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Robin Hood

"I can be as sly as a fox if I want to, you know."

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a character in “Disney's Magical Island”, as played by FamishedPants


Robert Locksley


Nicknames: Robin
Age: 23
Disney Movie: Robin Hood
Birthday: May 7th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
The only memory left: He remembers jumping off the top of a flaming tower into a lake, but that is all.

  • Jokes
  • Disguises
  • 'fun'
  • Bows
  • Children

  • Cruelty
  • Condescending people
  • Arrows to the knee
  • Disrespect
  • Rich condescending people who are cruel and disrespect people while shooting them in the knee with an arrow.

  • Failing someone
  • Losing someone close

Personality: Robin is quite playful and easygoing for the most part, never getting serious unless he has to. He tends to be the life of the party, even if there isn't one and most people enjoy his company, his jokes, and his charisma. He enjoys having 'fun', whether it be with a few people, a single person, or a whole room full of people, depending on his mood. That's why you can normally find him just about anywhere, but more usually in a bar or a club of some sort, or occasionally at a woman's house. If not there, he'll be somewhere where he can practice his archery, which he prides himself in and has a right to do so, being a perfect shot.

He has a soft spot for those less fortunate than himself and will arise to the defense of others in heartbeat. This makes for one of few times he acts serious instead of playful, and if violence is necessary, then he isn't shy to use it, though he will avoid it if possible. With friends, this has earned him respect and assured them that somewhere deep inside, he is a mature person who thinks of something else than 'fun' whatever shape it may take.

Robin is very loyal to his friends and family, never purposefully doing them wrong or insulting them unless it's an obvious joke. Those who would threaten anyone, especially someone he calls 'family' beware: He's one hell of a fighter.

Biography: Robin Hood was once a big thorn in Prince John's side, leading rebels against his reign of tyranny. Quite literally, Robin Hood and his men (Little Jon more prominently) stole from the wealthy and gifted the poor, for the Prince enforced heavy taxes the unwealthy could not afford. Eventually, this led to Prince John's outrageous triplization of taxes and soon after arrest of any who could not afford it. Robin Hood, along with his merry men, snuck into the castle to rescue them and steal the Prince's taxes, eventually being forced atop a flaming tower from which he jumped into a nearby pool of Water. Robin woke up on an island with no recollection of past events, save for the moment prior.

Though he didn't know who he really was, he did instantly pick up on hobbies and his personality from before, for the most part. He had a knack for swords and bows, and enjoyed simply having fun. He was wholly unsure from which he came, but after a while of enjoy himself, he simply didn't care anymore. The people here were fun, and those who weren't - the ones that tried causing people misfortune - were dealt with personally, and would think twice before doing so again.

Anything else?

Password: Disney's Magic~

So begins...

Robin Hood's Story


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Robert Locksley


Laying down in an odd fashion was Robin Hood, who had succumb to his fatigue from the day prior just a bit later than he should have. Twelve o’clock on the mark, to be exact. Such is the reason why he set his alarm about thirty minutes later than normal, so that he may recover just a bit before being awoken. What he didn’t realize, however, was that this alarm clock was set to a very high volume, and set to a very strange song. This combination would get Robin out of bed quite effectively, though.

“I SAID WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT! I SAID WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT!” blared the alarm clock as it struck the ‘proper’ time. The volume with which the clock boomed forced Robert’s eyes to shoot open and it forced his hand.



The clock was now broken, laying in pieces near the wall where it had struck. For waking him in such a manner, it deserved no mercy and Robin showed absolutely none. As he stared, no, glared at the broken alarm, he began regretting doing so because it was feasible he might’ve awoken his housemates on accident. Hopefully they would forgive him. But he didn’t regret the fact that clock was destroyed one bit.

Sighing and accepting the fact he was unable to change the flow of time, he stood to his feet. Robin was happy…. Or well, a certain part of him at least. Thusly, he was restricted to his room for a few minutes while ‘he’ slowly became less enthusiastic, for he didn’t want to scar a child so young and warm. That was the worst part of being a guy in this house – waking up. But soon enough, he was now ‘depressed’ and could now leave his room…. After he clothed.

