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Yzma Empressa

"It's brilliant, brilliant, brrrrilliant!"

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a character in “Disney's Magical Island”, as played by KittyKLL


Yzma Empressa


Nicknames: Zee
Age: 20
Disney Movie: Emperor's New Groove
Birthday: December 21st
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
The only memory left: Of a llama, I don't know why, and it was ugly as fuck.

  • Combining different items
  • Being in control
  • Partying
  • Getting dressed up
  • Fashion
  • The color purple
  • Money
  • Power
  • Yzma.

  • Cooking
  • Animals
  • When people criticize her clothing choice
  • Losing
  • People who don't respect what they have
  • Being fired
  • Squirrels

  • Being turned into a cat...
  • Heights

Personality:I'm Yzma, and I'm the greatest person you will ever met, not kidding. After all, I'm gorgeous and a great fashion designer. Some people say I'm a bit crazy, but I'm not crazy, just creative. You can always see me in the kitchen putting different spices together to create something, although I don't have really any idea what. I'm greedy and you know what, I have no problem with that. I like it when things go my way so, if Yzma wants, then its best that Yzma gets. Some may say that I'm malicious and power hungry, and at the same time, rather comically eccentric. Humpf, me comical, as if. I'm the most beautiful person in this island, even though some ugly people comapre me to an ugly dinosaur out of jealously. I'm always making plans to come out on top, like getting rid of me competition, I create these overly complicated plans, before settling on a simpler version. However, I usually fail to pay attention to minor details, which results in my plans being thwarted, and it angers me. When angered you can see me storming for days on end. I love singing, and you can find me belting out in song whenever I get the chance.

Biography: Life before the Island: Yzma raised the Emperor Kuzco since he was a small child, but suddenly one day he turned on her and fired her. In rage she plotting to kill him, using her servant Kronk to poison him. Instead the idiot, switched the vile and turned him into a Llama. Then occurred a comical chase that included a llama dressed as a woman, various dress changes, and a few song numbers. In the end there was a "battle" in where she was turned into a cat, although after that she was whisked away to the island. Now on the island, she's young again and the beautiful girl she once was, the problem is that she knows it.

Life on the Island: This island is boring. It seems like everyone here is too nice, and there's not enough riches for me here. Also I have to share a house, share! Can you imagine? That building is barely big enough for just me, how will it fit more than me? Most of the people here are so sweet, its disgusting. I get along better with the, not princess-y like girls. The men? Let's say they are pretty good looking, at least most of them. It isn't hidden that I wan't to return to my old life, after all I'm pretty sure I had it all. I am in the music store mostly, or maybe even on the beach showing off my great body, and don't even get me started about the club here. As you can assume, I'm not like all the goody-two-shoes on this island.

Anything else?If you haven't read, Yzma is young again.

Password:Disney's Magic

So begins...

Yzma Empressa's Story


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The sea sparkled a crystal blue, and seagulls cawed out to one another. On the other side of the island, the smell of pancakes filled Daisy's Diner. All over the island, beams of sunlight found themselves covering the premises. It was morning and the island was just waking up. All over, our fairytale characters started to open their eyes and venture outside of their manors, starting the day.

Day: 8th day on the island, Monday
Weather: Sunny and clear skies
Notes: Welcome, we are finally starting so let's enjoy this to the max. Also this is where I'll write assignments and events, if any. Also you can always look in the imporatant annoucments for them.

The bright light oozing from the window woke Aurora. She wanted to continue to sleep, but with the light shining directly at her face it was a bit difficult. Also she could go close the curtains, but that would mean she'd have to get up and if she get's up then she might as well wake up entirely. After another five minutes of blinding light, and different positions, Aurora gave up and got out of bed. She opened the curtains all the way, letting the light eluminate the room. Quickly, Aurora changed out of her nightgown into this (one labeled Aurora) and went towards the kitchen. There she made coffee and breakfast for her roommates. She had to admit that she had tons of luck being roomed with Casey and Rapunzel. Aurora thought that they we're just both lovely. As she finished making the french toast and leaving it on the table, Auroa left a note saying that she was gone for the day. Packing her bag with a bathing suit that she'd found at Clarabelle Cow's Clothing, towel, and a lot of sunblock for her white skin, Auroa decieded to spend a day at the beach. Making sure the door was closed behind her, she started to glide her way to the beach, singing a small tune.

