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Jane Porter

"All right, enough of this. I want that paper on the count of three. One, two... Oh, look! Bananas! "

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a character in “Disney's Magical Island”, originally authored by Caille, as played by RolePlayGateway


Jane Elizabeth Porter


Nicknames: Janey. Brainy Janey.
Age: Eighteen
Disney Movie: Tarzan
Birthday: May 24th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
The only memory left: The one memory I can seem to recover is the memory of me and my dad in a boat talking about staying with someone and how I loved the man. How I felt about him but I knew I belonged back home where ever that is I don't know and the very last thing I remember is jumping into the water swimming after that man.

  • Reading
  • Adventure
  • Drawing
  • Animals
  • Studies

  • Self-centred people
  • Others being in danger
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Jerks
  • Thieves

  • She wont figure out what's really going on.
  • That she's never going back to where her home really is.

Personality: Jane for the most part is an absolute lady. Coming from England and all, she knows proper mannerisms, she knows when to talk and when not to. Jane also is very smart. She's often found reading, and she reads just about anything but mostly things to do on facts and information. Jane knows how to cook and clean like any young lady should, she knows how to present herself in most situations and knows when and how to act around different people but for the most part she tends to stay herself.

Although don't let this little bit confuse you. That's just how she presents herself when in all reality she can be wild a bit and have her adventerous moments. Jane loves a good rush coming at her once in awhile, although sometimes she gets scared horribly she just loves the feeling she gets. She may seem like she hates getting dirty but if it's to explore and to study things then so be it she doesn't care and it doesn't really matter to her. Jane is very caring and she loves animals. She'd never ever want to hurt an animal in any way unless it was supposed to be for defense. Jane is a gentle and kind natured woman for the most part and she'll be delicate when she does things. She's always a little cautious and wary of things as well so she's hardly naive about a situation. She can also be very understanding of situations and only wants to help most times but sometimes she just can't and she feels bad for it. Jane also has a big imagination sometimes, a bigger one than more people could ever know because she displays it most in drawings.

Biography: Jane is an English woman who comes from England with her father. She grew up in his household where she got into many different studies and she got into many different readings and facts. Jane became fascinated with all the knowledge she gained. She used to live beside one guy when she was around the age of 5, his name was Robert. They used to be best friends of course. Then in later years, Jane took a trip with her father and they ended up in a jungle in parts of Africa. They were there on a research project for apes and to study them up close. Of course while they had found the apes nests, Jane came across a little monkey and in that moment she drew a picture of the monkey and later the monkey had stolen her book of drawings. When she stole one page back the baboons suddenly got angry with her and chased her. That's when Tarzan had to come in and save her from the baboons and near the end of it Tarzan had introduced himself and inspected Jane. Soon he started to repeat things she'd say. Soon she got to talk to him again and she showed him what civilaztion was and began to try and teach him English a bit. Jane seemed to have fun teaching him English too. Tarzan began to show Jane things that she could never see on her own and he had opened up her heart a whole lot to the beauty of nature. He taught her how to swing on vines as well. Soon it all ended when her boat came back to get her. She wanted Tarzan to come with her but he couldn't leave his ape family behind. Then he suggested that she'd stay but she couldn't leave her father and Tarzan tried to convince her but she ran off crying. Eventually Clayton had told Tarzan that Jane could stay if she saw the apes. Tarzan soon showed her and she interacted with the apes very well same as her father. Jane soon wanted to learn ape from Tarzan and how to speak it. Soon things went really wrong and Tarzan had to choose. He finally chose to go with Jane after finding out about his real family. Although upon getting on the boat Jane was being captured and there were cages everywhere. They were locked up and finally one of Tarzan's elephant friends came in to get them free. Clayton went crazy in trying to capture the apes but Jane and Tarzan did all they could. Once the apes were saved and Jane got to finally go back Tarzan and Jane had to say their goodbyes and Jane had to go off to the boat crying because she didn't want to leave Tarzan. She had loved him and she knew the belonged in England with people but she stayed with Tarzan anyways.
~First person~ Now that I've been placed on this island, though it feels familiar I tend to wander around it in search for something similar to what I knew. I see the beaches and the trees and try to think of home but it's like it isn't possible at all. Lately I've been searchign for information in hopes so I spend a lot of time in Ludwig Von Drake's library searching for anything or at least something. I have interacted with other people here and there and I like to keep things in order sometimes but I'm not too flustered if things get out of order. I also hide out in my study but that's only a few hours other than that I go to try and study things up close.

Anything else? Nothing else.

Password: Disney's Magic

So begins...

Jane Porter's Story


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Rita rolled over in her bed, the sunlight pouring nicely onto her bed. She groaned, flipping over to lay on her stomach. Her hand instinctively went up to her hair, pushing it out of her face, as she tried to dose back into sleep. It didn't work. She rolled over, once again, greeted by the bright sunlight. Her face scrunched in annoyance, but she finally sat up.

