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Benjamin (Mystic Quest)

The main character of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. He is an adventurous young lad who found himself on a collapsing mountain while he was exploring one day.

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a character in “Dissidia Gaiden: Two Sides To Every Story”, as played by Blademaster_v3



(Character credit goes to Square Enix / Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. This artwork is credit of "Aquawaters" of DeviantArt.)

Name: Benjamin

Race: Hume.
Class: Versatile Fighter.
Age: 17.
Height: 5' 6" (Guessing.)
Weight: 135 lbs. (Guessing.)
Build: Athletic.

Possible Assists: Currently unknown.


A reluctant hero, who tends to shrug a lot. Not much is known about his personality, but he seems to be an adventurous youth who goes wherever fate takes him. He was apparently picked on by other kids in his village when he was young, and often read about monsters and heroes. Overall, he is quite curious about the world, though he did not expect that he would become a hero himself.

Crystal: Mystic Crystal. {It constantly changes colors from orange(earth), to blue(water), to red(fire), to green(wind), to white(light).}

Manikin: Mystifying Warrior.

[center]Victory Pose: Kneels down on one knee, and points his sword towards the sky. Similar to his pose in this artwork.


Weapon: Steel Sword.

Alternate Outfits:/size]

Benjamin's default outfit is based on his in-game sprite and SD art. He wears purple armor with a gem set in the chestplate, and a black shirt and black pants underneath.

"Tristam": Benjamin's first alternate outfit is based on Tristam from the same game. In this outfit, he wears white and gold Ninja clothes and has black hair and black eyes.

"Reuben": Benjamin's second alternate outfit is based on his ally Reuben, giving him red and white armor with a helmet. His hair remains brown like in his default outfit, but his eyes change from their usual blue to a hazel brown.

[size=150]Bravery Attacks:

Charging Axe{Ground}: Benjamin charges forward with his axe dealing a heavy hit and knocking the opponent away. Even if he hits
or misses he keeps charging until he covers the distance intended with the attack.

Bomb Throw{Ground}: Benjamin throws a bomb at the enemy, whatever it comes in contact with it explodes, destroying
terrain, reflecting projectiles, and knocking the enemy away. If opponent blocks the attack he treats the attack like
blocking a light projectile and doesn't get blown back by the explosion and can be dashed through. If Benjamin gets
caught in the explosion he gets blown back as much as the enemy would but doesn't take damage.

Flash Claw{Ground}: Benjamin swings twice quickly with his claws. If the attack hits he does one more hit that moves Benjamin mid
distance in the direction of the player's choosing. Limited range.

Power Combo{Ground}: Benjamin leaps forward with his sword, if the first hit connects he follows with two more hits then knocks the
enemy away with his axe. Can chase afterwords.
--->Flashy Finish: Chained from Power Combo. After the first three hits with his sword, Benjamin drops a lit bomb at the enemy's feet then jumps back
with the bomb detonating shortly afterwards.

Aerial Charge{Aerial}: An aerial version of Charging Axe.

Claw Tornado{Aerial}: Quick attack, Benjamin spins around slicing with his claws. Limited range.

Take Down{Aerial}: Benjamin slices twice with his sword, if they connect he charges down with his axe taking the enemy with him
to the ground.

Blast Off{Ground}: Benjamin places a number of lit bombs at his feet and jumps into the air, with the bombs exploding soon afterward.

Tri-Attack{Ground}: Benjamin Leaps forward with his claws, if they connect he slashes with them three more times, twice with the
sword, and finishes it with a blow with the axe.

Bomb Barrage{Aerial}: Throws a timed fast flying bomb at the enemy and travels some distance before it explodes. If the enemy either gets hit by direct contact with the bomb or the explosion Benjamin throws another and finishes the attack with one more.

Holy{Aerial}: White spheres appear and circle around the enemy for a bit before exploding but don't follow the enemy after they appear. If opponent comes into contact with the orbs when they appear they deal brave damage and the opponent will likely be hit with the explosion that follows.

[center]EX Mode{Light Crystal's Blessing}: He is granted power by the Light Crystal, and exchanges his weapons for stronger weapons. Basically his weapons in EX Mode are as follows: Excalibur, Giant's Axe, Dragon Claws, and Mega Bombs.

EX Burst{Mystical Questing}: Benjamin starts off by firing his Dragon Claw and reeling the enemy in then knocking the enemy away with his axe. If successful, the Dragon Claw grabs the enemy, Benjamin then proceeds to swing them around and then slams the enemy down towards bombs he placed that explode from the impact, he then casts Flare, finishing the opponent off with a final explosion.


An adventurer in his world. Benjamin was running from a sinking mountain when an old man came to him and (suddenly) proclaimed him the Chosen One in a prophecy and asked him to save the crystals. With the old man's guidance (the little guidance he supplied anyway) and help from friends he met along the way he saved the crystals and the world from the Dark King. The old man then revealed himself to be the Light Crystal. In World B, Benjamin carries his sword, along with an axe on his back, and claw weapons on his wrists. He also has bombs, and wears the Light Crystal around his neck with it offering (little) advice and power, he is one of the new Warriors of Cosmos in this RP.

World: World of Focus.
Hometown: Village Near Foresta. (It got destroyed at the start of his game.)
Parents: Unkown. (Probably dead, since his hometown got destroyed.)

Character Theme: "World". (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.)

Battle Theme: "Battle 1". (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.)

Battle Vs. Rival: "Battle 3". (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.)

So begins...

Benjamin (Mystic Quest)'s Story