Yzma was very aggitated to have been woken up, she heard some annoying creature at her window and it pissed her off. Oh well, she was awake now and there wasn't anything she could really do. Checking herself in the mirror, she removed all the night products she wears nightly. Then Yzma continued to add on her morning products, for some reason she was afraid of being all wrinkly which was odd since she's absolutely young and stunning. Glancing around her room, she took off her clothes and put on a bathrobe since she was going to take a shower soon. Setting out the clothes that she was going to wear today on her bed, Yzma started to think what she was going to do today. Maybe hang out with the boys and go drinking or something. She had to admit that there was a group that most people on the island didn't like, and she was part of it. Oddly enough they were able to stand each other, except for Ray. "Ugh damn you Kuzco!" she exclaimed to herself, thinking about the endless bickering of the previous night. After her obsession had left her, she decieded it was time to get herself clean. Jumping in the shower, Yzma started to belt out in song, making sure that it was loud enough for both Gaston and Mulan to hear. For Mulan to annoy her, and for Gaston so he might jump in and join her in the shower. "When I was a girl at my daddy's side,Papa, the royal mortician,Revealed to me in secret signs,The mark of the magician!" she sang loudly.


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Gaston LeGumme

The little slither of light that shone between the crack in his curtains rested directly on his eyes, burning them and forcing them to open up. Gaston groaned. The sun was only just rising, and already he was being forced to wake from his beauty sleep. Well, I guess I'm already beautiful enough... He slowly rolled up into a sitting position, dragging a hand down his flawless face and onto his bare muscly chest. As he gazed in thought, a cunning smirk lit up his face. He'd just remembered last night's events unfolding in his head. He had gotten carried away with himself, flirting and getting up close to... Someone. Was it Meg? Probably... Or maybe it was... Molly? Eh. It didn't matter now. They would've had the time of their lives anyway. And he, of course, made sure that all his women had the time of their lives with him. He was, as everyone knew, the spawn of God himself... Lifting out of bed, the strong bodied man strutted to his full length mirror and admired himself within it, butt naked in all it's, what should be censored, glory. "Why hello there handsome." He said to himself, winking at the reflection and almost wanting to jump on it. "Looking as strong and drop dead sexy as ever..." He chuckled lightly before looking more southwards. "And hello there to you too." He said down to it, giving it a small pat. "Oooh, good to see you big and strong today as well." He commented, laughing a bit more in triumph as he looked over his body of shining glory. God... I'm even more gorgeous than yesterday -if that's possible. He thought, though burst out laughing loudly at the thought that he could ever not look absolutely stunning. That would never happen.

"Well I think I, Gaston, Should perhaps go get a hearty meal from one of the women around the island. That's what women should be doing in the morning, without a doubt!" Gaston boldly strolled out of his room, not bothering with a robe as he knew Yzma enjoyed the lack of it, and Mulan should too. She'd learn to love a naked Gaston with a pure passion soon enough... "When I was a girl at my daddy's side,Papa, the royal mortician." He heard as he passed the bathroom, pausing to take a peek as soon as he heard the shower going. He could see the outline of Yzma in the shower curtain and quickly snuck into the room. Revealed to me in secret signs,The mark of the magician!" Gaston hastily pulled the shower curtain aside and jumped into the shower with her, doing an almost shimmying dance as he belted from the bottom of his lungs, in his most beautiful voice he might add, "And Daddy was no dummy, did outRAGEOUS things with a mummy! And often the stiffs that he would shrive, would look better dead than they did alive!" He gave her his dashing smile, laughing boldly as he gave her a wink and got up close to her in the shower, not noticing he left the door to the bathroom wide open.


