often lead me into difficult situations. As well as this, very little unnerves me, or strikes me as 'dangerous,' even the things I am afraid of seem very irrational and silly to be feared. Instead of people influencing me, I much rather prefer changing other things around me to suit my particular needs, though this cannot always be the case.

I am also quite stubborn, I suppose. If you tell me I'm wrong, I won't go down without a fight. Also, no one can change my mind after I have set it, though this may be a sense of pride more than anything else. I can be very impulsive, going on my first idea rather than waiting for a better and more practical idea to pop into my head. I can be a bit flirtatious though this is something I would consider more a hobby to pass the time or to rid boredom than to find love, as to be honest, I don't think I can find love in anyone else except for that sailor, though I would never admit this.

I love to sing, and though this isn't technically part of my personality, it is a bi part of me. I would consider myself quite talented at singing, and the thought of not being able to sing frightens me. I can also be overprotective and motherly to those I care dearly about, though not many have seen this side of me, at least not on the island. I can act a bit innocent and childish sometimes, but then again, we're all kids at heart, and I am only sixteen.

Before The Island ; - ; After saving a handsome sailor, who she soon figured out was a prince, from a shipwreck, Ariel was determined to meet him again. This lead her to make the best and worst decision of her life. She traded her voice with Ursula, a half octopus woman, in exchange for a pair of legs. The girl found herself staying in the Prince's castle, Prince Eric, and getting to know him, even though she could not respond to anything he said. It all turned downhill, however, when a human form of Ursula, who goes under the alias Vanessa, arrived, beautiful for such a wicked personality, and was about to marry the prince. After quite a few events, including the return of Ariel's voice, a kidnapping, and an epic fight scene, Ursula ends up dead at the hands of Prince Eric. She was whisked away just after the death of Ursula, and now does not remember any of the events just mentioned.

At The Island ; - ; It's very different from wherever I was before this, though that may just be because of the seemingly invisible suppliers and cooks that whisk around the town, creating more food and stock. The people seem friendly enough, and some of the boys have caught my eye, certainly, but some of them intimidate me, not that I would ever admit this. There are certainly some people who enjoy the island more than others, Aurora for example, and though it is a breathtaking place, I am determined to get back home for two reasons; The first being that though I can't remember what, there was certainly a very big event about to take place in my life, and secondly because I am curious as to what my home life is, who my family are, and most importantly in my opinion, the identity of this amazing sailor.

Anything else? There was something, I can't remember it now.. o_o

Password: Disney's Magic.

So begins...

Ariadne Haller's Story