She could feel her hair standing up at every possibly angle, the wild curls hard to maintain even with the greatest of efforts. She ran a hand through it once more, her fingers snagging on a knot. She cried out, as she accidently yanked her head to the side. Rita collapsed back onto her pillows, whining dramatically into the soft cushion.

She finally pushed her way out of bed, the blanket falling to the ground as it untangled from around her legs. She glared at her window, the sun actually, for waking her up. She was up late last night, although she can't remember exactly what had happened. She remembered being out with some friends, and then going home to hang out with Terk since she was so miserable. Tequila was involved in there somewhere.

The thought of the alcohol caused Rita's head to pulse with pain briefly. She sighed, rubbing her temple. She headed to the bathroom for a shower, hoping the steam would reveal her stolen memories. It didn't. Her head hurt slightly less, but she still wasn't sure what exactly happened last night. She changed into some dark jeans and a t-shirt and headed downstairs in the search of food.

And then the memories flooded back in.

Every single dish, broken apart thanks to Terk's excessive need to create music with anything she could find. Apparently, shattering bowls was her new things. Rita sighed as she checked each of the cabinets. Everything. Broken. What was Tylar doing last night that kept him from making sure the two girls didn't do anything stupid? Like break every dish in the kitchen?

Rita's stomach grumbled, but she couldn't eat here. Not if she wanted to see what would happen if she tried to eat cereal on a paper plate. She would have to go to the diner, there were probably already pancakes cooked and waiting. Pulling on some shoes, Rita headed out, running a hand through her hair, once more.


Lucas had awoken quite before the sunrise, giving himself plenty of time to shower and eat before his two roommates did. It had become habit to do this, in attempts to avoid the two people whom a shared a house. The Golden Boy, and the Adventurer. He rolled his eyes as the sun finally made its appearance.

He slipped out of the house without so much as a click of the door closing behind him. He walked calmly towards the library, his gray bag draped over his shoulder, holding books that he borrowed last night. He spent most of his night reading them, after being forced to leave when the building closed, but now it was time to head back to his only sanctuary.

Not even his bedroom gave him much comfort. He was quite pleased with what the island offered, and although his past is fuzzy, he does quite enjoy this life as opposed to the one he once had. Still, he found less enjoyment out of the things everyone else seemed to love.

The library still wasn't open, so Lucas took a seat on one of the benches outside, and pulled out one of the books from his bag. He rested his right ankle on his left knee, and flipped open to his bookmarked page. He grabbed his glasses, and slipped them on and happily began reading.


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#, as written by Caille
Jane Porter

It had been early morning when Jane had woken up. It wasn't even dawn yet, the sun started to rise yet. Jane laid there for awhile and she looked out her window. After awhile she had tossed the blankets to the side, swung her feet over, and stood up, her feet landing on the floor. She stretched her arms out and she meanwhile it was stretching her back out. Her lips parted letting out a small yawn. Soon Jane walked over to her closet and she opened it and pulled out something to wear for the day and laid it out on her bed. She looked around the room to make sure she had nothing to take care of for now.

Jane walked over to the bathroom where she could take a shower, Jane had gotten in and she turned the hot water on. It came spraying out and it ran down her body. It felt nice just to stand there under the hot water but soon enough she had to get around to washing her body parts and her hair. After she was all nice and clean she turned off that shower and stepped out. She took a nice soft white towel from the pile of folded towels and wrapped it around her body. Walking up to the mirror she stared at her reflection for a bit and then pulled the hair dryer out and she began to dry her hair. It took twenty minutes but she had done it and her hair was brushed out.

Jane walked back out into her room and dried herself. Soon she had gotten dressed in this and she made sure her dress was smoothed out and it was straight. She smiled as it seemed to look perfect. Soon Jane slipped on her flats and then walked over to the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror and turned her curling iron on letting it heat up as she put in her earrings and washed her face and moisturized it. She put a bit of eyeliner and lipstick on but nothing to heavy. Jane then was reading to curl her brown locks and after an hour she had perfectly curled her hair and arranged them neatly.

Now she was ready and presentable. Some people thought she was boring and dull but they didn't even know half of her. They thought she was all about being proper but if they took the time to know her they'd know she doesn't mind getting her hands dirty or going on any sort of adventure. They all just avoid her thinking she's a stick in the mud. Jane grabbed a book, her favourite one that was about different animals. She loved to read and it was her favourite thing to do in the world. Soon enough she had left her room and the sun had just gotten up. She went to sit on a grassy bank by the beach and she began to read while feeling the light breeze on her face. After awhile Jane could smell cooking and she went to where the smell was. She smiled as Aurora had made some breakfast and Jane got a little bit before leaving again. Now it seemed others were getting up and Jane had left her book closed in her hand.

Jane had walked off and went somewhere quiet and alone. She didn't really know who all wanted to be around her but it didn't matter, eventually someone would be friends with her, right? None the less Jane, mustn't be this way and she should be happy, she didn't need to let things get her down. Jane began to now walk around the island and eventually she came up to the library, oddly enough she had a key to the library and she soon opened it seeing someone else there, "Good morning, to you, Sir." She said politely. She had learned to keep a nice appearance and those who weren't her friend just got the typical attitudes of her being proper. Jane had gone and walked in the library turning on a few lights and then she returned her book and put it back on the shelf. "Anything I can help you with Lucas?" Jane asked casually.