Terk Vines

Terk was up early. Abnormal for her. However, yesterday had been abnormally quiet for her for some strange reason. She'd gone to Max's hang out and quickly stole a turn on the drum kit before the band came out, knowing that they wouldn't mind really, but she couldn't pass up the opportunity. Other than that, she was simply spent the evening trying to get to know some of the quieter girls. It was... dull. Evening... badly spent. She would've much preferred using her time with the guys, having a laugh and messing about. But no she decided that she would have to get to know everyone. She face-palmed her sleepy mug when she awoke. She'd basically gone home at 10pm, got out her secret stash of tequila and then drunk herself silly, ending up trying to make beats and basically just smashing up every single plate in the cupboards in the process... Oops! She had assured herself that it was all Tylar's fault for not being there to stop her. However, by the time Tylar had come down to see her, she'd reached the point where she had gotten so drunk that she was just going around telling everyone how much she adored their feet. Even those who had bunions and warts...

"Okay. I'm gonna go cold turkey." Terk mumbled to herself for the 105th time in the past week. She always told herself she would stop with the alcohol binge... Never did though. Very very slowly, Terk rolled out of bed, landing on her hands and feet on the floor before simply lying face flat on the floor. For about fifteen minutes or so, she stuck to this position, deciding that moaning and groaning as she rolled around on the floor would wake her up more than a shower. And of course, Terk was always right. Of course. You'd be wrong to say otherwise. Well, eventually, she did manage to climb to her feet, dressing into black slightly fluffy jogging bottoms and then a dark blue vest top that was, to be honest, quite flimsy and a teeny tiny bit revealing. She let out a giant yawn, running down the stairs and grabbing a bagel from a bread box, ignoring the cupboard stuffed full with broken china, leaving it for Tylar or Rita to attend to, and then swiftly moved out of the door to go for a walk. It would soon turn into a run, and soon she'd run into someone who she could pounce on and pin down. You see, that was her real waking up move. Wrestling. She found pouncing on one of the guys to be the best morning work out in the world. That and it was possibly one of the best method's she ever had for getting to know people. Pounce, pin down, Yo I'm Terk! She thought it was pretty friendly and anyone who reacted badly just had their pants way too high up their asses. She headed in the direction of beach, digging into the bagel and looking around for anyone else who was awake at this time in the morning. She doubted it was that many people. It was about, she glanced to her watch... 7am?! Why was she even opening her eyes! "Nuh uh. No way am I running today. I'm walking to that beach." She said, narrowing her eyes at herself for not checking her watch before she left the house...

((I'll write out Basil's later ^-^))


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#, as written by Runika
Mulan Hua

Cool water was running down her body while she stood in the shower. She liked the feeling of her body cooling down after an early morning jog. Her mind tended to wander while she showered and this time was no different. She was reflecting the week that had just gone by. In just a week she had met so many different types of people. Types that she felt she would have never encountered back home, wherever home was. Although she was getting used to things now, at first things were ridiculously foreign to her. The technology, the people, even what was socially acceptable. She was confused as to what was the 'norm' here. There were people like Molly, who was intimidating and even scary to approach; people like Gaston and Yzma - her dreadful housemates, that were completely full of themselves and she wondered why there was a whole club of them; and even quiet people like Casey. She herself didn't seem to fit in anywhere. The only place she felt unjudged was within the confines of the library. There were people like Belle, who she wasn't close with, but the girl never judged or bothered her.