If it isn’t one thing, it’s another….

He moved over to the brown dresser, peering inside of the thing. He honestly didn’t care what he wore, so long as it didn’t earn him strange looks or time in prison, and so when he saw the short-sleeved t-shirt and jeans, he threw those on. Green shirts were his favorite, and luckily, this one was that color. Best part of the day! He thought.

With his morning prep done, he exited his room and descended down the stairs and into the kitchen, where he found he wasn’t the only conscious resident of the house. Wendy had beat him to it. And he hadn’t even taken a shower! Well, that was actually because he took one just before bed, unless he had spent the night with a fair maiden, which, unfortunately, he did not this night. Then again, he was up for sex, just not so much as Asston. Heh….

“Wendy, darling, how are you up so early?” he asked, a warm smile on his face for her. She seemed to be in a good mood, and that also made Robin in a good mood. Happy kids were good kids. He also enjoyed the pun with her name, that helped too. “You know, when I was your age….. I probably enjoyed sleeping in when I could.” Robin then made his way over to the island, searching for the pans. He bent down in his search. “You know… If I can find the dang pans, I can whip up some mean eggs.” He stated. “Well, they aren’t literally mean, that’d just be silly.”


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Peter Paneer

Peter nodded quickly to Jess. He shut his door quickly running to his closet.
He opened the closet door seeing nothing but mess. This is where all the mess that had once littered his floor had gone. He had only been here a week yet he had sucessfully turned his room into a pig stye, well until Wendy made him clean it up.
Peter sighed why couldnt he have just cleaned his room for once, instead of stowing the mess somewhere else. Without even truly finishing the question in his mind he already had come up with the answer. It was a waist of time cleaning your room when you could be out on an adventure. There was no telling how many adventures you could miss while stuck inside doing stupid chores.
"This might take a while." Peter mumbled, beginning to rummage through the closet in order to find clothes.

Peter finally pulled out his clothing quickly putting it on and throwing his pajamas on the floor. He skidded out of his room slightly happy to see Naomi hadent come out of here room yet.
Peter looked over at Jess. "What are you going to get?" He asked before realizing he still had a bed head. He ran back in his room running a comb through his red hair before returning back to his spot next to Jess.

Peter starred confused at Naomi's door she still hadent come out.
"Jeez what always takes woman so long to get ready?" Peter asked innocently not realizing if he had said anything offensive or not.
As soon as the words left his mouth Naomi came out of her room and linked arms with Jess and begun walking down the stairs.
"Hey wait." Peter said running to catch up with them. As they left out their house a smile began to spread across Peters face, a thing that happened when ever be was out in nature. He couldn't quite explain why, but he felt like he belonged out here in nature. Sleeping under the stars instead of sleeping in a bed.

Wendy Darling

“Wendy, darling, how are you up so early?” Wendy jumped slightly as she heard a voice behind her. She turned to see Robin behind her a warm smile on his face.
She sighed a little relieved that it wasent a ghost, like the one she had been telling Casey about in one of her stories. A thing she loved to do more than anything, tell stories. It actually felt like she was there with the characters. Wendy enjoyed telling stories the most about this one boy, yet she couldn't remember anything about him only she loved to tell stories about his adventures.

“You know… If I can find the dang pans, I can whip up some mean eggs.Well, they aren’t literally mean, that’d just be silly.” Wendy laughed at his joke realizing she had been lost in thought and she had not heard anything he had said before.
Wendy tilted her head slightly watching him as he searched for the pans. He's looking in the wrong place, Wendy thought putting her hands on her hips.
"Robin, your looking in the wrong place." She said bending behind her and pulling out the pan(s). She set it on the counter trying to stop a mocking smile from creeping on her face.

Wendy looked over at Robin and the pans. That may not be enough for breakfast she thought."Oh I'll make the pancakes!" Wendy said a smile on her face. "Have you ever tried blue berry pancakes?" Wendy asked placing the ingredients on the counter and turning on the stove.
"Should we make enough for everyone?" Wendy asked referring to their roommates. She turned to Robin the spatula in hand.