Naomi King

Naomi had been sleeping, she loved her sleep and it was almost nearly impossible for her to get up. Naomi was just dreaming and she was minding her own business in her dreams. She was running around Africa for some reason and she just kept running faster and faster and she was chasing after something, or someone perhaps. Naomi wasn't completely sure but she kept chasing after it, her blood pumping and growls could be heard all around her but she never took note to it at all. Soon that was when she saw a dark face, there was a scar on his face, his voice was deep and dark, and everything about him was off putting, Then there was thumping but it wasn't her heart beat and she was confused. For awhile she couldn't figure it out until finally she work with a start and heard Jess outside her room and her heat was still beating and she couldn't find her words at first.

Soon Peter came out of his room and he seemed excited for breakfast and Naomi jumped out of bed. "I'm coming!" She shouted back to Jess and Peter and Naomi began to look around her room and she was pawing for things, looking anything, anything to get changed into. She quickly pulled on some jean shorts, and a nice white tank top. Naomi soon found her self in the bathroom fumbling around with the brush and trying to brush her messy bed head so she was somewhat presentable. Naomi had managed to brush her hair and she slipped on some socks and a pair of black ankle converse.

Soon she was looking around for something but she couldn't think of what and then she decided it wasn't very important at all. "I'll be out in just a second!" She called back out to them and she went back to her mirror and applied some makeup but not a whole lot. Soon she had found her keys and she shoved them in her pocket and then opened her door. She came out and closed the door behind herself. "Well, I'd love to get breakfast! and go to the beach later on." She said flashing Jess and Peter a smile. Naomi linked her arm with Jess's and began to walk down the hall and down the stairs with Jess.

Preston "Pooh" Hastings

It was the morning and as always Pooh was cheery as ever. He got up and he began to dance around the room in his underwear for a bit. He had been dance to the beat in his head and he was swinging his hips and just enjoying himself as much as he could. Pooh was soon singing songs and he had a bright cheery smile on his face. Soon he had walked to his closet and found a shirt he had hanging up. It was a blue and white stripped shirt and he loved the material of it, it was so soft! Pooh soon found some black skinny jeans and he put them on. Then her found a beanie and placed it on his messy hair and he soon began to giggle like a little school girl and there was no reason behind it.

Soon the wafts of good smelling food and came into his nostrils and he perked with interest, and had stopped his giggles. Pooh soon jumped with joy knowing he'd soon be sinking his teeth into something good, something tasty and something he could enjoy. He had instantly raced out of his room and he began to follow the scent trying to get to it. He wanted to be near it and he had to be near it! He soon followed it into a kitchen and there he saw Rapunzel and Casey and he broke into a big smile.

"Punzy! Case!" He shouted and ran over and his arms wrapped around Rapunzel giving her a friendly hug and he grinned and smiled brightly at the two. "What's going on!?" He asked in his good spirits. He soon grabbed himself a plate and he began to shove the food into his mouth fast, he was hungry and he needed the food to keep him well and not cranky, a cranky Pooh was never the best Pooh there was. "Any plans for you guys?" He asked the others and smiled.


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Lucas Hiss

Lucas saw Jane appear over the hill. It didn't surprise him to see her here, she managed to obtain a key to the library, although, how, he wasn't too sure. Either way, a part of him was glad to see her. He was sick of being in the golden sunlight. He wanted to recoil into his comfortable corner in the library, a book in front of him, so he can be left to his own thoughts.

He watched Jane open the door, and he happily stepped in behind her. "Anything I can help you with, Lucas?" He was already making his way to his corner, but he turned slowly.

"I am just fine, Ms. Porter," He said coolly. "I'll be in my corner." He pointed in the direction of the corner, hidden away, tucked behind a few shelves of books. He slid his away across the carpet, happy to be in the company of books.

Lucas set his bag down on the table, and smoothly sat upon the chair behind the table. He removed the few books in his bag, happy to get back to his note taking on arrhythmic equations and his copying of the dictionary. He was almost giddy at the idea of finishing the two books.

Rita Wright

The sun beat down on Rita's back, and it felt almost too good. She enjoyed the heat and warmth it brought her, even if the bright light was straining her eyes a bit too much. She yawned, running a hand through her locks as she made her way to past the library to Daisy's.

She could see a few people already wondering their way there. It wasn't uncommon to find the diner packed with people this early in the morning. Most people were still waking up, and just didn't want to make food. In her case, her roommate destroyed everything in the house.

Although, she was probably still too tired to cook anyway. Yawning, Rita half wanted to crawl her way back to her room and go back to bed, but she knew she would regret it later. She closed her eyes briefly, rubbing her hands in them, hoping to rub out the sleepy.

Instead, she slammed hard into something, and stumbled backwards. She looked up, ready to apologize, but her face settled into an annoyed glare. "Up a bit early, aren't you, James?" She questioned resting her hands on her hips.