She was suddenly pulled back from her thoughts by a wretched sound. The Asian woman rolled her eyes as the realization of who it was hit her. Yzma. Of course. Loud noises didn't bother her, like thunder or the sound of Terk's constant drumming, but Yzma's voice was on a whole different level. It reminded her of an annoying old hag. Maybe it's because she hated her so much? She found Yzma's voice just as, if not more, irritating than the whole group of conceited guys put together. Despite her distaste for the men, she was more lenient with their conceited attitudes than if a woman had the same traits. Mulan shut her eyes in annoyance, wishing the woman would just shut up. To make it worse, it sounded like Gaston had joined her as well. She blinked as she realized the situation. Gaston was with Yzma. Oh, no. Quickly rinsing her hair she shut off the water and dried herself off with a towel. Then she pulled out the blowdryer to dry her hair for about 10 seconds, leaving it damp before combing it through once and heading back into her room. She glanced out the window; it was sunny and beautiful outside. She would decide where to go after she got out of the house. She quickly slipped on her black undergarments before stepping into a pair of denim shorts and stuffing her arms through a white button-up shirt. Grabbing her black leather backpack handbag, she shoved her phone into her pocket before rushing out of her room. She didn't dare look towards Gaston's or Yzma's rooms, dashed down the stairs, put on her black sandals and went out the door. She rested against the door as she closed it behind her, releasing a sigh. There was no way she was staying in the house when she knew Gaston and Yzma were going to go at it again. The sex addicts.

Slinging the her bag over her shoulder she started walking. "What to do... what to do...?" She mumbled to herself. It was such a nice day, but she didn't really have much people she was close to as of yet. There was Jessamine, Rapunzel, and of course, Terk, but she wasn't sure how early they got up. She didn't expect Terk to be up and about for another couple of hours at least. Mulan took her time putting one foot in front of the other. There was no rush to go anywhere, she just didn't want to stay inside the house. Then her stomach grumbled. She touched her belly softly and groaned. She had rushed out without breakfast.


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Aurora was walking down the road, and the birds where happily chirping to each other making conversation. Even a faint hoot of an owl was heard, and she assumed it was the creature's way of saying good morning before he was about to go to bed. The owls hoot, was familar to some extent, but Aurora thought nothing of it since she had heard the owl everynight. Meanwhile, her stomach grumbled and it reminded the naive blonde, that even though she had made an amazing breakfast, Aurora didn't eat any herself. Her walk towards the ocean only increased her hunger the more she walked. "Maybe I should stop and get something to eat?" she thought to herself. Looking around, hoping that maybe she was close to one of her friend's residence so she can enter and join them. "I'll go visit Mulan!" she exclaimed to herself knowing that the asian girl lived nearby. The blonde swiftly walked towards the houses but stopped for a minute. "Wait does she live in house D or C?" she thought to herself. Aurora wasn't that good at memorizing...well pretty much everything. She was able to remember things by objects, like how her house was the one with the bird's nest to the right. Aurora knows that Mulan lives in the house with the big oak tree next to it, but the tree was between two houses. After mulling about it for another minute or so, Aurora finally decided that it was the D house.

Not feeling the need to knock on the door, Aurora barged in quietly. The house was silent, which was unusual considering the people who live in the house, but the blonde just assumed that everyone was asleep. "I'll go wake up Mulan now," she whispered to herself as she started to walk towards, to what she thought, was Mulan's bedroom. Opening the door, after knocking twice and not recieving any answer, she entered to see a sleeping figure. Jumping softly on the bed, she said, "Wakey, wakey." and smiled as Aurora started to shake the figure. The blanket slipped from the figure's head to show a lump of brown hair. Aurora gasped, this wasn't her friend. She must have gotten the wrong house. "S-s-s-orry," she stammered as she attempted to get off the bed.

Covering herself in the her favorite scented body wash, Yzma was expecting a visitor any minute now and sure enough he arrived. Belting out, he completed her song. Yzma grinned to herself as she felt a presance behind her in the shower, and as she turned around a glimpse in the mirror told her everything. Gaston joined her in the shower, and in his birthday suit of course. Although how could Yzma take a look in the mirror and not say anything about herself? She was drop dead gorgeous, even with her curls all wet. You could say she looked extremely sexy. Finally turning around to meet her sex puppet, she grinned and threw her arms all over his shoulders, fully aware that neither of them had anything between. "What took you so long? Were you too awed by my beauty?" Not really letting him answer, Yzma clashed her mouth against his. It was hot and heavy, and the steam that was emunating from the shower wasn't really helping with anything. Her hands found themselves exploring the very muscles that she had come to know so very well the past week. Finally when the small beauty had run out of breath, something that doesn't happen often at all, she said, "Are you going to help me shower or what?"


