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Flynn Rider

"You asked for it. Here comes - the smoulder."

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a character in “Disney's Magical Island”, as played by Imagine That!




Nicknames: Flynn, please. My real name is Eugene Fitzherbert, but there's no way anyone's knowing that. So, please, Flynn.
Age: Twenty.
Disney Movie: Tangled.
Birthday: 4th of July
Gender: I'm all male, baby.
Sexuality: I love the women, I do. They're a big weakness of mine, actually.
The only memory left: I seem to recall something about hair. Lots, and lots of hair. Scary amounts actually. And this may sound stupid, but I think I... climbed up it?

  • Money. Oh, I do like money. And anything shiny. That usually means it's valuable.
  • Women hanging off of my arm and various other body parts of mine. Especially brunettes.
  • The smell of vanilla, bread, and freshly cut grass.
  • Being out in the rain. I like the feel of it on my skin.
  • Did I mention money? Something else? Erm... horses are nice. Yeah, horses.

  • People not getting my nose right. In every drawing that's been done of me, no-one got my nose right!
  • Someone outsmarting me. I'm a quick guy, and when someone beats me, it usually means they're smarter than me. Which is a bad moment. Especially when people catch out my lies.
  • Money being taken away from me. I ... I could cry even thinking about it.
  • Being thought of as superficial. I mean, I am, but I don't like it when people actually know that.
  • Fish. I hate fish.

  • Being found out for the person that I really am.
  • Coimetrophobia - the fear of cemeteries. I hate them with a passion; I fell into a grave once, I think. It must be that.

Personality: So, you want to know about Flynn Rider, do you? I am cocky, and arrogant, and yeah, a bit of a dick to everyone I meet. Well, who wouldn't be, when you have my looks, and my way with women, eh? The arrogance is really just me being extremely confident, I like to say.... but yeah, that's another lie. I really am just amazing, and I like to let everyone else around me know it. Why shouldn't they know that they're in the presence of someone so brilliant? I'm quite skilled at hiding from people, and hiding things; if I want something hidden, you won't find out about it until I want it known again. Trust me on that one. I can also run rather quickly, and avoid hitting things... as if I've been running from something, or someone, for a long time. I am greedy, and flirtatious, and I will strive to fight for what I want, and nine times out of ten, I'll get what I want. It's not my fault if I break a few hearts in the mean time. I do love money, as I said before, and I am exceptionally greedy and protective. If something is mine, it's mine. I don't share. I'm also vain. I know I'm handsome, and I can't help it if I have to stop and look in the mirror at myself.

Underneath all of my bravado, there is a nice guy under there. You just have to hunt to find him. I am laid-back, that you'll be able to tell from the start. I tend not to worry about anything, unless it's a life or death situation, which there don't seem to be many of here on the island - it's pretty relaxed. I am sensitive, and I will pull that trick out of my bag if I really, really, want to get a tough girl into bed. I can be the guy on the end of the phone that listens to you when your boyfriend's just broken up with you... but I don't like to be. I'd rather just keep my tough guy exterior on as much as possible. I am good-hearted really, and I won't hurt anyone just because I can. I'll let a girl down gently, help a guy out who's just been in a fight, whatever, really. I'm not that bad of a person - I just like getting what I want... which is usually just sex and money. I'm simple to please.

Biography: Disney: Before the Island, I was just a poor little Orphan, who no-one cared about, and I lashed out at the world, stealing things, loving the adrenaline rush. I was the best thief in the entirety of Corona, and that was how I wanted it to stay. I wasn't close to anyone, didn't have any responsibilities, and I was a happy guy. That was until I met her, anyway. Rapunzel trapped me in her hair when I was running from the guards of the city, and she coerced me into taking her to see the floating magic lights; that was the only way she was going to give me the crown that I had stolen back (which in the end, turned out to belong to her anyway!) But, of course, the obvious happened. I loved her innocence, her beauty, and whatever, and I fell in love with her. Yeah, I know, stupid me. I traded my life of crime to become her husband, after reuniting her with her parents, who just happened to be the King and Queen! Yeah! How lucky for me! I became a Prince! I had love and money; what else could a guy ask for?

Reality: I couldn't be happier to be on this island. There's no-one chasing me, no responsibilities to be taken, and I can just... relax, all day! I love it. I mean, yeah, it's a little strange; washing up on a beach, surrounded by people I don't know, with no memories of where I came from, or who I am, but that's not the point. This island is amazing; it's tranquil, beautiful, and... I'm happy here. I don't know why some people aren't happy here! How can you not be happy with the sun, sea and sand? What idiots can't see this as heaven?

