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Astos (FF1)

A demon born of pure evil whose mischievous ways leave his foes confused and vulnerable.

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a character in “Dissidia Gaiden: Two Sides To Every Story”, as played by HeroOfAwesomeness



(Credit for this artwork goes to Seifiros of DeviantArt.)

Name: Astos

Race: Dark Elf.
Class: Nimble Trickster.
Age: Unknown.
Height: 5' 9" (I'm guessing.)
Weight: 145 lbs. (Just a guess.)
Build: Lanky, and agile.

Astos’ default appearance is loosely based on his battle sprite appearance combined with his Amano art. He has blue-green skin with pink hair, and wears a slightly tattered loincloth.


A trickster who enjoys confusing people by making them think he's someone he's not. In FF1 for example, he took on the guise of a king and told Warrior and his allies that he needed a crown from the Marsh Cave to restore his castle to it's former glory, and then revealed himself to be an enemy. His personality isn't given much detail in FF1, though in some ways he's sort of like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

Likes: Tricking people, shapeshifting, and fighting.
Dislikes: Being called a normal monster, people seeing through his disguises, and being defeated.
Hobbies: Placing curses or maladies on the prince of Elfheim, stealing things, and pulling pranks.
Sexuality: Straight.
Relationship Status: Just look at him...who would even think about dating that?!

[center]Manikin: False Trickster.

Victory Pose: Crawls around energetically on all fours, and then tilts his head sideways and looks upwards.


Weapon: Monstrous Claws.

Alternate Outfits:

"Dark Wizard": Based on the Dark Wizard enemy from Final Fantasy I. In this alt, Astos' skin becomes brown and his hair becomes neon green. His loincloth becomes black with gold decorations in this alt, making it similar in color to Chaos' loincloth. Reference.

"Dark Fighter": Based on the Dark Fighter enemy from Final Fantasy I. In this alt, Astos' skin becomes pale green with blonde hair. His loincloth becomes blue in this alt with red decorations. Reference.

"Dark Elf": Based on the Dark Elf boss from Final Fantasy IV. In this alt, Astos' skin becomes pale blue and his hair becomes white. His loincloth becomes purple in this alt with silver decorations, in addition his torso is also covered with a silver breastplate. Reference.

Bravery Attacks:

Fira{Aerial}: Launches two fireballs that converge towards the opponent. "Bbbuuurrrnnn!"

Blizzara{Aerial}: Launches two chunks of ice that fly straight towards the opponent. "Fffrrreeezzzeee!"

Paralyze{Ground/Aerial}: Attacks with his claws, briefly stunning the opponent.

Slowga{Ground/Aerial}: Temporarily reduces the opponent's movement speed and attack speed.

Invisira{Ground/Aerial}: Creates illusions of himself, and then attacks along with the illusions.

Thundara{Ground}: Calls forth a bolt of lightning to strike the enemy from above.

Curaga{Ground}: Increases his bravery by a decent amount. "I commend your efforts."

Protera{Ground}: Surrounds himself with a barrier to block the opponent's attacks. "You think you can defeat me?"

[center]HP Attacks:

Firaga{Ground/Aerial}: Launches multiple fireballs at the enemy. "Burn to a crisp!"

Thundaga{Ground/Aerial}: Calls down several bolts of lightning to strike the enemy from above.

Scourge{Ground/Aerial}: Creates puffs of green clouds that drift slowly towards the opponent. If the enemy bumps into the poison clouds then their bravery decreases gradually for a while.

Hex{Ground/Aerial}: Creates a magic crest on the ground or in the air, if the opponent bumps into it they get zapped. Similar to one of Emperor Mateus' attacks.

EX Mode{My Kingdom!}: Astos wears his crown on his head, and his speed and other stats increase. He gains the ability "NulAll", which reduces the damage he receives from both physical and magical attacks. Like most EX Modes he's also granted a Regen ability. Quote: "I won't let you ruin my kingdom!"

[center]EX Burst{Reaper of Death}: Astos casts various status-inflicting spells on the opponent that deal brave damage, and then ends the magic combo by summoning a scythe and swinging it at the opponent causing a purely aesthetic wave of purple, ghost-like apparitions to fly upward from the enemy after they've been hit with the scythe. Quote: "With the combined powers I possess..."


If you wanna know more about him then play Final Fantasy I, or look him up on the Final Fantasy wiki.

World: World A.
Place of Residence: Western Keep.
Parents: Unknown.
Other Info: None.

[center]Character Theme: "Ruined Castle". (Final Fantasy I OST.)

Battle Theme: "Battle Scene". (Final Fantasy I OST.)

Battle Vs. Rival: "Inside a Boss Battle". (Final Fantasy I OST.)

So begins...

Astos (FF1)'s Story


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Astos (FF1) stumbled backwards due to Garland's attack, and lost the disguise. "Curses! You got me! Unfortunately for you, there's no crystal here. Just monsters..." he hissed, and then scurried off.