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Rey Kuzco

An obnoxious yawn escaped the young boy's mouth as his eyes fluttered open. His hands reached into the air to stretch in the bed he had all to himself. He paused for a moment and allowed his senses to come back to him. It didn't take long and Rey jumped out of his bed in one quick move. Saying that Rey was a morning person was honestly an understatement. The young boy scratched his belly, his feet moving him to get cloths to change into. Even though they had only been on the island for a week, Rey's closet was already more than filled with lavishing cloths that showed off his awesomeness.

He picked a pair of jeans and a dark grey T-shirt with a V-neck. He decided to go the casual way that day, at least for now. There was no need to show off so early in the morning, there was more than enough time for that later. He put on his white sneakers and grabbed his phone before making his way out of his room and to the bathroom. Rey didn't even bother checking if anyone was in there first and instead went straight to washing his face and teeth. As he did so, his head bobbed to a tune he was humming with tooth paste in his mouth. The music from last night was still in his head and he couldn't help but smile at the memories of it. Most of it consisted of Gaston being extra touchy, Yzma arguing with him, James drinking everything in the place, and Flynn flirting with any girl that caught his eye. Through it all, though, they had an amazing time, like they always did when the group was together. Good times, good times.

Finishing, Rey made sure he was looking his best, which wasn't so hard seeing as he always good great, before making his way out the bedroom. As he made his way in the kitchen, Rey noticed a piece of paper on the counter. He skipped over to it and read the fancy handwriting that could only belong to Belle. It was a simple message that informed them that she had gone out and the could leave any dishes in the sink for her to wash later. Belle would make a great wife, Rey noted and smiled at her cuteness. Seriously, he would even write all over himself just to tell Belle she could read him all night because he was just that committed to pleasing his ladies. Shaking his head, Rey broke the fantasies that had begun to form in his head and read the rest of the note. She added that if they needed her, they could text her and to write down anything they needed as well. And almost as if she knew that Rey was about to send her a million of messages that consisted of Rey demanding for her attention, she added not to bombard her with them. Pouting, Rey grabbed the note, crushed it in his fist, and threw it away. Call him mischievous or evil, Rey wasn't about to let Simon see the note. No, the only man Belle took care of was him.

Before Rey could rummage through the fridge, his cell phone buzzed to announce someone had sent him a message. It was probably one of his many admirers wanting to know how he woke up and wishing him the best of luck. When he checked to see who it was, he was greeted to a text from Mikey asking if he wanted to go to Daisy's Diner and get something to eat. A smile reached his lips as his fingers began to pounce on the keys.

Sounds like a plan. It'll be your treat! I'll meet you there in around five minutes, okay?

Sending the message, Rey ran upstairs to get his jacket. Mikey was someone Rey could easily push around so it was actually easy for Rey to get along with him. Although the two didn't have the same kind of fun that Rey would have with people like Yzma and the others, he did have great moments with Mikey. After grabbing his jacket, Rey left the house and began making his way to the diner with a delicious breakfast in his head. He could practically smell the pancakes already and he had barely taken a few steps out the house.

Adam Biest

When Adam's numb senses reached him through his sleep, he woke up with a heavy sigh. He didn't move though and instead remained laying in his bed for a moment. His body was covered in a number of blankets and anyone who came into his room, though nobody would be so stupid to do so unless they want to be greeted by a very angry man, wouldn't think twice that the heap of blankets on the bed would contain someone. Yet there he was, in all that mess, hoping that he would fall back to a decent slumber. Yet the sleep had left him, it seemed, and Adam was forced to bring himself out of his bed because of it.

His room was a complete mess. There were cloths thrown across the floor, a few empty bottles of beer, and many more various objects that Adam couldn't even recognize. He put little mind to the things covering his floor though and kept moving past the trash to leave his room. His eyes glanced over to the direction where his other two roommates slept. Fortunately for him, neither of them were too loud or annoying. They didn't bother Adam and Adam didn't snap at them, simple as that.

