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Esmeralda Hope

"What do they have against people who are different anyway?"

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a character in “Disney's Midnight Dream”, as played by Miyer


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|| Name ||
Esmeralda Hope
"Yip, That's my name... Kinda boring to be honest."

|| Nickname ||
"Haha, I haven't heard that one for a while. It was a childhood nickname."

|| Age ||
"I swear it took forever to get to this point in my life."
|| Sexuality ||
"I have only ever been with a guy, but I find girl's attractive."

|| Power ||
Mystical Dancing
"I can cast a variety of spells with different dance routines."

|| Role ||
Esmeralda | Hunchback of Notre Dame
"Hay, we share a name. That's pretty cool, I have never met another Esmeralda."

|| Height + Weight ||
5'7" + 150lbs
"Well, that's kind of awkward. Let's just move on..."

|| Skin ||
Dark Olive
"I am a Romani so dark skin isn't exactly surprising now is it?"

|| Hair ||
Long, Dark brown hair which falls in gentle waves down her back, settling at her lower back, though she tends to wear her hair over her shoulders. Often random braids can be found scattered among the thick locks.
"I love my hair, though I am always running my hands though it and messing it up. I guess it's a nervous tick."

|| Eyes ||
Bright Green, surrounded by a set of thick lashes.
"People often comment on my eyes, they seem to believe that they are a sign of wickedness..."

|| Tattoos ||
A medium sized moon, intricately designed, placed on the small of her back.
"I remember I got that tattoo after my mother died. She was always fascinated by the moon."

|| Piercings ||
A set of simple ear piercing.
"I love wearing the big golden hoop earring."

|| Clothings ||
Esmeralda often wears her hair tied back with a pink ribbon, as well as wearing a white top with a teal and gold bodice, along with a purple sarong and a white petticoat. She is often barefoot, and wears golden hoop earrings, golden bangle on her left wrist and a matching bracelet and anklet on her right hand and ankle.
"I guess you could describe my style as gypsy, but I just love how free I feel while I'm wearing my cloths."

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Passionate || Witty || Street Wise || Fearless || Confident

Esmeralda is a passionate, fearless and confident young women who is clearly capable of defending herself, quickly able to face down any challenge presented to her with confidence and determination, from physical fights to the more complex and witty verbal repertoire. Esmeralda has proven time and time again that she is a strong and independent women, and finds nothing more annoying then people looking down on her due to things like class, gender or ethnicity, claiming that her worth as a person is not measured by things outside of her control.

Esmeralda grew up as a traveller with her parents and after spending so many years on the road and living in some of the roughest conditions, Esmeralda learnt a thing or too about people and how to survive on her own in the big, cruel world. However, this wisdom has also lead Esmeralda to believe that most people have done something wrong and so deserve what they get, though she hides this opinion well behind a sweet smile, leaving her with very little compassion or empathy for those she views as corrupt and selfish.
Esmeralda has also been left with a strong sense of belief. She is always passionate about her beliefs, which usually involves fighting for those she believes are oppressed by the corrupt majority.

Considering Esmeralda followed her parents into the world of travelling entertainer, it is not surprising that Esmeralda grew into a flirtatious and witty young women, as the profession of dancers relies as much upon charisma and charm as it does on the individuals ability to dance. As a renowned tease and flirt, many would be surprised to find out that Esmeralda was a virgin, due to her clever innuendos and extensive knowledge of acts of more carnal nature.

|| Likes ||
✔ Clever Conversation
✔ Dancing
✔ Preforming
✔ Children
✔ Bravery
✔ Festivals / Celebrations
✔ Music
|| Dislikes ||
✘ Bigots
✘ Discrimination
✘ The Majority of People
✘ Silence
✘ Being Alone
✘ Corruption
✘ Milk

|| Skills ||
Dancing | Thievery | Sword Fighting | Acrobatics
"I was born on the road and raised to be an entertainer, I learnt what I did in order to survive."

|| Core Belief ||
People who are considered different or abnormal are horridly abused. This needs to change. Now.
"The world is a horrible place for those born outside of the desired norm, and that's not how it should be."

