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Jefferson Aubrey

"A world where I can escape this madness? That, my dear, would be a true wonderland."

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a character in “Disney's School of the Magical”, as played by Camillo


Jefferson Allen Aubrey


Known As:




Disney Character:
Mad Hatter

At first, Jefferson can be seen as slightly intimidating. He's rather tall, and he capped off at around 6'1 in high school; a height where one quickly becomes used to looking down on others. His form couldn't be described as either lanky or bulky, but average. However, he can readily lift heavy objects when needed to without breaking a sweat, so he isn't physically weak. His skin is rough from his frequent escapes into the forest, and he has just a bit of unshaven scruff on his face. He has dark brown, almond-shaped eyes imbued with just a spark of madness that can easily be seen when you know what you're looking for. That paired with his toothy, dimpled smile, and it's not hard to imagine why some people find him kind of scary.
Despite that, there are little things that hint otherwise. His large hands are always gentle in everything they do, and he never does anything roughly. It's almost as if he's afraid that if he does, he'll accidentally break something.

Jefferson has a difficult personality. His frequent fits of insanity made it hard to tell when he is showing his true personality and when not, but to tell the truth, his true personality has long since been swallowed up by grief and madness. These days, Jefferson can come off as quite overbearing. He'll end up pestering people with nonsense questions when it's clear they've had enough, waving people off as arrogant jerks without even getting to know them, and disappearing into his own little fantasy world for hours on end. A lot of people can just barely put up with him, and others simply can't stand him; people who think he's just putting up walls to keep people who will hurt him out of his life are few and far between, though they are correct.
Jefferson is much more harsh and judging towards adults and their mistakes, believing that there are very few people in the world who are truly good. If you accidentally slip up and do something wrong, you can count on him smirking quietly behind your back. His demeanor completely changes around children, however. He'll go out of his way to make them happy, trying to give them the emotion he never received when he was their age. People say that the only time you'll know how Jefferson is truly feeling is if you stick a little kid in front of him and make them ask him.
Deep down, Jefferson is still very much a child himself. He has a self-confidence made out of glass, and one wrong word can cause it to shatter. He likes to act like nothing bothers him, but he cares very much what other people think of him. He has changed his entire personality time and time again based on what other people say about him, only to have it slip away during one of his fits. His whole life has been devoted to pleasing others while hating them quietly behind their back, and even he has long since forgotten what the true Jefferson Allen Aubrey is like.


Happy families
Little kids
The woods

His parents
Unhappy children
Carbonated beverages

Being alone for the rest of his life

Finding someone who not only tolerates his odd little quirks, but enjoys them.
Being contacted by his parents.

Jefferson never knew his parents personally, and everything he currently knows about them are trivial facts passed on to him by others. He was never wanted by his parents, and his conception was a huge mistake. So when he was finally born, he was quickly handed off to an orphanage in what his parents probably considered an act of kindness. They would never be able to love him as he deserved, so they figured some other family would instead. What a mistake! That would turn out to be the worst possible thing they could have done for him.
He never quite fit in with the other children, and the old woman who ran the orphanage tolerated him at best. The woman had once made the mistake of telling him a little bit of his parents, and in an effort to feel closer to them he adopted these little quirks himself. He was told that his mother, a British citizen who had moved to America after graduating college, didn't miss tea time for the world. Next thing the old lady knew, Jefferson was throwing a tea party with the other kids every day at 4:00PM sharp. She also let slip that his father was a rather poor fellow due the fact that he only wanted a job where he'd do something he enjoyed; being the fickle man he was, choices were limited. Eventually his wife, Jefferson's mother, forced him to take a job. The man ended up running a small hat shop where they served tea and crumpets every day at 4PM. Jefferson's new hobby immediately became obsessively making hats during any minute of his free time.
Within earshot of the little boy, he was considered 'eccentric'. When they were sure he couldn't hear him, 'eccentric' quickly turned into 'freak'. Jefferson always turned a blind eye to these exchanges, being the ever optimistic child. He was even taken home by interested parents quite a few times, raising his hopes of actually having a future, only to be returned the day after while they claimed he was 'too much to handle'. The more that happened, the faster Jefferson began to crumble.
As he grew older, Jefferson found it harder to keep a hold on his sanity. He would begin hoarding things and turning his room into a mouse's nest, having frequent mental breakdowns, and pestering the other children with ridiculous questions such as 'Why is a raven like a writing desk?'. He ended up permanently ruining his chances of ever getting adopted because of his antics.
A teacher of his once commented idly to a friend about him, "Having happiness offered up to you on a silver platter and then having it ripped away is enough to drive anyone mad; can you imagine it happening to you thirteen times? That poor boy.."

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So begins...

Jefferson Aubrey's Story

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Isabella Britstone

Isabella had arrived to her room just an hour ago. She had already managed to take care of most things, like unpack half of her items, and change. She also had some time to do her makeup, but she decided not too, and instead searched the fridge. When she opened it, she was quite surprised by the amount of food that there was, back at home, she had never seen anything like that.

The girl smiled and closed the fridge. She began searching the kitchen, and found many other edible things, like cereal, different flavoured teas, and even cookies, which the girl had actually detesed. Isabella sighed and came up to the window, there was quite a view from the fith floor, even though she was never interested in 'looking at the nature', she had to admit that not only was the school pretty from the inside, but also outside.