He dragged his feet down the hallway until he entered the bathroom. He stripped out of the cloths he was wearing before turning on the water. He had slept with the same cloths he had worn last night, like usual. Once the water was to his liking, Adam stepped in and began to take the much needed shower to take out any sleep he still had left. His time on the island could be better described as him doing things on his own while now and then snapping at the others inhabitants. He always ate out, cooking was not his forte and the food in the fridge didn't appease his hunger. He would find himself eating alone at Daisy's Diner and in the same condition for lunch at either Chip N' Dale's Famous Burger or at Pluto's Pizza. Then he would either go to the Pier, by some sushi on the way, and read a book at the beach to spend the time. Then there was the gym where Adam could take out his anger freely or the theater to entertain himself. Aside from the library, those places were the main spots Adam would be at most of the time.

After finishing his shower, Adam stepped out and dried himself with a towel. As he wrapped the towel around his waist, his ears picked up the sound of footsteps. They were soft, almost undetectable if it wasn't for the silence in the house, and Adam guessed they could only belong to Merida. Adam stayed still for a moment. He sure as hell didn't want to run into her in the hallway with only a towel covering him up. Once he heard a door open and the sound of footsteps fade away, Adam deemed it safe and stepped out of the bath room and began making his way back to his bedroom. His eyes caught sight of the door that lead to Flynn's room opened and his eyebrows knitted together. It wasn't until his eyes caught sight of a flash of blonde hair that belonged to a girl who was scrambling off of Flynn's bed that Adam's mind registered it hadn't been Merida's footsteps. For a moment, Adam thought it was Rapunzel. He wouldn't be surprised if she got in the wrong house to be honest. Yet he quickly noticed right away that it was Aurora after she gave Flynn a stuttered apology.

Adam's body tensed up and his feet quickly moved him out of the hallway and into his room. That was great, just great. His day had just begin and now his head was going to be filled with the blonde all day. It wasn't that Adam harbored feelings for her, no that would be crazy. It was because she reminded him of the rose in his memory and the option that she could be someone in his past made him a complete mess. It was all that had been in Adam's head since he awoke in that stupid island. He wanted to go back home because he knew that he had been happy there. He remembered the feeling clearly and he desperately wanted it back. Sighing at his thoughts, Adam ran a hand through his wet hair as he went to find anything that wasn't dirty to wear before heading out to get breakfast.


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Rey Kuzco

Rey arrived a bit later than he had predicted, mostly because of that fact that he had gotten a bit too caught up in an imaginary concert he was giving. It wasn't his fault, of course. Music just ran through his body and he happened to let himself be swept away by it more than a few times. Thankfully it was Mikey he was having breakfast today that morning. If he had arrived late for some of his other friends - cough, cough, Yzma - Rey would simply never hear the end of it. That was a trait that Rey happened to like about Mikey. He was loyal, too nice for his own good, and gullible; as some would say (aka Rey), he was a great lackey. That being said, Rey did consider him a friend in his own odd way.

"Yo, Mikey!" Rey's voice boomed through the air when he spotted his friend already seated in a booth. A silly grin had made it's way on his face as his hand moved into the air to give half a wave. Making his way over to Mikey, Rey notices him working on the kid menu's puzzles with a crayon. His eyes immediately brightened up. "Oh, have you done the maze yet? I rock at those," he bragged as he sat across his friend. He quickly noticed that most the puzzles were completed except the Sudoku puzzle. His eyebrows scrunched up together in distaste. Rey wasn't good with numbers and simply put didn't have the patience for those kind of puzzles. Quickly, Rey took the regular menu and began flipping through it. He began to glance over the pictures and food, analyzing all of them like it was the first time he had seen them. Rey always had a hard time figuring out things, what to eat fo example. In the end, Rey would usually always end up picking the same thing he always did in the end. In that case, it would be pancakes and a chocolate milkshake. Rey wasn't aware of his habit though, and like always, began trying to decide what would please his hunger.