Anything else? I hope I mentioned before, that I love money. Oh, and if I didn't say this earlier; money is life. I also do love a good cup of tea, not going to lie. I go for a run every morning, my work out before the day, and if I don't, I get a little grouchy.

Password: Disney's Magic!

So begins...

Flynn Rider's Story


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Aurora was walking down the road, and the birds where happily chirping to each other making conversation. Even a faint hoot of an owl was heard, and she assumed it was the creature's way of saying good morning before he was about to go to bed. The owls hoot, was familar to some extent, but Aurora thought nothing of it since she had heard the owl everynight. Meanwhile, her stomach grumbled and it reminded the naive blonde, that even though she had made an amazing breakfast, Aurora didn't eat any herself. Her walk towards the ocean only increased her hunger the more she walked. "Maybe I should stop and get something to eat?" she thought to herself. Looking around, hoping that maybe she was close to one of her friend's residence so she can enter and join them. "I'll go visit Mulan!" she exclaimed to herself knowing that the asian girl lived nearby. The blonde swiftly walked towards the houses but stopped for a minute. "Wait does she live in house D or C?" she thought to herself. Aurora wasn't that good at memorizing...well pretty much everything. She was able to remember things by objects, like how her house was the one with the bird's nest to the right. Aurora knows that Mulan lives in the house with the big oak tree next to it, but the tree was between two houses. After mulling about it for another minute or so, Aurora finally decided that it was the D house.

Not feeling the need to knock on the door, Aurora barged in quietly. The house was silent, which was unusual considering the people who live in the house, but the blonde just assumed that everyone was asleep. "I'll go wake up Mulan now," she whispered to herself as she started to walk towards, to what she thought, was Mulan's bedroom. Opening the door, after knocking twice and not recieving any answer, she entered to see a sleeping figure. Jumping softly on the bed, she said, "Wakey, wakey." and smiled as Aurora started to shake the figure. The blanket slipped from the figure's head to show a lump of brown hair. Aurora gasped, this wasn't her friend. She must have gotten the wrong house. "S-s-s-orry," she stammered as she attempted to get off the bed.

Covering herself in the her favorite scented body wash, Yzma was expecting a visitor any minute now and sure enough he arrived. Belting out, he completed her song. Yzma grinned to herself as she felt a presance behind her in the shower, and as she turned around a glimpse in the mirror told her everything. Gaston joined her in the shower, and in his birthday suit of course. Although how could Yzma take a look in the mirror and not say anything about herself? She was drop dead gorgeous, even with her curls all wet. You could say she looked extremely sexy. Finally turning around to meet her sex puppet, she grinned and threw her arms all over his shoulders, fully aware that neither of them had anything between. "What took you so long? Were you too awed by my beauty?" Not really letting him answer, Yzma clashed her mouth against his. It was hot and heavy, and the steam that was emunating from the shower wasn't really helping with anything. Her hands found themselves exploring the very muscles that she had come to know so very well the past week. Finally when the small beauty had run out of breath, something that doesn't happen often at all, she said, "Are you going to help me shower or what?"


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Rey Kuzco

An obnoxious yawn escaped the young boy's mouth as his eyes fluttered open. His hands reached into the air to stretch in the bed he had all to himself. He paused for a moment and allowed his senses to come back to him. It didn't take long and Rey jumped out of his bed in one quick move. Saying that Rey was a morning person was honestly an understatement. The young boy scratched his belly, his feet moving him to get cloths to change into. Even though they had only been on the island for a week, Rey's closet was already more than filled with lavishing cloths that showed off his awesomeness.

He picked a pair of jeans and a dark grey T-shirt with a V-neck. He decided to go the casual way that day, at least for now. There was no need to show off so early in the morning, there was more than enough time for that later. He put on his white sneakers and grabbed his phone before making his way out of his room and to the bathroom. Rey didn't even bother checking if anyone was in there first and instead went straight to washing his face and teeth. As he did so, his head bobbed to a tune he was humming with tooth paste in his mouth. The music from last night was still in his head and he couldn't help but smile at the memories of it. Most of it consisted of Gaston being extra touchy, Yzma arguing with him, James drinking everything in the place, and Flynn flirting with any girl that caught his eye. Through it all, though, they had an amazing time, like they always did when the group was together. Good times, good times.

