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Tylar Zane

"Curiosity killed the monkey. No, I'm not smoking anything."

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a character in “Disney's Magical Island”, as played by DarlingRapture




Nicknames: None.
Age: 20 Years Old.
Disney Movie: Tarzan.
Birthday: August 4th.
Gender: Male, of course.
Sexuality: Pansexual.

The only memory left: Gosh, I remember running. Running through a dark jungle like setting, my hands swinging through vines as my eyes laid sight on a bunch of caged gorillas. For some reason, my heart sank, like it was diving into an abyss of forever pain and ache. It broke. My rage was unleashed, and I swarmed through the plants and trees, throwing things and trying to free them all while taking on... men, grown men. And a girl; with rosy cheeks, and brown hair, struggling to help with the look of bravery and innocent spiraled into beauty. But... perhaps it was just a dream?

  • Fruit- Have you tried it? It's like... candy on a stick! Gosh, I'd eat that everyday and any day!
  • Animals- For some reason, I just... really love animals. Such lovely creatures, so talented and different.
  • Horseplay- Ha. I've found myself being such a weirdo. For some reason, I'm really flexible too.
  • New Things- Wow, finding new things has been... like a smack in the face to me. And... I like that.
  • Nature- Being one with nature, it's something I can't explain. But fresh air and open sky makes me feel at peace.

  • Cages- They make me uncomfortable, and always bring up that dark memory I keep having.
  • Goodies- People who are afraid to get out there and have some fun, and try some new things. Come on! Live!
  • Bitter Tastes- Ew. I keep trying different leaves, and they taste nasty. I definitely don't like bitterness.
  • Indoors- I can't stand to be indoors for too long. It's just always so cramped and boring.
  • Medicine- I don;t really like medicine that's been put in strange bottles. I prefer home made remedies.

  • Cages- I don't like that, outside or in. I find them to be quite disturbing and unsettling.
  • Jaguars- For a particular reason, the thought or image of those strange felines make me upset, and afraid.

Personality: How would one describe a savage such as I? Well, I have to say I'm quite the lovable fellow, despite my odd and hyper antics and strong curiosity that often gets me slapped in the face or running for my life. I'm quite the adventurer as well, and find myself chasing after fun and humorous outings so I can really enjoy my time here. You'd find that if you wanna play a game, or go do something totally insane or wild, I'll totally go for it! I'm so flexible, schedule and body wise, which also helps when showing off by doing back bends off tall fences or jumping from tree limb to tree limb. I honestly have no idea how I can do that, but it really does impress some people, but also has earned me the impression of a really sexy monkey. Yes, I can be quite cocky at times but normally, I'm silent around strangers and tend to go places where people don't dare to go; meaning, I'll invade your personal space and not feel a tinge of guilt about it.

I also just... don't care. Okay, I don't mind walking outside around in my boxers to get the mail or just to take a stroll, and I don't mind doing things people find offensive, like burping or just touching things that belong to others. It's not like I'm TRYING to piss anyone off, I'm just a curious lad and often don't think before I do. I'm also constantly needing to surround myself with a constant stream of attention since I've always felt quite alone for some reason, but I have no problem adopting people in as... close friends, or even family; I just have to trust you in order to do it. Now, I do have a bit of a temper, but it's usually pretty calm and I only break a few things when I'm not content. Sadness? What is that? No, I'm kidding. I am aware of it, but I keep it concealed and getting me to talk to you about my problems is an adventure you're going to die over and over in.


The Fairytale - Tarzan, as a baby, ended up getting ship wrecked with his parents on an unknown island. His parents were slaughtered by a vicious leopard who attempted to kill Tarzan as well, but he was saved by a female Gorilla who had also lost her baby to the ferocious feline. After raising Tarzan, he became an adventurer and a human ape who followed the customs and learned how to speak with the animals, never knowing who his parents were or why he was different. But, upon meeting Jane, a lovely female who came along with a greedy poacher and her bubbly father, Tarzan slowly started to sink into the routine of learning more about human life. He learned about his real parents and was offered the choice to leave with Jane, his first true love, but ended up falling into a trap. But after breaking out, Tarzan rescued his Gorilla family from the horrid poachers and ended up convincing Jane to stay with him on the island, along with her father as well.