She sighed and sat down on a chair, worried and yet excited to meet her roomie. "Jefferson... Jefferson Aubrey. I think that was his name.. I wonder who he is, and if he'll be able to tolerate my spazz-i-ness." Bella muttered silently to herself, her bangs covered her eyes as she looked out. "There are so many things I'm curious about.."

Thomas Ridden

The young, seventeen year old boy didn't hurry. He had nine more minutes untill 'it' began, but he kept a slow pace as she made his way to the school. One minute.. Two minutes.. Three.. He was still walking. Four minutes.. Five minutes.. He sighed. "I'm almost there, just a bit more.." He thought as he was right infront of the school entrance. The building was rather large, it surprised him. He came up to the woman at the counter, and asked for directions.

He started to make his way up to room 507 by foot, but then he realised that there was an elevator. Luckily enough, he was only on the second floor, so he didn't lose much. He walked inside and tapped the fith floor button. He was ... Scared.

As soon as he got to his room, he dropped his bags on the floor and sighed heavily. It appeared that his room-mate wasn't there yet, or was in the kitchen or bathroom. He didn't bother.

Thomas plopped onto the large bed, he was exhausted, having to walk all the way from the bus stop to the school wasn't very fun, concidering the fact that he got down one bus stop early, and it was too late when he realised that it was the wrong one.

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#, as written by Camillo
Jefferson Aubrey

"Name?" The receptionist questioned, her soft voice slowly wafting up to Jefferson like a lazy breeze. It had a faraway quality, and if asked to describe it Jefferson would only be able to liken it to the sound of someone shouting from down a mine shaft; quiet, muffled, and taking its own lazy time. It wasn't a bad thing though, and if anything it put him at ease. Compared to the urgent barks of the old lunatic who ran the orphanage, this was a welcome respite.

Jefferson grinned, bowing and tipping the brim of his hat with a bit of a flourish. "Jefferson Allen Aubrey, Ma'am."

"Aubrey, Jefferson.. Ah, yes, here you are." The woman typed his name into the computer, nodding with a bit of a smile on her lips, "Room 503, dear. I assume you are already in possession of your room key?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Have a wonderful time." She said dismissively, returning to whatever she had been doing before he arrived. Taking that as his cue, Jefferson picked up his suitcase and headed towards the elevator.

It was only a moment later that he was standing outside what was to be his room, slipping the room key into the slot. After the color flashed from green to red, allowing him to enter, Jefferson pulled the door open and dragged his case inside.
What he saw filled him with a childish sense of giddiness. The room was stunning, and absolutely nothing like anything he'd ever seen before. The space was large and airy, decorated with a relaxing chocolate and creme color scheme. He could vaguely hear the sound of the ocean, and the quiet 'caw's of seagulls drifted in from the giant open patio. For a guy who had grown up with the minimum of everything -- comfort, entertainment, happiness -- this was the dream.
That was when he noticed that he wasn't alone, and his roommate had apparently already arrived. He wondered absentmindedly how long she'd been there

"Hey there, stranger." He greeted, a warm, broad smile on his face. Again, he tipped the brim of his hat with the same unique flare that he had earlier, "I guess you're my new roomie. Isabella, wasn't it?"

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Isabella Britstone

Isabella gazed off, inspecting the panorama. It was beautiful, indeed. The girl leaned back in her chair, awaiting her said room-mate. She sighed and stood up, she wasn't sure if she was 'okay' with this whole school thing.

She looked up as the door opened. The girl quickly made her way towards it, and smiled brightly at her roomie. "Yep, Isabella it was. And you must be Jefferson." She smiled at him, and extended her hand for a handshake. "Its a pleasure to meet you. Oh but one thing, I have to warn you, now that we are room mates, you may be under the effects of constant spazzing, and you may have to hear out my crazy imagination." She said quickly. "But I'm sure that we'll be able to become good friends."

Bella nodded. "Oh and, fancy hat you got there. I'm quite a fan of hats, but I don't really wear them. I don't have the right occassion... Oh sorry, I'm probably bothering you with my mental outbursts." She giggled, then walked back to the kitchen and opened the fridge, taking out a can of soda and opening it with a loud pop.

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Character Portrait: Isabella Britstone Character Portrait: Jefferson Aubrey
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#, as written by Camillo
Jefferson Aubrey

"Correct you are, though the pleasure is all mine." He continued smiling, taking her hand and shaking it. As she tried to warn him about the dangers of her imagination, he couldn't help but let out a quiet chuckle. How unexpected to get someone who would say that about themself, and he had been worrying he would get someone too stiff. Looks like he had been fussing over nothing.

"I wouldn't be worried about that." He smirked, "If anything, I should be warning you about myself."

When she mentioned his hat, his fingers went to touch the brim instinctively. He'd made this one himself and was quite proud of it. Sure, it was old (he'd made it back when he was ) but it had a lot of character. The worn edges only added to his look, and he was certainly pleased that she had pointed it out.

"Thank you very much, I made this one myself; bit of a hobby of mine, hat making." His lips pulled back in a toothy grin, and when she walked away to get a soda he took his bag over to one of the beds. After he set it down, he entered the kitchen himself and looked it over, "Jeez, what a place! Anyways, stop worrying. I honestly don't care about mental outburts or spazzing, I have them too, and I bet I have them even worse than you do."