Finishing, Rey made sure he was looking his best, which wasn't so hard seeing as he always good great, before making his way out the bedroom. As he made his way in the kitchen, Rey noticed a piece of paper on the counter. He skipped over to it and read the fancy handwriting that could only belong to Belle. It was a simple message that informed them that she had gone out and the could leave any dishes in the sink for her to wash later. Belle would make a great wife, Rey noted and smiled at her cuteness. Seriously, he would even write all over himself just to tell Belle she could read him all night because he was just that committed to pleasing his ladies. Shaking his head, Rey broke the fantasies that had begun to form in his head and read the rest of the note. She added that if they needed her, they could text her and to write down anything they needed as well. And almost as if she knew that Rey was about to send her a million of messages that consisted of Rey demanding for her attention, she added not to bombard her with them. Pouting, Rey grabbed the note, crushed it in his fist, and threw it away. Call him mischievous or evil, Rey wasn't about to let Simon see the note. No, the only man Belle took care of was him.

Before Rey could rummage through the fridge, his cell phone buzzed to announce someone had sent him a message. It was probably one of his many admirers wanting to know how he woke up and wishing him the best of luck. When he checked to see who it was, he was greeted to a text from Mikey asking if he wanted to go to Daisy's Diner and get something to eat. A smile reached his lips as his fingers began to pounce on the keys.

Sounds like a plan. It'll be your treat! I'll meet you there in around five minutes, okay?

Sending the message, Rey ran upstairs to get his jacket. Mikey was someone Rey could easily push around so it was actually easy for Rey to get along with him. Although the two didn't have the same kind of fun that Rey would have with people like Yzma and the others, he did have great moments with Mikey. After grabbing his jacket, Rey left the house and began making his way to the diner with a delicious breakfast in his head. He could practically smell the pancakes already and he had barely taken a few steps out the house.

Adam Biest

When Adam's numb senses reached him through his sleep, he woke up with a heavy sigh. He didn't move though and instead remained laying in his bed for a moment. His body was covered in a number of blankets and anyone who came into his room, though nobody would be so stupid to do so unless they want to be greeted by a very angry man, wouldn't think twice that the heap of blankets on the bed would contain someone. Yet there he was, in all that mess, hoping that he would fall back to a decent slumber. Yet the sleep had left him, it seemed, and Adam was forced to bring himself out of his bed because of it.

His room was a complete mess. There were cloths thrown across the floor, a few empty bottles of beer, and many more various objects that Adam couldn't even recognize. He put little mind to the things covering his floor though and kept moving past the trash to leave his room. His eyes glanced over to the direction where his other two roommates slept. Fortunately for him, neither of them were too loud or annoying. They didn't bother Adam and Adam didn't snap at them, simple as that.

He dragged his feet down the hallway until he entered the bathroom. He stripped out of the cloths he was wearing before turning on the water. He had slept with the same cloths he had worn last night, like usual. Once the water was to his liking, Adam stepped in and began to take the much needed shower to take out any sleep he still had left. His time on the island could be better described as him doing things on his own while now and then snapping at the others inhabitants. He always ate out, cooking was not his forte and the food in the fridge didn't appease his hunger. He would find himself eating alone at Daisy's Diner and in the same condition for lunch at either Chip N' Dale's Famous Burger or at Pluto's Pizza. Then he would either go to the Pier, by some sushi on the way, and read a book at the beach to spend the time. Then there was the gym where Adam could take out his anger freely or the theater to entertain himself. Aside from the library, those places were the main spots Adam would be at most of the time.

After finishing his shower, Adam stepped out and dried himself with a towel. As he wrapped the towel around his waist, his ears picked up the sound of footsteps. They were soft, almost undetectable if it wasn't for the silence in the house, and Adam guessed they could only belong to Merida. Adam stayed still for a moment. He sure as hell didn't want to run into her in the hallway with only a towel covering him up. Once he heard a door open and the sound of footsteps fade away, Adam deemed it safe and stepped out of the bath room and began making his way back to his bedroom. His eyes caught sight of the door that lead to Flynn's room opened and his eyebrows knitted together. It wasn't until his eyes caught sight of a flash of blonde hair that belonged to a girl who was scrambling off of Flynn's bed that Adam's mind registered it hadn't been Merida's footsteps. For a moment, Adam thought it was Rapunzel. He wouldn't be surprised if she got in the wrong house to be honest. Yet he quickly noticed right away that it was Aurora after she gave Flynn a stuttered apology.

Adam's body tensed up and his feet quickly moved him out of the hallway and into his room. That was great, just great. His day had just begin and now his head was going to be filled with the blonde all day. It wasn't that Adam harbored feelings for her, no that would be crazy. It was because she reminded him of the rose in his memory and the option that she could be someone in his past made him a complete mess. It was all that had been in Adam's head since he awoke in that stupid island. He wanted to go back home because he knew that he had been happy there. He remembered the feeling clearly and he desperately wanted it back. Sighing at his thoughts, Adam ran a hand through his wet hair as he went to find anything that wasn't dirty to wear before heading out to get breakfast.