The Reality - All I know is, that this island... kicks ass. I feel at home here, like I've been somewhere similar, and the forests and beaches are just so inviting. Of course, I'm with others, but no one I feel like I truely know and it upsets me because I'm starting to feel that abandonment feeling I can't place. Some of the girls are alright, and the guys are pretty nice but none of them have the face that gorgeous girl in my memories had. Even so, I'm going to try and enjoy my time here even though it isn't exactly what I'd call home; and hopefully find out what exactly is going on and why I appeared here so suddenly, or who I truly am. Time to grab a surfboard or a vine, because like it or not, this place is going to be rocked!

Theme Song(s): TBA

Password: Disney's Magic

So begins...

Tylar Zane's Story


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Gaston LeGumme

The little slither of light that shone between the crack in his curtains rested directly on his eyes, burning them and forcing them to open up. Gaston groaned. The sun was only just rising, and already he was being forced to wake from his beauty sleep. Well, I guess I'm already beautiful enough... He slowly rolled up into a sitting position, dragging a hand down his flawless face and onto his bare muscly chest. As he gazed in thought, a cunning smirk lit up his face. He'd just remembered last night's events unfolding in his head. He had gotten carried away with himself, flirting and getting up close to... Someone. Was it Meg? Probably... Or maybe it was... Molly? Eh. It didn't matter now. They would've had the time of their lives anyway. And he, of course, made sure that all his women had the time of their lives with him. He was, as everyone knew, the spawn of God himself... Lifting out of bed, the strong bodied man strutted to his full length mirror and admired himself within it, butt naked in all it's, what should be censored, glory. "Why hello there handsome." He said to himself, winking at the reflection and almost wanting to jump on it. "Looking as strong and drop dead sexy as ever..." He chuckled lightly before looking more southwards. "And hello there to you too." He said down to it, giving it a small pat. "Oooh, good to see you big and strong today as well." He commented, laughing a bit more in triumph as he looked over his body of shining glory. God... I'm even more gorgeous than yesterday -if that's possible. He thought, though burst out laughing loudly at the thought that he could ever not look absolutely stunning. That would never happen.

"Well I think I, Gaston, Should perhaps go get a hearty meal from one of the women around the island. That's what women should be doing in the morning, without a doubt!" Gaston boldly strolled out of his room, not bothering with a robe as he knew Yzma enjoyed the lack of it, and Mulan should too. She'd learn to love a naked Gaston with a pure passion soon enough... "When I was a girl at my daddy's side,Papa, the royal mortician." He heard as he passed the bathroom, pausing to take a peek as soon as he heard the shower going. He could see the outline of Yzma in the shower curtain and quickly snuck into the room. Revealed to me in secret signs,The mark of the magician!" Gaston hastily pulled the shower curtain aside and jumped into the shower with her, doing an almost shimmying dance as he belted from the bottom of his lungs, in his most beautiful voice he might add, "And Daddy was no dummy, did outRAGEOUS things with a mummy! And often the stiffs that he would shrive, would look better dead than they did alive!" He gave her his dashing smile, laughing boldly as he gave her a wink and got up close to her in the shower, not noticing he left the door to the bathroom wide open.


Terk Vines

Terk was up early. Abnormal for her. However, yesterday had been abnormally quiet for her for some strange reason. She'd gone to Max's hang out and quickly stole a turn on the drum kit before the band came out, knowing that they wouldn't mind really, but she couldn't pass up the opportunity. Other than that, she was simply spent the evening trying to get to know some of the quieter girls. It was... dull. Evening... badly spent. She would've much preferred using her time with the guys, having a laugh and messing about. But no she decided that she would have to get to know everyone. She face-palmed her sleepy mug when she awoke. She'd basically gone home at 10pm, got out her secret stash of tequila and then drunk herself silly, ending up trying to make beats and basically just smashing up every single plate in the cupboards in the process... Oops! She had assured herself that it was all Tylar's fault for not being there to stop her. However, by the time Tylar had come down to see her, she'd reached the point where she had gotten so drunk that she was just going around telling everyone how much she adored their feet. Even those who had bunions and warts...