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The Power known as Mystical Dancing is a variation of Dance Manipulation which focuses more on casting spells by preforming a series of dance moves.

There are two key powers which are associated with Mystical Dancing, Preformance Art Intuition and Spell Casting.
Spell Casting comes together with Mystical Dancing. Different Dance moves are used to cast different spells, from healing to negation, creation to amplification, Esmeralda is able to cast a variety of spells, as long as she knows the moves required to cast them.
Preformance Art Intuition is an unintentional power that comes along with Mystical Dancing, which gives Esmeralda's dance routines an almost mesmerising effect. This can be very useful if her opponent is a mere mortal without any form of mental protection as they would be distracted by Esmeralda's dance, unable to react in time to prevent her from casting a spell.

The main issues with Esmeralda's power is that she must be able to move in order to cast any spells, and she must have a lot of room in order to dance as some spells have quite complex and exaggerated dance sequences, requiring lots of large movements which utilise the whole of the room. Another issue is that finding the right dance moves to cast a spell is complicated and involves lots of trial and error, and then later memorisation of the dance sequence.

The original Story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame show that Esmeralda came from a Romani background and was raised in the lifestyle of a gypsy, growing up to become a performer. To an extent, this is true for Esmeralda Hope, her fake history still claimed that the young girl was raised by travelling parents and became a performer when she grew up, however the details of the story are different. Let's start from the beginning.

Esmeralda was born to a young heiress who had 'foolishly' fallen in love with a wandering gypsy lad and had found herself pregnant once the boy and his troupe had moved on to the next town. Kicked out by her family, pregnant and desperate the young women set out to find her love, the one person in the world who she believed could solve her problems, and find him she did. However, she found him holding another women. When she told him of her unfortunate fate, he refused her pleas and turned her away.

She had indeed been foolish, as so many had told her, but the young noble refused to give up. Leaving her first love behind, she became a lone wondering, travelling from town to town, pregnant and alone, singing for her dinner. When Esmeralda was born, times became more desperate, as her mother found that she was unable to support the poor babe, though she refused to leave her child to die, she managed to last 12 years, where the young Esmeralda learned to steal, and cheat, all in the name of surival. One day, as the starved women and her 12 year old daughter sat huddled, shivering in the frozen street, when a stranger took mercy on the pair and took them into his home.

The stranger and Esmeralda's mother became close, as he helped nurse the two of them back to health from their near death states. After they were both nourished, Esmeralda's mother chose to stay with their saviour, having fallen for the kind man. But there was no thing that remained a mystery, for the entire time that the pair had known the stranger, he never revealed his face, keeping it covered by a plain white mask.
One day, Esmeralda became curious, and while the stranger slept, she stole his mask from his face, staring into the twisted and scarred features of a hideous monster. She was so shocked, so horrified that the man her mother had come to love was a horrific monster that she began to scream, waking the stranger from his slumber. Spotting the mask, he realised immediately what she had done.

Instead of scolding the girl, hitting her or getting angry, the stranger instead appeared resigned, like he had expected her reaction and was simply waiting for the worst. When Esmeralda's mother entered the room, she looked at the stranger, her daughter and then the mask before finally coming to sit next to the scarred man. Unlike her daughter, she seemed unaffected by the man's appearance and much to the other two's surprised, she leaned forward and simply laid a kiss on the man's forehead, though whether it was Esmeralda or the stranger who was more shocked, no one could tell.
The man explained his story to the two, telling them of the torture he had to endure due to his deformed features. He told them why he had taken to hiding his face behind a mask, and it was at this time that the young 14 year old realised that the world was unbelievably cruel to those born different or unfortunate.

Esmeralda left home at the age of 18 to begin travelling, deciding that it was time for her to go out and live her own life, to try and find her own story and achieve her own goals as her mother had. She had a fire set within her soul, a need for justice that could not be quenched. Esmeralda desired to right the horrible injustice in the world, for all the outcasts who were down trod and unable to stand up for themselves.


So begins...

Esmeralda Hope's Story