"Okay. I'm gonna go cold turkey." Terk mumbled to herself for the 105th time in the past week. She always told herself she would stop with the alcohol binge... Never did though. Very very slowly, Terk rolled out of bed, landing on her hands and feet on the floor before simply lying face flat on the floor. For about fifteen minutes or so, she stuck to this position, deciding that moaning and groaning as she rolled around on the floor would wake her up more than a shower. And of course, Terk was always right. Of course. You'd be wrong to say otherwise. Well, eventually, she did manage to climb to her feet, dressing into black slightly fluffy jogging bottoms and then a dark blue vest top that was, to be honest, quite flimsy and a teeny tiny bit revealing. She let out a giant yawn, running down the stairs and grabbing a bagel from a bread box, ignoring the cupboard stuffed full with broken china, leaving it for Tylar or Rita to attend to, and then swiftly moved out of the door to go for a walk. It would soon turn into a run, and soon she'd run into someone who she could pounce on and pin down. You see, that was her real waking up move. Wrestling. She found pouncing on one of the guys to be the best morning work out in the world. That and it was possibly one of the best method's she ever had for getting to know people. Pounce, pin down, Yo I'm Terk! She thought it was pretty friendly and anyone who reacted badly just had their pants way too high up their asses. She headed in the direction of beach, digging into the bagel and looking around for anyone else who was awake at this time in the morning. She doubted it was that many people. It was about, she glanced to her watch... 7am?! Why was she even opening her eyes! "Nuh uh. No way am I running today. I'm walking to that beach." She said, narrowing her eyes at herself for not checking her watch before she left the house...

((I'll write out Basil's later ^-^))


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Rita rolled over in her bed, the sunlight pouring nicely onto her bed. She groaned, flipping over to lay on her stomach. Her hand instinctively went up to her hair, pushing it out of her face, as she tried to dose back into sleep. It didn't work. She rolled over, once again, greeted by the bright sunlight. Her face scrunched in annoyance, but she finally sat up.

She could feel her hair standing up at every possibly angle, the wild curls hard to maintain even with the greatest of efforts. She ran a hand through it once more, her fingers snagging on a knot. She cried out, as she accidently yanked her head to the side. Rita collapsed back onto her pillows, whining dramatically into the soft cushion.

She finally pushed her way out of bed, the blanket falling to the ground as it untangled from around her legs. She glared at her window, the sun actually, for waking her up. She was up late last night, although she can't remember exactly what had happened. She remembered being out with some friends, and then going home to hang out with Terk since she was so miserable. Tequila was involved in there somewhere.

The thought of the alcohol caused Rita's head to pulse with pain briefly. She sighed, rubbing her temple. She headed to the bathroom for a shower, hoping the steam would reveal her stolen memories. It didn't. Her head hurt slightly less, but she still wasn't sure what exactly happened last night. She changed into some dark jeans and a t-shirt and headed downstairs in the search of food.

And then the memories flooded back in.

Every single dish, broken apart thanks to Terk's excessive need to create music with anything she could find. Apparently, shattering bowls was her new things. Rita sighed as she checked each of the cabinets. Everything. Broken. What was Tylar doing last night that kept him from making sure the two girls didn't do anything stupid? Like break every dish in the kitchen?

Rita's stomach grumbled, but she couldn't eat here. Not if she wanted to see what would happen if she tried to eat cereal on a paper plate. She would have to go to the diner, there were probably already pancakes cooked and waiting. Pulling on some shoes, Rita headed out, running a hand through her hair, once more.


Lucas had awoken quite before the sunrise, giving himself plenty of time to shower and eat before his two roommates did. It had become habit to do this, in attempts to avoid the two people whom a shared a house. The Golden Boy, and the Adventurer. He rolled his eyes as the sun finally made its appearance.

He slipped out of the house without so much as a click of the door closing behind him. He walked calmly towards the library, his gray bag draped over his shoulder, holding books that he borrowed last night. He spent most of his night reading them, after being forced to leave when the building closed, but now it was time to head back to his only sanctuary.

Not even his bedroom gave him much comfort. He was quite pleased with what the island offered, and although his past is fuzzy, he does quite enjoy this life as opposed to the one he once had. Still, he found less enjoyment out of the things everyone else seemed to love.

The library still wasn't open, so Lucas took a seat on one of the benches outside, and pulled out one of the books from his bag. He rested his right ankle on his left knee, and flipped open to his bookmarked page. He grabbed his glasses, and slipped them on and happily began reading.